Guitar Hero Killed By Activision

Computer game series Guitar Hero is to be discontinued, its manufacturers have announced.

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Computer game series Guitar Hero is to be discontinued, its manufacturers have announced.

Activision, the company that also manufactures the Doom and Call Of Duty series, have also culled DJ Hero from their future plans.

Guitar Hero, which was launched in 2005, has had five sequels and also launched a large number of spin-offs, including Metallica, Van Halen and Aerosmith editions.

According to gaming news website, Eric Hirschberg, chief executive of Activision, said of the decision: "We simply cannot make these games profitable based on current market and demands."

It is thought the principal reason behind the decision was the poor commercial performance of the franchise's sixth instalment Guitar Hero: Warriors Of Rock.

The cancelling of Guitar Hero and DJ Hero is likely to result in the loss of 500 jobs.

According to Wikipedia, the Guitar Hero series has sold more than 25 million units worldwide, earning $2 billion US at retail. The series is claimed by Activision to be the third largest game franchise after the Mario and Madden NFL franchises.

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    Finally! I actually like the game, but hate the concept. Now waiting for Rockband to die!
    Thank you 2009. Rock Band releasing over 300 songs and Activision milking out Guitar Hero for what it's worth. Rock Band will follow the same death very soon, since they now release around 30-80 songs a week. Oh, and they axed Tony Hawk and True Crime: Hong Kong too.
    Pagan_Poetry wrote: "The cancelling of Guitar Hero and DJ Hero is likely to result in the loss of 500 jobs. " Jesus Christ, they hired 100 people per button?
    thats insane if you think about it.
    Amuro Jay
    Oh, Activision. As soon as you bought the rights to GH I knew this would eventually happen, just like how you destroyed the Tony Hawk series... I think... Checked.
    cukd7x-a2- wrote: thejester wrote: too much of a good thing, watch COD be the next to fall BLASPHEMY! actually, I want activision to quit oing COD... infinity ward does such a better job on them
    *facepalm* Infinity Ward is owned by Activision.
    sorry for the double post, but kids getting into guitar based music is not a good thing for the music industry per s too btw
    masterofpuppies wrote: Guitar Hero has actually been good for the music industry. There are so many kids that have been introduced to some classic songs thought the series, that a lot of them have since taken up guitar, and are spending money on gigs/merchandise etc. most people on here are saying that they're glad it's gone, but although I've never played the game, the music industry as a whole will be poorer without it. The more kids that get into guitar based music, the healthier the music industry will be in the long run.
    Whilst true, you have to look at the way how and how this will affect the way the music community works and will work in the future. Face it, guitar hero and rock band (similar to a lot of other games) is basically about living the rockstar dream (or succeeding in some form) with as low an effort as possible but as much and as frequent reaffirmation as possible. Not many people like games that tell you you're worthless without a huge consistant effort. As such I always feared that Guitar Hero or similar big return small input games might, in the long run, cause more damage to gamers, their belief system, the way they act and react to various situations and what they expect in return for their effort. These should be things of concern to us, because it does affect us and the music community and the music industry knows it and will exploit it mercilessly.
    Awww man, I was waiting for somebody to become a Guitar Hero band, which goes on stage and plays songs on Expert and Air Guitar mode.
    gratefulduck wrote: the 500 jobs thing makes me sad, but yeah, like all major fads, Guitar Hero was bound to fall out of the limelight sooner or later.
    yeah after GH3 the games started going downhill.
    thejester wrote: too much of a good thing, watch COD be the next to fall
    i dont think that will ever happen. CoD have commercial everywhere, internet, movies, celebs talking aout them playing etc... + on Black Ops it 400.00 player online at all times, and 700.000-1.000.000+ people after work hours, and thats in europe. and many people still play MW2. if they take away cod they will have complaints, attempted lawsuitXD, raging fans, threats to the people behind it and hate mail and requests. so many thing to pull a game that profits them so much. dont think so.
    guitar hero taught me how to play drums. I never owned it but my friend had it and i woulg go round there every weekend or 2 and go between playing real guitar and then when we were sick of that, onto guitar hero, for hours. I learnt Master of Puppets from guitar hero drums and was able to play it on my own real drum kit.
    Activision itself is in trouble, so it makes sense to downside. Besides when they started there wasn't competition, now there is so might as well cash out while ahead.
    The series is claimed by Activision to be the third largest game franchise after the Mario and Madden NFL franchises.
    LOL I guess Activision has never never heard of Pokemon, the Sims, GTA, Dragon Quest, Legend of Zelda, Final Fantasy, or even their own Call of Duty.
    soXlittleXtimeX wrote: Oh wow. This happened sooner that I expected. I guess we'll never see Guitar Hero 25 after all...
    I think there are 25 guitar hero games. Including DJ hero.
    I would have never heard of The Sword if it wasn't for GH2. I loved these games, I still play from time to time. I couldn't really afford getting the new games though. I think that's what really hurt these games.
    Punkrokkboi wrote: This game first inspired me to learn rock guitar again way back in 2005. sad to see it go, but really after GH3 it started getting old. GH1 and 2 were their best games IMO
    Couldn't agree more.
    The people bashing this game are stupid. People having fun playing a game doesn't affect you in any way. Personally it's how I got interested in guitar and I was exposed to tons of new music. Rock band is now teaching people how to play real instruments. This has been nothing but good for music and yet people are complaining about it.
    I'm just glad they got to put out GH Van Halen before they cut it. Definitley the most fun GH game to play. Even though half the songs had nothing to do with VH at all...
    Guitar Hero had nothing to do with me picking up real guitar but one good thing I will say about it is that it informed me about some different artists I didn't previously listen to. Playing "You've Got Another Thing Comin'" was what got me listening to Priest. Now I'm a huge Priest fan and have all their albums from Screaming for Vengeance to Defenders of the Faith.
    'Bout time. I mean,I used to play it but,I moved to real guitar. So much better. Rock Band is next... And in my opinion,they should've just stopped at GH:3.
    thejester wrote: too much of a good thing, watch COD be the next to fall
    I've been saying this since the release of MW2. CoD basically is in the same situation as GH. Overpopullar, always the same, everything is so damn expensive.
    TheSaloon wrote: dont understand u people hatin on guitar hero. GH has inspired many kids to play the real guitar
    No i think it inspired many to kids to try picking up the guitar, but once they got a real one in hand they see it's not like in GH so the drop it. The good thing is that I discovered a lot of cool bands with it, before it went too sell out with tokio hotel songs...
    Axl Hammet
    Guitar hero did get sucky after GH:3 and activision milked the series for all its worth and crapped the game up, but after a while of playing GH:3 in 2nd grade, I picked up real guitar and got a taste in music... *Hates to admit buying GH:6 for the rush*
    im kind of glad about this, okay it was a good game and could inspire people to play the real instruments but it killed real musicians, like say some kid who sat on the game for 8 hours a day who could do dragonforce songs perfectly, would then brag about it and their mates wouldn't get as much recognition for learning the real version.
    ~10 games in five years is the most surefire way to run a series into the ground. give it another two or three years and Call of Duty is going to be the exact same boat.
    Dang...I mean, i felt this sorta coming. But the guitar hero franchise always had better songs than rockband. So unless they come out with rockband metal 2..It's gonna suck. O well, I play guitar well enough to play the songs In either series anyway. So i still win
    Oh well. To be honest, I am kinda gutted. Yeah, they did begin to suck as they went on, but It's partly because I began to learn guitar and bass after playing this game. In school, I done music for a bit, and never got the concept of guitar (I'm right handed, but play guitar left handed). Back in school, I never found this out. I worked that out after flipping a GH Guitar control over, and being able to play much better. I know that may seem kinda stupid, but for that, I'm glad I had Guitar Hero. I don't touch GH or RB anymore though. Nothing beats the real thing. lol
    It was bound to happen, new version coming out every year, then rockband entering the market (and being better I thought). Took me until just before the first rock band came out to get into to GH and I loved rock band because of the drums.. But after a year of playing it with friends at what seemed like every party ever, I got burnt out. Can't even touch it now even though sometimes I'd like to. I hope CoD follows. I'm not really a CoD hater but I also got burnt out on that after MW1 and WaW, just can't enjoy it anymore. My beef is other game devs trying to copy CoD and it ruins their games (see: Medal of Honor, Crysis 2, Homefront).
    This game first inspired me to learn rock guitar again way back in 2005. sad to see it go, but really after GH3 it started getting old. GH1 and 2 were their best games IMO
    AWESOME. Seriously, do you really need 15 versions of guitar hero? Just make it so you can put new songs on there.
    snaaake wrote: schirripar wrote: TheSaloon wrote: dont understand u people hatin on guitar hero. GH has inspired many kids to play the real guitar because it also inspired fraternity douchebags that think if they can play "My Name is Jonas" on easy, is just as impressive as anything on an actual guitar.This has never actually happened, but it's cool that you can manufacture false hysteria just as well as any news story about terrorism or swine flu because you feel threatened by a videogame where you play on plastic guitars. While everyone saw this coming, and Activision only have themselves to blame for saturating the market, every last one of you celebrating is an *****. 500 jobs were lost here. I don't care what you thought of the game. Celebrating someone losing their job (Especially today) is a really immature thing to do.
    +99999 Props to you man.
    mysticguitar77 wrote: Here we go again with all the huge guitar player ego's... You guys use the same old arguments that aren't even arguments at all since most of them aren't true. Your huge ego's are getting in the way of reason. The fact is that GH and RB are games, they are meant to be played like games should, for fun. The aim of these games isn't to teach you to play an instrument (although RB3 is starting to overstep those boundaries), the aim is to create a game that will be fun and if it motivates you to pick up a real instrument, that's just a bonus. Some people do pick up a real instrument from playing GH, some people don't, but it really doesn't matter because it is a GAME and is played for FUN. The reason GH has failed is because people are getting bored of the redundance of it all. You really pretty much do the same thing over and over and eventually, like with every game, you get bored of it. GH hasn't been innovative enough to keep going. They pretty much had a business plan that worked 5 years ago, but it's not working now and they didn't do anything about it. The only reason RB is still hanging on by it's thread is because RB3 is a huge step forward in music games and is extremely innovative. Not only is it a game, but one of it's main focus's are to teach the basics of playing the real instruments with the added Pro modes. This resparked people's interest in RB and attracted new fans, and for the most part RB3 has been a success. But, even good companies like HMX are taking hits because music games are a dying fad. Eventually, like GH, RB will be no more. It's just a matter of time. The evidence is all over (layoffs, low sales, selling of companies, etc.) It was fun while it lasted, but it's time to move on to something new, fresh, and exciting.
    finally a smart comment.
    Timothy O.
    I actually enjoy the games. Not EVERYBODY is capable of learning a musical instrument. Sure a lot of those kids could, and did after playing the game, but the truth is not everybody can learn to play real guitar, and what's a video game designed to do? Help you live out your fantasies, so I think the series had good intentions. Of course there were those people who thought they'd be just as good at real guitar and... well, they aren't, but the series served it's purpose and was actually pretty fun. That said, thank god they ended it. After the third one I was wondering when they'd lose steam and just call it quits.
    Zeletros wrote: Finally! I actually like the game, but hate the concept. Now waiting for Rockband to die!
    You like the game...but you want it to fail based on principle? Just another "LEARN TO PLAY REAL GUITAR" douchebag, huh?
    Purcell wrote: The real reason for the anger is that it cheapens the art. It takes away from the determination of being a musician; a lot of people practice hours a day, and this is like a mockery to them. I can totally understand where a lot of people are coming from. My relationship with GH is love/hate. I like that it has opened people up to better music, and it has inspired some people to actually play. But they portray musicians in a very unflattering light, like were all prima donna's. And I have met people who, because they can navigate the 5 buttons on expert, truly believe that playing Insomnia by Periphery is easily done. That's just my honest opinion; saying something as subjective as "They're just jealous" is just asking to get brutally corrected by someone who knows what they're talking about though.
    This is mindless nonsense. First of all, where are you people going where you meet others who think they can play real guitar b/c of Guitar Hero? Are you in special classes with them? I mean really? Cheapens the art? Piss on that. It's a video game. It's fun. Are you really that delusional that you think people sit around and go, "Well, I beat Peace Sells on RB...I'm as good as Dave Mustaine now. Guitarists are stupid, it's easy." That's the dumbest thing I ever heard and I've never heard people act like that about ANY video game except on this site. It doesn't happen for any other game (sports games, martial arts/fighting games, first person shooters, etc). Lastly, no one, and I mean no one, is going to say, "Well, Guitar Hero is done, might as well pick up a real guitar and piddle with some easy songs for a few months/years until I get good enough to play the songs I like." That's the appeal of the game, you get to feel KINDA like you're playing these badass songs. It's like karoake or air guitar but more fun. People are taking real guitar way, way too seriously around here. Lighten up and enjoy yourself.
    The only people who play rock band/guitar hero are 12 year olds and losers who can't play an instrument.
    MrSir4 wrote: Manufacture means to make, Activision doesn't MANUFACTURE the Doom games like it said in the article, they PUBLISH them, which means they take care of publicizing it. For lack of a better word you "pwn't" yourself, there.....
    I do believe publishing a game includes printing and distributing the discs. So in that sense, they are manufacturing the game. "Manufacturing" implies the creation of a physical product, while game development is mostly digital, so I would say the original wording was accurate. But really, this is a dumb argument. I was already playing bass by the time Guitar Hero came out, but I did find the game fun. Checked.
    IdkWhatImDoing wrote: The only people who play rock band/guitar hero are 12 year olds and losers who can't play an instrument.
    Wow. Really? I personally play RB. There are several bands that play the games (Trivium are known to be big fans, for example). I'm not surprised that GH has died - ever since RB came out its been struggling to compete. I doubt we will see the demise of RB any time soon, though. With the introduction of real instruments, a lot of people will use it as a tool for learning.
    vermilion444 wrote: doomsdayscottie wrote: Great, so there's still going to be stupid as hell call of duty games but no guitar hero to get the youngins into good music? Yeah don't worry, the douchebags that play FPS games will still exist to question your sexuality on XBox Live. Honestly, this doesn't matter. Guitar Hero was great at first, then Activision gave it to Neversoft and took it from Harmonix. Harmonix left the company and made Rock Band, a far superior game. For those of you talking crap about how you should be practicing real guitar, blah blah blah: My friends don't want to watch me practice real guitar on a Friday night. Instead, we plug in all the plastic instruments and the guys and girls I hang out with that don't play real music all have a great time with our little game. It's a party game, you have a few drinks, some snacks, a group of people and you play and have fun. You stay in your basement Yngwie, practice your licks. I'll be having fun with my friends.
    Erm you don't have to play guitar for yourself. You can play for other people you know...