Guns N' Roses 3D Concert Movie Gets April Release

"Appetite for Democracy" released next month.

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Guns N' Roses have finally confirmed a release date for their long delayed concert movie "Appetite for Democracy."

As Classic Rock reports, the film, which was shot during the band's 2012 residency at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in 2012 will be released in cinemas in Europe this April. US release is yet to be confirmed.

According to the film's official website:

"This absolute ambush on the city of sin, captured in HD/3D, puts you in the best seat in the house for an electrifying once in a lifetime live concert performance. Filmed during GNR's 'Appetite for Democracy' residency at the Joint in November 2012, celebrating twenty-five years of 'Appetite for Destruction' and four years of 'Chinese Democracy,' the elaborate Vegas style production features rock icon Axl Rose at the top of his game with his current lineup performing some of GNR's biggest hits including 'Welcome to the Jungle,' 'Sweet Child O' Mine,' 'Mr. Brownstone,' 'November Rain,' 'Chinese Democracy,' [Bob] Dylan's 'Knockin' on Heaven's Door,' 'Nightrain,' [Paul] McCartney's 'Live and Let Die,' 'Paradise City' and many more hard rockin hits!

"This is the first live concert release from Guns N' Roses, since "Use Your Illusion II" in 1992. Sin City will never be the same."

Guns N' Roses recently confirmed that they will be returning to Las Vegas for another residency in May of this year.

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    That thumbnail...
    Not just the thumbnail, but the preview video. The most ridiculous thing syncing the original recording with DJ Ashba's live playing makes my stomach turn.
    That's obviously Dj's guitar tone and I would know. You're retarded
    They really spent a lot of time on that name, didn't they?
    they should of just combined all the album names 'use your appetite for Chinese spaghetti destruction'
    Think I prefer: Use Your Chinese Spaghetti For Appetite Destruction A bunch of exclamation points at the end and a picture of Axl giving a cheeky thumbs up and a wink and you've got a perfect noodle advert!
    That ad was so campy, I feel as though they pulled the narrator out of his monster truck announcing. And Axls voice.... And, as personal taste, I really dislike the stage setup, I find the light screens too over the top and the fireworks used in an uncool, overly flashy way.
    Awesome that the band is actually releasing something, hopefully it leads to a new album in 2014/15 Now bring on the same old tired comments "late, Axl sucks, its not GN'R" blah blah blah...
    Why so many thumbs down? The classic guns line-up has been broken up for about 20 years now... it's been time to move on and enjoy what Axl and Slash are respectively offering instead of throwing around the same, tired insults... I caught this line-up of Guns N Roses at the Atlantic City House of Blues a few years back, and they immediately destroyed any criticism I had of this line-up. They sounded great and the energy was wild. Axl has been doing this for longer than the original Guns line-up was even around. Everybody needs to stop being so judgmental already and enjoy it for what it is.
    Fair enough the line-up now are good musicians. But what music have Guns released in the last 20 years? Chinese Democracy. One album. Is that album any good? well that's for everyone to decide for themselves. Personally i think the album is quite shit. Especially compared to the classics. It's the classic songs that are keeping this band alive! I certainly do not believe that if Guns were a new band, Chinese Democracy being their only album, they'd have the same success.
    Really looking forward to this, Axl has been in great form lately
    What's with that narrators voice?!! This will ...BLOW... YOUR... MIND! lol
    "Hey I know, we should name the film the first part of a successful album with the last part of our not so successful album..." - Axl Rose after a pitcher of Pina Colada. Ha.
    Axl at his top .. **** you .. and there is just one original member of GnR so I would hardly called it that way.. GnR broke up .. this band should be called Axl Rose or something
    Ever mentioned that Steve Harris is the only original Member of Maiden? Ever called them 'Steve Harris or something'?
    That's hardly a fair comparison, Iron Maiden's lineup has been mostly consistent ever since Number of the Beast. If we're talking albums, Dave Murray has appeared on every single album. Bruce has been on all but 4 albums, Nicko McBrain is on every album since Piece of Mind... I think I've made my point.
    Didn't Axl say countless times (since ~1990) that he wanted to get over Appetite? What's with the setlist and even more the title now?
    Haters gonna hate. I'm personally looking forward to this. I really enjoyed Chinese Democracy. How can you not love Buckethead and Bumblefoot?
    GUN'S N ROSES WITHOUT SLASH, DUFF AND EVEN MATT SORUM SUCK! Axl Rose passed from being a great frontman to a sissy and spoiled little girl! for christ sake! he even got beat up by a fashion dude like Tommy Hilfilger! hahahaha now that's embarrassing!
    I understand hating on Axl for showing up late to just about every show, but seriously, enough about how fat he is. Like, who seriously gives a shit what he looks like? Focus on the good music, or lack thereof, whatever your perspective is.