Guns N' Roses Bassist Throws Tantrum In India

Guns N' Roses had some drama added to their series of shows in India.

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Guns N' Roses had some drama added to their series of shows in India.

As the band's Wednesday night concert in Gurgaon reached its conclusion, the group took a bow and left the stage.

After the final bow, Axl Rose wanted to play one final song and called the band members back on stage.

But bassist Tommy Stinson seemed to balk at the idea and was seen throwing his bass backstage, as a roadie tried to stop him.

The rest of the band started playing "Nice Boys" by Rose Tattoo, but Stinson didn't come onstage.

Rose disappeared backstage, reappearing moments later followed by Stinson, who threw his bass onto a pile of equipment, flipped the middle finger at some crew members and left.

GNR finished the last song of the show without a bassist, HenneMusic notes.

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    I would never treat an instrument like a piece of shit, even if I was a millionaire.
    Axl to bassist: "I've taught you well..." I'm not understanding why the bassist got mad though.
    From what I've read, it seems as if he was have some issues with his bass and got pissed about it.
    What is this... a member of G'n'R throwing a tantrum that ISN'T Axl Rose? It really is the end of the world. :/
    I cringe every time there is more bad press surrounding GnR. Not b/c I'm sick of it but b/c I actually really like the band, and the last thing they need is more reason for people to hate on them.
    It had the Indian rosewood fretboard so Tommy was just saving U.S. Customs the trouble of confiscating it
    Tommy was having equipment issues and didn't want to do a second encore, and Axl didn't care. Don't really see what the big deal is here.
    He should've sucked it up and finished the concert like a man instead of acting like a 12 year old girl.
    Maybe if they fire him Duff could come on as the new full-time GNR bassist. Maybe at least for a tour or a few shows to see if it works out.
    Im very surprised they didnt mention the entire new lineup. It seems most UG articles about G'Nr just HAVE to mention the fact that Axl is the sole remaining original member
    eh... i kinda understand that. i've had moments where my bass/amp just wouldn't work and couldn't figure out why. sucks when you're on stage.
    Finally a bassist fit enough to be a Gunner unlike the old line-up of spineless puppets...Tommy ur a rockstar
    "Tantrum" is a little exaggerated to describe the situation, don't you think? Besides, seems pretty legit if he had problems with the equipment.
    Guns N' Chains
    This was very "Axl like" in a way by Stinson. Maybe Axl learned from his mistakes and tried to reason with Stinson and it didn't work so he made sure the show went on.