Green Day Star Admits The Voice Contestants Don't Know Who He Is

Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day has revealed that his stint as a mentor on The Voice US has become embarrassing with contestants not knowing who he is.

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Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day has revealed that his stint as a mentor on The Voice US has become embarrassing with contestants not knowing who he is.

The punk rock frontman, currently in the UK to perform a secret gig at Reading festival as well as promoting new album "Uno!", spoke to The Sun about his experience of making reality TV and just why he chose to appear on the show.

"It's always been a guilty pleasure for me and my wife Adrienne. And I've been friends with Adam Levine since he was 16," he explained. Adding: "I was asked if I wanted to be a mentor and I had to choose between Adam and Christina Aguilera. I thought it would be more interesting if I was with Christina. "But it's hilarious as in some of the pre-recordings we've done with the younger kids. I'd be introduced as the surprise guest and they ask Who the f*** are you?' "Then Christina would say Here is Billie Joe from Green Day' and they are like What's a Green Day?' It's such fun."

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    Young or not, you'd have to live under a pretty big rock not to know who Green Day are.
    Note that they didn't even call him by name in the headline... UG reporters think otherwise.
    Any fans still around from the Dookie era just killed themselves. Great work Billie.
    How do they not know who Green Day are? At least Billie Joe too it with a sense of humor, the only proper way to react to that is to laugh.
    You actually expected the contestant's to know anything about music that took musical talent to make ?
    Well... i like green day n stuff, but most of their songs are just as simple as most other music.. sooo... not that much more talent
    Just because the music is simple doesn't mean there is no talent there. Some of the greatest songs of all time are extremely simple to play. It takes talent to write music that millions of people would enjoy.
    Its punk what do you expect?
    "It's punk what do you expect?" You sir, should be ashamed of yourself.
    LedZep's actually right, punk isn't too technical with guitars and stuff. I read an interview once where one guy talked about how a kid could pick up a guitar and learn a Ramones song in no time.
    You had to read an interview to learn that? I love the Ramones, and I'm not slagging you. But any kid could play three chords. But the Ramones knew how to use them... Be it, over and over again...
    If you pick up a guitar you'll find you can't play and sing at the same time, that takes a lot of practise
    I can actually do that quite easily as long as there isn't anything strange going on rhythmically.
    I didn't ask if you could do it, I'm saying it's not the easiest thing to do if you haven't been playing long, especially in front of a huge crowd.
    By all means, try get a band together and write classic songs and stamp a legacy on the history of music...
    There is certainly a difference between talented songwriting and technical proficiency on instruments. Not that I'm saying Green Day has either.
    plenty of talent in punk they're a tight band that takes talent to really get there but yes it is punk and it is simple as **** lol
    The lyrics aren't simple...and that's what counts. Ok, maybe these new songs are more simple, and they're just trying to have more fun but their older stuff is just great. I would say that GD's in Top 10 artists of all time...lyricly (did I spell that right) speaking.
    Ok, how the **** can you not know Green Day? You don't have to be a fan. Hell, you don't even need to like rock music. How old the contestants are? American Idiot came out 8 years ago, and I can defenitely recall radios playing Boulevard of Broken Dreams all the time in the next 4-5 years. What, they are 16? 14? Even if you have absolutely nothing to do with non-club related music, you would literally have to be living under a ****ing rock not to know them.
    There's a difference between knowing a band, and knowing the performers within the band.
    "Then Christina would say Here is Billie Joe from Green Day and they are like Whats a Green Day?"
    It seems like these kids have been living under a Patrick Star sized rock the last 18 years.
    How do you not know who Green Day is? Even people who don't know what punk rock is know Green Day...
    Not a big deal, they don't listen to that kind of music. I don't listen to country, I can definitively say I wouldn't even recognize the current most popular country artists by name or appearance.
    The way I leearned what "green" and "day" was in english, was because I asked my dad what it meant when he got american idiot (I'm from Sweden if you don't get the point, these were some of the first words i knew in english). Btw, how young do they mean when they say "younger kids"? I mean they must have been old enough to atleast have heard 21 guns or know your enemy. The reason is that those kids have only heard of justin bieber and one direction, they have also most likely watched too much disney chanel. Or maybe they've they've just been living under a rock with no rock. Yeah, and as they asked WHAT a green day was (what's up with the "a", btw) it means you just sit around a whole day gettin' wasted
    Just like the show, this story is bullshit.
    agreed. i was thinking to myself it sounds bogus. you have to be in the middle of a desert for all your life no radio, no tv, nothing to do but watch the wind to not know green day here in america. heres to billy thinking he has indie cred anymore
    (article photo) I'd have that face too if someone I knew didn't know who Green Day are
    Bad Kharmel
    I'm not surprised when people don't know singers from bands since you hear the name of the group rather than the name of any one member, I'm just wondering what rock people were under to have never heard of Green Day
    I'd say they were sheltered suburban kids with overprotective mothers but that's actually Green Day's core audience.
    they don't know who Green Day is? Kids? When I was a kid almost all I listened to was Green Day. They're still pretty good too. Their last two albums were both number one!
    Even if you don't like the band (Now. I used to like them back in the 90s and still love their back catalogue)You've heard about them at least once, in what world does those contestants live?
    Sam Rulez D00d
    I'm not really into Green Day or The Voice, but if the contestants really asked "Who the **** are you?" that's just rude to anyone. Famous or not.
    I don't get why every article on Green Day, Blink 182, or some other band who did well through simple songs always gets flamed. Does it matter that much if the song has a simple chord progression or a million individual notes picked perfectly? As long as they aren't using auto tuner, making it all with audio effects on a computer, or still playing an instrument, doesn't that still make them true musicians?
    "Does it matter that much if the song has a simple chord progression or a million individual notes picked perfectly?" This is a website for guitar players, and it DOES matter to most of them (well, us).
    It doesn't matter how many notes or chords they play. It's the attitude, better yet, the punk attitude. This boy and the rest of the gang lost that many years ago, and somehow grew ovaries.
    for all of you green day haters- billie joe jas a phenominal voice and is a great songwriter, sure his guitar playing is simple, but if it was that easy why didnt any of you do it? and obviously its worked, i just looked up that theyve sold over 70 million albums, so im pretty sure hes quite content with the music hes made...
    You can hate Green Day all you want, but they're STILL better than the pop shit that's "good" these days.
    Hey, I became a fan like one, one and a half year ago. American idiot came out when I was six and I'd heard about them long before that. And I wasn't even interested in music. But I knew their names since american idiot.
    To all above, it takes talent and higher degree of musicianship to make powerchords sound good over and over again. They're all good musicians and not one of you could write the type of music they write and do it better, so think before you decide they're music doesn't any talent or technique.
    The community on here are mostly idiots. They insult great bands such as Green Day and The Beatles, then PRAISE loads of shit. I saw almost NOTHING but positive comments talking about a band that slams open chords, pig squeals, and hits the double bass. What the **** is wrong with you people? Why do you even make accounts on here if you can't appreciate music for what it is? Just because you don't like the sound of something you say it's "garbage", that is bullshit. I hate the way alot of bands sound but I still realize that they have talent if they actually have talent. Green Day is a great band and so far they haven't started completely sucking. They are having fun and still trying to put things out for the fans to enjoy. Sure, there are better bands, but they DEFINITELY do not "suck"
    "They insult great bands such as Green Day and The Beatles, then PRAISE loads of shit." "Just because you don't like the sound of something you say it's "garbage", that is bullshit." Do you notice the irony here?
    "great bands such as Green Day and The Beatles" man, you just went full retard. Never ever compare Green day to The Beatles.
    i dont know anyone on the english version i cant be sure though because i dont really watch that shit
    There is no reason why a bunch of kids that are into singing should know about a guy who can't sing.
    Billie can't sing? You may not like his voice, but he sure as hell can sing.
    There's more to singing than carrying a tune. He can carry a tune (he's not tone-deaf) but that's about it.
    shouldnt he be happy? i remember him saying something about getting mad that green day had a ton of fans when they were trying to be underground.
    I wish I didn't know who Green Day was. Green Day has had multiple hits within any of the contestants' lives; this makes no sense. I could only understand him saying this trying to get some kind of credit by disassociating himself somewhat from the Voice.
    I know a girl who was 15 years old and didn't know who Paul McCartney or The Beatles were, so that's not very surprising to me..
    This reminds me of this one music lesson in school when we were suposed to play a song on spotify to the whole class and then ask questions about it. I asked: What's the name of the band What's the name of the members How many members are there The song was blitzkrieg bop' btw. I mean, I didn't expect them to be able to answer any of these songs. What surprised me was the answers, which sounded something like this: Stupid person-It's green day, the song is american idiot (cause they belive that's all I listen to and that's the only song the stupid person probably knows by green day) me-no... it's ramones stupid people-what's that? Seriously?! I mean those songs doesn't sound alike at all, if they know american idiot they should recognise the riff and the first words of it. Blitzkrieg bop: They're forming in a straight line They're going through a tight wind The kids are losing their minds The Blitzkrieg Bop American idiot: Don't wanna be an American idiot. Don't want a nation under the new media And can you hear the sound of hysteria? The subliminal mind **** America. I can tell my teacher looked disapointed by their lack of knowledge, when I played that song he wen't like "oh I love ramones, did you know that green day is alot inspired by them?! This guy is like sixty and have gone to the who concerts and experience alot of music and there comes a class and only a few knows what ramones are and only one actually knows their songs! WHY?!
    That would be sad, except with the kind of music I listen to, nobody would have any chance of even GUESSING who the band is. They'd be covering their ears and wishing that I'd never played such "racket". Songs like this -
    So I can't really sympathize when people don't know Ramones, because I don't like them.
    Not my style, but hey. ass Mike dirnt of green day says "opinions are like *****s, everybody's got one". I ain't sayin' that's crap as I'm nit into that kind of music.
    Thanks for posting this band i'm going to be listening to them for a while
    Download all of their albums. I would say "buy" all of their albums, but they're extremely rare to find in the first place. That song was 1987, and they're still going strong in 2012.
    Most music teachers are pretty sour and don't like punk rock or anything. My music teacher on the other hand likes progressive metal like Between The Buried And Me, Periphery and Animals As Leaders. Thought I might share that even though it's completely irrelevant.
    Bahaha this just made my day.And that's when you realize you're a has been. Still better then being a never was been
    Eh. I saw an episode of the Voice AU where a girl thought she'd get through by singing a song by the Biebs. How wrong (and tone deaf) she was. People are dumb, and shit music gets big because of it.
    lol it is kinda funny. He could've either acted like a grumpy old rocker complaining that kids don't know shit about music (which though true is still annoying to hear) or he could've taken it all in stride and laughed about it. He did the latter and it was probably the right decision.
    He should take the hint and just called it quits. Green Day got down from the bus like 15 years ago.
    I don't get why people who don't like Green Day come on Green Day-related posts to make fun of Green Day. It's incredibly pointless. The band has also been playing for close to 40 years, if I'm not mistaken. I'm pretty sure they know what they are doing. Billie wants to keep on playing until he dies, and I'm pretty sure Mike and Tre have the same idea.