'Guitar Music Is Definitely On The Way Back'

Bosses at the biggest radio network in the UK say they expect rock to make a big comeback soon. Does it prove that the naysayers who said 'rock is dead' last year were wrong?

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Bosses at BBC Radio, the biggest radio network in the UK, have said that guitar music is "definitely on the way back."

Director Andy Roberts said the current UK obsession with Euro pop could come to an end with a new wave of guitar bands.

"We're probably waiting for guitars to come back," he said in an interview with Music Week. "We're due guitars [again] but I think they'll be a fusion of something we [radio stations] will all be able to play."

His colleague George Ergatoudis who is programme director at their flagship Radio 1 and 1xtra Stations tweeted a link to the interview, adding: "Guitar music is definitely on the way back."

In late 2011 and early 2012, there was a series of comments that "rock is dead" because of the popularity of dubstep artists like Skrillex. The debate was so intense that in January we investigated whether rock was really dead after all, concluding that sales were down, but with several high profile reunions the rock scene could soon prove to be stronger than ever.

Of course, naysayers had predicted that rock was dead several times in the past. Here's a few links to remind readers:

2003: 'Rock Is Dead?' 2005: 'Is Rock Dead?' 2011: 'Twisted Sister Guitarist: Rock Is Dead' 2011: 'Queensryche: Rock Is Pretty Much Dead'

It's an ongoing debate, but communities like UG prove that guitar music is as popular as ever.

What do you think? Will it last forever in some form, or does it show that rockers are hesitant to adapt and change with the times? Share your opinion in the comments.

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    Is Bach bringing it back??
    1962: "Guitar groups are on the way out" - Decca Then the Beatles found a different label and started a revolution. Let hope Radio 1 is less wrong...
    As long as there are pissed-off teenagers with electric guitars, rock will remain
    Radio one usually don't support or fall for homogenization,so yeah hopefully this'll happen very soon
    Yeah, this is what I immediately thought about. I really don't think the word of a record label means much. Especially one that thought guitar was dead up until a few minutes ago.
    All my favourite rock bands are modern rock bands. Rock might be not as popular as it used to be, but it's still going strong.
    what bands?
    Porcupine Tree, Biffy Clyro, Muse, The Pineapple Thief, Alter Bridge, John Mayer.. to name a few.
    PT and AB, respect
    Alter Bridge ****ing blow. I just have to say it. It's like saying the band Red is metal if you're saying AB deserves any respect. John mayer too, except that man is simply the best lead guitarist I have ever heard in my life. And you have no idea how much it kills me inside to say that
    Alter Bridge is one of the most talented and honest modern rock bands out there. They're the nicest dudes in the world and they're really passionate about their music. They had to but themselves 2 times out of a record label with their own money because they didn't like the direction they were being pushed. They might not be your cup of tea, but if there's a band that deserves respect, it's Alter Bridge.
    Haters gonna hate. If you think Alter Bridge blow and ignore Mark Tremonti's prowess on the guitar and say John mayer is the best lead guitarist you've ever heard then you've never ****in listened to AB. Simple as that. Wheres your successful band that deserves more respect?
    Yeah give Middle Class Rut a listen. They are a really good modern rock band with awesome lyrics. Thats the main problem with modern rock, the shitty ass lyrics
    Maybe the new rise of guitar music is the moment of great change the Mayans predicted all those years ago
    I agree to an extent, I still conside bands like Machine Head and Metallica to be my tops but I don't listen to them as much as I do say bands like Godsmack or Shinedown or Stone Sour. I guess I have to be in the mood for 8 minute epics.
    man they ain't new bands..... like all the gr8 rock songfs came in the 70's 80's and ewarly 90's now every1 just history re writing itsself. think this is the first year i did not find an album i wanted so bad. next year you have sabbath, metallica motorhead
    Sabaton's new album? Epica's? Might not have been abundant but there was some solid releases this year
    'You can't kill the metal, the metal will live on'
    True man, Im just very ashamed on where the metalcore subgenre is being taken to. All That Remains, for example is churning out some of the worst music in metal (and theyre still considered a metalcore band). I mean theyre radio-friendly is what im trying to say. Theyre basically the Hinder of metal to me. On top of that, theres so many newcoming metalcore bands like Woe Is Me, and Like Moths To Flames following the footsteps of a bad metalcore band like Attack Attack! Just saying, its very disappointing to see these bands come out. Its all too generic, and no one is being different. All chugs, all negative, bs. I want some of these newer bands to put out something groundbreaking to look forward to. Someone to take lessons from some of the veteran metalcore bands like As I Lay Dying. Alright, there i go on with my metalcore rant. The end. lol.
    agreed dude. As I lay Dying & Parkway Drive are just setting the standard for metalcore bands right now.
    yea man i consider them, August Burns Red, and Texas In July to be the only reliable metalcore bands nowadays. And say what you want to say but I enjoy the new The Devil Wears Prada.
    "Metalcore veteran" "As I Lay Dying" PLEASE. Converge is a Metalcore veteran, 10 years before bands like As I Lay Dying came around and turned a good Punk sub-genre into the commercialized wannabe-Metal trash it is today. Metalcore is not Metal, it is Punk. Has been since the early 90s.
    I love Converge man, but dont need to take what i said as not noteworthy. I mean i obv kno that Converge is but then the 2nd trend of bands came out and AILD was one of them, along with Killswitch, All That Remains, Trivium, Underoath, and Every Time I Die. Im just giving an example is all im trying to say. Dont need disapprove my statement.
    Rock always has a way of coming back stronger.. Like the end of the 80's, BAM!!! Grunge scene, ect. Rock will never Die completely
    The popularity of it comes in waves though. The only reason why Grunge 'killed off' rock is because MTV and record labels were shutting down every band that wasn't grunge. That's a big reason for the lack of diversity today in the music industry
    I believe the "next beatles" is coming, just imagine if a group like the black keys but with balls hit the scene
    Black keys with balls = Old black keys. Absolutely brutal, lo-fi guitar music
    true but isnt just so cliche that we sound like hipsters when we say it? even though its not about popularity its about the actual music itself haha
    Couldn't have said it better. The people that call you a hipster for saying something like that are actually the ones who are concerned about the music's popularity.
    I've happened to stumble upon this comment while listening to 'Rubber Factory' for the first time. An amen to you, sir.
    El Camino is the only Black Keys album that lacks balls.
    Also I just want to clarify that by balls I dont mean that it has to heavy, I just want to feel like the song is expressing something true and real.
    Don't know why you got so many dislikes, I agree. El Camino is just a collection of classic rock cliches, with crappy production. Background party music. Plus almost every single chorus has a ****ing choir layered on top of Dan Before ya'll dismiss me as a hipster, I think Brothers is one of the Keys' best albums
    In my opinion "Little black submarines" is one of Black key's best songs, and that's on El Camino!