Guitarist Kirk Windstein Leaves Down

The axeman looking to focus on Crowbar, who have meanwhile announced their new bassist.

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Guitarist Kirk Windstein has announced his departure from Down in order to fully focus on working with Crowbar. Windstein revealed his decision through Facebook, saying, "For months now, I have been posting that I am concentrating on Crowbar 100 percent full time," he kicked off (via Blabbermouth). "2014 marks the 25th anniversary of Crowbar and it's a great feeling to put my heart and soul into something that I created so long ago." Kirk concluded by discussing the new album plans, "We are entering the studio on December 16 to record our 10th full-length record. Look for a late spring release on eOne. See y'all on the road with Crowbar!" Windstein is replaced in Down by the group's longtime stage manager Bobby Landgraf, who addressed Kirk's departure in a separate post. "Feeling very lucky to have this gig with Down. It wouldn't be the same without Kirk Windstein's blessing. He is Riff Lord and the new Crowbar will be amazing." Meanwhile, Crowbar have announced Jeff Golden as their new bassist and a replacement for Patrick Bruders who abruptly quit the band earlier last month. "I'm more hurt than anyone about Pat leaving Crowbar, but keep in mind that there were years that I was the only member in Crowbar," Windstein stated. As for Down, Phil Anselmo and co. are currently busy in the studio working on a new EP release. The latest Crowbar studio effort, "Sever the Wicked Hand," dropped in February 2011 through E1 Music.

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    This sucks seeing as Down are headlining Bloodstock next year, but fair enough, I will always welcome more Crowbar.
    I can't f***in believe what I've just read. Looks like it has to do something with Pat, maybe Kirk couldn't be in one band with him anymore. I really hope that Kirk brought some riffs to the new Down EP and now can concentrate on Crowbar, but will be back in Down soon. I'm rooted to the ground.
    Really sucks. Hope it's not permanent. On the bright side we get new releases from Down and Crowbar in 2014, so I can't argue with that. Bring on the new music!
    While I'm sad about him leaving Down, I'm glad he's going to be going back to and focusing on stuff with Crowbar.
    this could mean more southern rock sludgy blues type riffs from Pepper and there might be some slide from Landgraf on the new EP, saw Honky when they opened for Down, last summer, Bobby can shred his ass off, but IDK how he'll fit into Down, they will definitely loose some of Kirk's heaviness.