Green Day: 'We Jumped Off A Moving Train'

Meanwhile they post a new video to "Troublemaker" and reveal the "Dos!" tracklist. But could Armstrong's problems lead to the end of the band?

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Green Day have unveiled the "Dos!" tracklist and released a new video for their song "Troublemaker".

The video for shows the band in the studio working on their album trilogy. "Uno!" has already been released and made it to number 2 in the Billboard chart, beaten only by Mumford & Sons.

Meanwhile, the band have spoken out about frontman Billie Joe Armstrong's recent meltdown and admission to rehab.

Armstrong decided to seek treatment for substance abuse after a "meltdown" onstage in Las Vegas when their set was cut short.

"Hindsight is 20/20," said bassist Mike Dirnt. "It was a tremendous undertaking... It catches up with you a little bit. We definitely jumped off a moving train."

He added: "There were signs of things hitting the fan, we hadn't slept in forever."

Dirnt said he hasn't seen their frontman in weeks while he receives treatment in rehab - the longest period in 20 years that they haven't hung out.

Here's the tracklist for "Dos!":

01. See You Tonight 02. F--king Time 03. Stop When The Red Lights Flash 04. Lazy Bones 05. Wild One 06. Makeout Party 07. Stray Heart 08. Ashley 09. Baby Eyes 10. Lady Cobra 11. Nightlife 12. Wow! That's Loud 13. Amy

Could Armstrong's meltdown tear Green Day apart? What do you think of the new video? Share your opinions in the player below.

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    Not one place in this article did they say they might break up. Also they is not one mention of actually relevant new which is a NEW song has been released from Dos
    Troublemaker is actually on UNO. They haven't officially released a song from DOS yet.
    Poorly written article, but gives us a little news feed on how things are with the band. It will be never when the band gets torn apart, and in no time BJ will be out of rehab and in high spirits of the remaining two albums to be released from their trilogy.
    Strummerboy Leo
    Green Day is one of the few bands that you can count on to be around for a while. Whether you're a fan of the music or not, it's pretty obvious that they're a well functioning band. They're not going anywhere, and there's no legitimate reason to suggest otherwise.
    Danjo's Guitar
    I hate it when UG can't focus on the topic. They have like one little paragraph of actually new news at the beginning, and then the rest of the article is just whatever else there is to say about the band, which they've usually already had in the past 4 articles on a band.
    They just released an album, are about to release two more, have a massive tour coming up, and right before this all kicks off, Armstrong is trying to get sober. I would say this is great for the band.
    Nah he'll be up on his feet in no time. The just took on writing, recording, and releasing 3 albums to be release within 6 months of each other... That about as much pressure J.K. Rowling had for the last Harry Potter, and she turned to alcohol. Sometimes it happens
    The song is called "It's Fuck Time." This is the second article to make that mistake.
    UG and the misleading titles....
    how so? Were you expecting a story about them literally jumping off a moving train? he said that on the article, that's why is the title
    I thought they were going to tell a story about their younger days...
    I find that to be quite a leap from the small statement of "We jumped off a moving train". I expected this to be about the "meltdown".
    Seeing what kind of stuff they did in the 90's, I wouldn't be surprised if they actually jumped from a moving train in the band's early days.
    Insanity ninja
    UG seriously, I actually thought they jumped off a moving train as some sort of stunt for a new video. How misleading.
    More like he had an epiphany on stage and now understands that green day should not share the stage with today's generic pop-tarts.
    i wish they really would jump off a moving train...
    All I can say about this article is that... "Looking back still a bit fuzzy"
    Mike Quall
    thats probably the cheapest video you could possibly create
    Mike Quall
    well im not trying to bash on green day bc i like their older material but with a song as typical as that, they could have made the video a little more interesting to add appeal
    Well, this is not a's just a video probably filmed and produced by some amateur director...for fun...and youtube views xD
    Bille Joe's "breakdown" appears to me to be a publicity stunt. I'm a huge Green Day fan, but I'm sorry, I've got to say that that "breakdown" seemed staged and silly.
    Yeah, they're canceling a bunch of shows for the publicity. Grow up.
    captainperoxide, its a matter of weighing opportunity costs. If he feels getting enough media attention will sell enough tickets to subsequent concerts or will help sell, more records canceling those shows makes perfect financial sense. Green Day is in the business of making money. Its perfectly reasonable to suspect he would do this as you would suspect any other pop artist of doing. I've been hearing PLENTY about Billy Joe's "breakdown" at the Iheartmusic radio festival and I'm sure it isn't hurting his wallet. And yes anyone who has an opinion counter to yours must be intellectually or otherwise immature and should "grow up."
    If you want to be cynical, and suggest that he put on a show of "breaking down" in Vegas, and is now currently pretending to be in rehab, and canceling shows because of it, that's your prerogative. I personally think it's a ridiculous thing to suggest that Billie, his family, his friends, the Green Day crew and the entirety of Warner are playing along with some scheme to get the band a little more attention. They're one of the biggest bands in the world, and I'm pretty sure they don't need the extra publicity. They regularly play sold-out 3+ hour shows worldwide, and clearly adore their fans. They wouldn't cancel shows unless it was absolutely necessary. And no, people with opinions different to mine don't need to grow up. People whose opinions are stupid and make no sense, on the other hand, are a different story. You have no reason to suspect it was a publicity stunt other than what your gut is apparently telling you, and you're ignoring all evidence to the contrary. That's pretty immature in my book.
    Josh Reubenking
    Green Day's set was cut short so USHER could play longer..... I think I'd be ****in pissed too, dude. But instead of smashing the guitar onstage, I'd ****in smash the guitar on Usher's head.
    This is also not necessarily accurate information. The band released a statement after the incident saying their set was not cut short. So is the band lying?
    Their set was not cut short, as in, time they were supposed to have at the end was not taken away. However, they started later than they should've done because Usher went over his time. Hence, their set was shorter than it should've been, but was not cut by the venue.
    UG, wherever or whoever you get these articles from I really hope you're not paying for them.....
    meltdown ? wtf? he was acting like a typical rock star... look at The Who and all that... ridiculous what rock/punk has become today. pfft.