Grohl: 'The Beatles Are the Reason I'm a Musician'

artist: Dave Grohl date: 02/13/2014 category: music news
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Grohl: 'The Beatles Are the Reason I'm a Musician'
Dave Grohl has never hidden his admiration for the Fab Four - and after playing the Beatles' "Hey Bulldog" during a TV special for the band the Foo Fighters frontman claims he wouldn't even be on stage but for Lennon, Macca and co.

His praise comes hot on the heels of the Grammys at which Grohl labelled Paul McCartney a "groundbreaking visionary."

The cover which Grohl played alongside Electric Light Orchestra's Jeff Lynne was performed in front of Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr and Yoko Ono who each appeared to thoroughly enjoy the performance.

Speaking after the show to Rolling Stone Grohl beamed: "If it weren't for the Beatles, I would not be a musician. From a very early age, I loved their groove and their swagger, their grace and their beauty, their dark and their light. The Beatles knew no boundaries, and in that freedom they seemed to define what we now know today as rock and roll, for my parents, for me and for my daughter, too.

"The song I'm proud to play with these great musicians, from the "Yellow Submarine" soundtrack, is not one of the Beatles' greatest hits but to me, it's a quintessential Beatles rocker. Paul's rolling bass line. The trademark Ringo drum fills. George [Harrisson]'s gritty distorted guitar. And that sound that only the back of John Lennon's throat could produce.

"This is for my mom's favourite band, my favourite band, and now my daughter's favourite band," he added.

Grohl's performance was part of an evening named "The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles," as it celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Fab Four's first performance in the USA. Also on the bill were Imagine Dragons, Alicia Keys, John Legend and Maroon 5.

In addition to singing the Foo Fighters frontman also took a stint on drums with Joe Walsh and Gary Clark Jr. on "While My Guitar Gently Weeps."
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