GTA5 Outsold Entire Music Industry, Report Confirms

Game made almost as much money in three days as the global music industry in a month.

Ultimate Guitar

Proving just how far up on the entertainment chain the gaming industry is, a recent report pointed out at the fact that within mere three days, Grand Theft Auto 5 had easily outsold the entire music industry, generating almost as much sales money as the global music business in an entire month.

Pointed out by our colleagues at Metal Injection, report gives a comparison of GTA5's initial sales back in September, putting them on more of a global scale. As reported, the game reached the $800 million figure within the first 24 hours and ultimately crossed the $1 billion sales mark during the first three days, making it the fastest-selling video game in history.

"To put the games sales into context across other forms of entertainment, the global music industry sees less than $1.4 billion in record and song sales each month," the report reads. "In its first month of release, Grand Theft Auto 5 looks set to outsell the entire global music industry."

Seeing that the world's entire music industry was outsold in a matter of days draws a clear conclusion that the rock and metal world was probably outsold within mere hours.

In related news, an official Neilsen Soundscan report confirmed that the overall music sales dropped by 6.3% during 2013, going from 1.66 billion to 1.56 billion. Physical music sales took the biggest dive of 13%, whereas digital sales dropped for a total of 6%. Vinyl sales and streaming made the big leap of 32 and 33 percent, respectively, but still not enough to match the 2012 sales.
So there's your daily dose of fun trivia! GTA5 clearly marked the video game world of 2013, but have you played it yet? Let us know in the comments.

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    Do you know what also outsold the music industry? The porn industry.
    C'mon, dude... what are the YT-like porn sites made for
    Advertising penis-enlargement products and fake vaginas.
    Woop-dee-F&!%in-doo. This news is 4 months old. These numbers were released in September!
    Jacques Nel
    Oranges and apples. I'm sure there are a few industries that outsold the music industry. You can download a song, you can't download a car (for example). On the other hand, I'm so sick of seeing musicians brag about their mansions and fifteen cars and private jets on "Cribs" or whatever and then turn around and complain because they haven't made enough money. Vanity is a b!tch.
    But you can download a game. And you can even pirate a game. Games and music are compareable things, what can't be said on music and cars.
    Jacques Nel
    They are somewhat comparable, but still they remain different industries. One thing that can be said about music, which has also been discussed at length recently, is that music streaming is surpassing illegal downloads. You can't "stream" GTA 5. That's a contributing factor as well.
    A good quality album is around 150mb+, a good quality game like gta 5 is around 20gig.
    Nowadays, with the rise of online gaming and home consoles, you can't pirate many games without getting some form of punishment, usually limited access to the online sections of a game. Pirating games isn't as much of an option as pirating music is.
    Those "Cribs" rockstars are the complete minority, what about the struggling young musicians?
    I'm not weeping for rich rock stars, but they're not the ones who created the system they take advantage of. Any rich person who takes a financial loss with a smile on their face where before they were mkaing cash hand over fist is an idiot and poor businessman. Once you've achieved a certain level of success, it's not vanity to want to maintain it, that's called life.
    Where'd you get your information from, 2004? Most, if not all of the guys on Cribs were already established mainstream talents and earned their money the old fashioned way, or else they wouldn't even be promoted on the show. I doubt bands like Red Fang or Baroness live in mansions and own private jets. That's an urban legend and you're ignorant if you believe it.
    Oh, less than $1.4 billion a month, boo ****ing hoo. GTA V was a pretty highly anticipated game, though, and games are the latest trend in artistic expression (and yes, games are an art form just as much as music and painting).
    This is not surprising. Games are generally more expensive than music; this was a highly anticipated game; piracy is more disseminated in the music industry than in the game industry, etc etc. Bam, there you go. On a related note, this game is the shit. Trevor is my new role model.
    Jacques Nel
    You made a good point I forgot to mention as well dude, in South Africa this game is anywhere between 4 and 6 times more expensive than a CD. So once again...apples and oranges.
    It's a worldwide phenomenon. The game industry is known for its lack of kindness when it comes to putting prices on their products. The stunning rise of independent video game development over the last years says it all, I guess.
    Jacques Nel
    But think about how many people work on a game, and how many years they spend developing these games. Artists spend much less time on albums usually and there are less costs involved.
    True, but independent game developers can spend just as much time as a major developer working on a game, and still independent games are usually cheaper than the "big ones" like GTA. Almost everyone in the game industry aims at profit maximization, thus overpricing most products.
    Indie developers can put in all the time they want, without money and resources they're not going to be kicking out a product equivalent to GTA5, 60 bucks for a lot of games might be overkill, but as an entertainment investment, there's far more bang for your buck with a game like GTA5. You could pour hundreds of hours into that game, versus a fraction of the cost for a book or movie that has a finite length.
    Way Cool JR.
    Considering inflation over the decades games aren't to expensive at all. Back when I was buying new at launch games for the SNES and N64 they were anywhere between $50-$70 each. Nowadays you get a lot more game depth and way better graphics plus the added bonus of online game play for the same price as decades ago. Considering inflation your actually getting them cheaper now than you did back in the day. I was happy to pay them prices back then and super happy to pay them nowadays. So IMO this day and age $60 is not overkill at all, it's actually a bargain.
    Badass UltraMan
    They can indeed spend just as much time on a project but I'd also wager that an indie studio has much less than 400 members of staff working on a game, which I imagine doesn't come cheap :p
    Way Cool JR.
    The price may be more but you're comparing one game/title compared to hundreds if not thousands of different artists albums/titles. So to me it's not like comparing apples to oranges at all.
    Jacques Nel
    I understand your point of view, however pirated songs and albums are much more readily accessible than a pirated copy of in this case GTA 5.
    You're comparing the " fastest-selling video game in history" to an industry that has been decaying over the years. Pirates don't really have all the blame, look at the radio? everyone nowadays listens to whatever is on at the moment because that's what the radio taught them to listen to.
    Music industry is changing, not decaying. There has always been the same % of people who have always done that and that is ok, I started out that way as well until I delved deeper at a young age. Edit:
    But still, it's a single game against the music industry, one of the top entertainment businesses for over half a century
    I don't think the music industry is dying, just changing, I'd expect a monetized youtube video of a song would make more money than a physical copy of said song.
    What about all the money musicians made by Rockstar paying to having their songs played in the game?
    gta is one of the best ways to find music, some bands have grown in popularity after the release of a gta,saints row, need for speed or any heavily soundtracked game, lets just say if i never visited vice city i wouldn't have found slayer
    Yeah but I'm sure the music industry also benefited from all of the sales seeing as there is music in the game.
    Nero Galon
    Refreshing to see an article on GTA V that isn't about how its bad for people.
    I like to believe we're past all that bullsh*t. It's like how they used to say heavy metal was for lunatics, similarly with action/horror movies and now violent video games. If any of this were true, I'd need to be put away in military confinement for the safety of mankind.
    Well, no kidding. That game is, what, $60 retail? A deluxe album version is maybe $15 and most people aren't buying albums. And there's streaming etc... Dumb.
    Considering this is aimed at pirates, statistically people pirate movies, tv shows and games in redundant amounts more than music. Just take a look at any site and see the amount of seeds per torrent in each category. And as you mentioned, games cost $60 a piece whereas music is $10-$15 for physical copies. It's simple logic, games will always outsell CDs regardless of torrenting.
    Pity most of the music in this game sucked
    Games cost more than music, GTA5 was one of the most highly anticipated games in years, and they can only make one GTA game every six years or so, therefore the music industry is still bigger
    But just the fact that a single game got so close to an entire music industry is a bit sad, isn't it?
    Maybe if albums were $60 bucks they'd be able to compare the 2 industries...but until then, I don't think so.
    What's funny is that 1.4 billion the music industry made is based on pop crap. If there was actually any creativity in the MTV/radio/TV scene they might have a hope of turning it around. As long as this American Idol/X Factor type shit exists they can expect to continue to lose money.
    Guns N' Chains
    Great game, but the music wasn't up to par on this one, though. Some good tunes, but they've been better in the past.
    we all know what we have to do. unfortunately, we must all stop illegally downloading and buy a shitload of CDs and band merch
    I find it funny that on the news page it says "GTA V outsold the entire music industry" and right under it, it says "This isn't a death metal record, frontman says". For a second I thought "frontman" referred to the CEO of Rockstar and that he was taking a shot a low death metal record sales.
    Apples and oranges are easily compared, and so are industries. You can compare a tactical nuclear warhead with a wicker basket on the grounds of what is more useful for your day to day life. Anything can be compared, and the point of this article was simply that one industry did better than the other, point blank.
    And Metallica wasn't even in the game! AGAIN!
    A misleading statistic, surely? One industry is pirated and the other is not (unless i'm mistaken)
    It may have outsold the music industry, but GTA5 has one of the best songs I've ever heard in my life.
    $10 for one CD. $60 for one game. And that's just the prices in the US. If GTA 5 made 6 times the money of the music industry, this article becomes fascinating.
    Way Cool JR.
    It's already fascinating. You're comparing 1 measly game to hundreds if not thousands of different artists total albums sales. I'm sure the entire fan-base of the music industry astronomically overpowers the fan-base of GTAV. To me, $60 & $10 are 2 very even numbers when talking about the scale of people were talking about here. And for GTAV to make more than an entire industry is pretty damn impressive.
    a new cd: 10-13 quid, new game: 40 quid. Both are available as illegal torrents. Music CD's can be copied, so can Game CD's. I dont understand why people download music illegally but then by only original CD's for games