Guns N' Roses Guitarist Doesn't Want The Band To Make A New Album

Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal talks about the way he thinks the band should approach working on new material.

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In a recent interview, Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal has spoken about the band's new studio release and the way he would like to see things going. Apparently, Bumblefoot is not that much into the idea of making an entire album, but prefers the "one song at a time" approach. This approach obviously isn't all that new, with many bands functioning the exact same way, by putting out singles and videos first.

"Personally, I don't want to do an album. I would like to just do a song. Let's just bite off a song and get a song out there and then bite off another song and get that out there. When there's so much touring and so much other stuff going on, don't try and take on 14 songs. Do a song, then another song, then another song and then figure it out from there", the guitarist told Hot Metal Online.

He also adds that putting everything aside and entirely focusing on a new album is hard these days, with numerous things getting in the way. "There's been talk all the time within us about the next album and what we're going to do and when we're going to do it," Thal says. "But you know, life always gets in the way. Things get in the way. It's hard to have the momentum and the focus and everything that you need. It's hard to put everything aside and do a whole album." When asked about Axl Rose refusing to attend the band's induction to Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame back in April 2012, Bumblefoot went on to blame the Hall Of Fame itself, adding that the fact that Deep Purple still hasn't been inducted is a "f--king travesty". "Honestly, we tried to work it out with the Hall Of Fame to come up with something but they had it in their mind that it was their way or no way. So they wouldn't budge and they were just trying to force a situation that wasn't good for everybody. We wanted it to be good for everybody. So... A lot of people should be in there that aren't. Deep Purple isn't in there. That's a fucking travesty."

So what are your opinions on this one? Do you prefer the full album approach or listening to one single at a time? Post your thoughts in the comments section below.

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    Deep Purple still hasn't been inducted is a "f--king travesty". Censored it here but not in the next line. Genius.
    A little over a year ago he told Eddie Trunk that a new album was in the process of being made... I am confused...
    Bumblefoot: "Well, you know, guys, there's still going to be another seven years or so until the next single comes out, because that's the way we work. Things get in the way."
    I feel like if you really want to know how people truly are, go on the internet and just read what they say. Some people are just so nasty and mean here. "What do they do when they aren't on stage? Fuck all it sounds like." So what? They can't have a life outside of YOUR expectations? I'm a firm believe no matter what your attitude towards Axl, he doesn't NEED to work anymore. He's going to do it when he wants and when its convenient for him. Besides. He isn't young anymore. His vocals especially could cause problems as he ages. Robert Plant is a good example. These people who are elevated to god tier statuses are still people with lives outside their job. Good lord people.
    Seriously - this guys having a laugh and so are most bands out there with their output. The stones, Beatles and a ton of other bands used to bring out albums every year and didnt let things like TOURING get in the way. What the **** are these guys doing when theyre not on stage? Fuck all by the sound of it
    Too bad Axle doesnt give a rats ass what you think.
    I know you mean Bumblefoot, but I think that applies to everyone, and I like that. Axl Rose doesn't care what anyone thinks, and I respect the hell out of that.
    "So what are your opinions on this one? Do you prefer the full album approach or listening to one single at a time? Post your thoughts in the comments section below." Is this a serious question?
    Releasing one song at a time as opposed to just making a full album, just seems lazy to me!
    Are people still b*tching about Chinese Democracy and Slash not being there? CD is brilliant. Axl is a legend who has always stood by his own morals; done things his own way. Rock N' Roll. Slash is a legend who just put out an excellent album. I saw both GN'R and Slash in 2012. Both left me speechless. Get a grip. Stop thinking you should dictate the behavior of a rockstar.
    I bet one band came on stage late and the other opened with "Halo"
    i hate everything about GNR. Hard to do an album? A bunch of well paid musicians don't have enough time? What a crock of sh*t. 21st Century GNR pisses me off so much. Excuse after excuse. Still playing the same 20-25 yr old songs. How hard is it to put out a new song? Axl still has the backing of a major label! *_* they suck.
    Do some research, guns never uses the same setlist two nights on the same tour and of course the play songs from CD witch isn't 20 years old
    oh! I'm sorry! That wasn't accurate. You're right! they play a selection of songs from 20-25 years ago and another selection from 15 years ago. Yeah, that makes a lot of difference. Carry on with your bloated rock star worshiping.
    You know, some people actually like the new music and the new band without associating it in any way with the old one. Why are you so agressive?
    "Guns N' Roses Guitarist Doesn't Want The Band To Make A New Album" Neither do we.
    GNR to me is the original lineup only. Special chemistry there. The one I could do without the most is Axl.
    Bumblefoot should do more solo stuff instead its way better than Guns n Roses
    This guy haha.... Ok this guy needs take a look at John 5 who comes up tons of ideas on the bus, Chad Kroger does the same. If they dont want make new music just say so, no one going give a shit. Look of GNR fans are just happy with the Velvet Revolver and Slash albums not even speaking of Loaded albums. Just dont excuses for Axl.
    Nothing personal but if you're gonna reference chad "kroeger" on here atleast spell his name right... lol
    It's just like how short films can be great too. But so is a feature length, when you pull it off.
    C'mon now, you all know it's not five guys in a room drinking all day writing songs. There's eight of them and they all have things going on outside of GN'R, and Ron's probably the member with the most extra-curricular activities.
    Well, first of all, this is being misinterpreted. I don't think he wants to go in all at once.