Guns N' Roses Auction Includes Old Dryer

artist: Guns N' Roses date: 09/06/2012 category: music news
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Guns N' Roses Auction Includes Old Dryer
Ebay is the perfect home for old rubbish to go on sale, as Guns N' Roses have proven with a new and unusual auction. As part of a sale to clear space in the band's warehouse, an old clothes dryer has been put up for auction complete with flight case. You might think it's the least attractive rock auction item ever, but at the time of writing it has six bids up to $112.50. Maybe they've seen something among the 10 different photos of the dryer that everyone else has missed. It's not the only item up for sale from the esteemed rock act. A range of recording equipment including a 56-channel Amek mixing desk starts at $8,000, and a couple of bass guitars have been listed too. More equipment will be listed in the coming weeks, so it could be worth bookmarking to grab a deal (or not) from the band. But beware - the selling account has placed strict rules on bidders, and offers no return policy. "Sorry for these policy's [sic] as I have learned the hard way," writes the disgruntled account owner. In recent news, an original piece of Gn'R art of a skull by conceptual artist R.K. Sloane sold for a mere $5,000 in August. Which item from Gn'R history would you like to get your hands on? Would you be tempted by the dryer, considering it's had countless pairs of underwear through it? Let us know in the comments.
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