Guitarist Dave Kushner: Is Velvet Revolver Ever Going to Reunite

"Maybe when all of the dust from this GN'R iteration settled."

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Guitarist Dave Kushner: Is Velvet Revolver Ever Going to Reunite

Guitarist Dave Kushner was asked by AFD about chances of Velvet Revolver reunion, to which he replied (via Alternative Nation):

"I don't foresee it happening any time soon - I just can't imagine how it would happen.

"At this point, especially with the big machine of Guns N' Roses, I don't know how it would happen.

"Maybe when all of the dust from this GN'R iteration settled, maybe if there was more time, and someone, the right person came along, who knows..."

Founded in 2002, Velvet Revolver are inactive since 2008.

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    "At this point, especially with the big machine of Guns N' Roses..." I see what he did there.
    I just don't see it happening, and I don't really think it should. They had a decent run, but it's been ten years, there's been a death, they've already spent years trying and failing to find their singer... I just don't see it gelling in the way it should if they were to try it. Not that I wouldn't love to see something happen with Slash, Duff, Dave, and Matt again, but it wouldn't really be Velvet Revolver and I would hope they would realize that.
    "Maybe when... someone, the right person came along, who knows..."
    Because that went so well the first time. They weren't completely inactive since 2008, either. They got together for a couple reunion shows before Scott Welland died.
    "Guitarist Dave Kushner: Is Velvet Revolver Ever Going to Reunite" From beyond the grave! Wooooo!
    Irwin Navarro
    Gonna get downvoted but if ever VR does reunite I hope they get either Bennington or reconsider rehiring Corey Taylor
    I'd actually suggest Myles Kennedy since he has a great voice and he's already worked with Slash before in a successful capacity.
    Please, anything but Myles Kennedy. He is a great vocalist and blablabla, but his voice is unberable to many (UNBEARABLE I say). I cannot listen to Slash solos albuns because of him, dont ruin VR too
    Unbearable to many ? Then why are both Alter Bridge and Slash with MK so successful ?
    Because of Slash and Tremonti.
    Tremonti ? You're kidding right ? Then why are Tremonti solo stuff sales insignificant vs Alter Bridge sales ? I mean he should get rid of this UNBEARABLE singer and fill a wembley stadium on his own.... Truth is, outside of the metalheads restrained world, very few people know about Tremonti. Yeah I know, he can shred.... but then again, Myles can do much more than that with a guitar.... and way better. Don't get me wrong, Tremonti is a beast. But Myles is the total package. Very inspiring and soulful player.
    Most people that listen to AlterBridge probably liked Creed, seeing as they promoted themselves as ex-Creed members with some guy named Miles Kennedy when they first came out. But anyways, I just saw AN live and his voice was pretty shitty. He just screams high pitched notes the ENTIRE time. We get it, you can hit high notes, but try something else. Its very unpleasant.
    tough spot to fill, even if GNFNR wasnt happening. sorry bennington or taylor are just not right for this gig... but who is?
    I think Corey Taylor would be great, but I think he also auditioned once and they didn't feel like it was the right fit.  Bennington's voice just doesn't match though.
    I don't think it would be same due to Scott's death. It be like having Mad Seasons reunite without Layne Staley. Not going to work well.
    Can someone please elaborate what was so amazing about Scotts vocals, that nobody else can step in? Tbh, ive seen local amateur singers do decent renditions of their songs, so why wouldnt someone who is actually a singer do?
    I wish we get one or two albums of Velvet Revolver. Who could be a good singer for it? IDK... I'd like to see Corey give a try or maybe Duff, he had said before than he is not very into singing and playing because he likes to move around but maybe he can have that escape in GN'R and try something different in VR (as he does with Loaded). What about some new guy?  Myles is cool but he trying the Slash+Kennedy combination again I don't think is worth it. You know who would be nice? That guy from Heaven's Basement or maybe Brian Johnson's come back?