Grohl Didn't Think Nirvana Would Follow-Up 'Nevermind'

Grohl says he was "surprised and relieved" when Kurt Cobain came to him with ideas for a follow up.

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Dave Grohl has told the Sun newspaper in the U.K. that he didn't think Nirvana would make another record after "Nevermind," AntiMusic reports. Grohl says he was "surprised and relieved" when Kurt Cobain came to him with ideas for a follow up.

Speaking of how he came together with bandmates Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic in 1992, Grohl admitted, "A lot of weird sh-t went down after "Nevermind," so I wasn't sure there'd be another record.

"Even though all of a sudden the world was at our feet and we had bands like U2 and Guns N'Roses asking us to do a stadium tour, Kurt started doing a lot of drugs and there was a lot of tension because of business stuff and money. Krist and Kurt came to my house to record a split single with the Jesus Lizard and I remember Kurt started to play the song "Frances Farmer Will Have Her Revenge on Seattle.'

"And it was at that point I thought, 'We're going to make another Nirvana record!' I was surprised and relieved when Kurt said he had a new song because when Nevermind happened, we stopped everything and went into hiding - it kinda fractured the band."

Grohl adds: "'In Utero' isn't too far off what Kurt was doing before [Nirvana's debut] 'Bleach.' It wasn't a contrived change of direction from Nevermind but the world around the band had changed and Kurt had a hard time processing a lot and we were focussing on the instrumentation."

Bass player Krist Novosleic added: "Everyone thought we'd make a mainstream record, that we'd sell out, but we put out a record after 'Nevermind' and it's a different record. It's darker and has an edge."

A 20th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of "In Utero" is released on September 23. Its 3xCDs and DVD include a newly discovered instrumental, plus unreleased demos and live show, plus a 2013 mix of the whole album. watch the full tracklisting here.

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    Jacques Nel
    I like Dave Grohl, but is UG writing an article on every completed sentence he puts together?
    I think it relates moar to the fact that In Utero is getting an anniversary.
    You are right, it's just wrong. UG should be making an article on every WORD he mades/puts up. Me Grohlsta
    The Sun is probably the worst piece of shit excuse for a news paper ever, If anyone else here has read it you'll know why.
    I take it you have never seen The Star?
    Read any newspaper in Peru (my country) Trust me, The Sun is a rookie next to those.
    I have seen it but never read anything from it. I'll stay away from it! PS: Why can't I see my original reply?
    Jacques Nel
    I never got the whole "In Utero is a step back from Nevermind" thing. I listen to IU much more than Nevermind. They seemed to have returned to their 'non-poppy' roots on that.
    Who the hell reads newspapers anymore? Are we sure this article isn't from 1995?