Guns N' Roses Reunion?

There's a Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits CD due out later this month, but there's little chance of guitarist Slash and singer Axl Rose getting together to celebrate the event.

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There's a Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits Cd due out later this month, but there's little chance of guitarist Slash and singer Axl Rose getting together to celebrate the event.

While Rose still uses the band's name, Slash and original group members Duff Mckagan and Matt Sorum are now in Velvet Revolver with singer Scott Weiland and guitarist Dave Kushner.

There has been a tidal wave of bad blood between the two camps especially over the decision by Rose to keep the name.

And when asked about a possible reunion, Slash, whowas born in England and whose real name is Saul Hudson, said: "I haven't talked to him since I quit. I don't really see a reunion happening. The things that are keeping us apart are so much tougher than money. He made some idle threats while we were touring and wouldn't go on stage unless we signed a piece of paper. We opted to go on stage and not let everybody down so we signed the piece of paper."

"I didn't want to be involved with the name if the band's not together anyway," he added. "Even to this day I still don't care. But now he's dragged it through the mud so much that even if he said, 'Look guys, I've been to therapy and I'm a better person now, let's get back together anddo a show.' We'd all be like, we don't want to be in that band. None of us would have even bothered to think about taking the name."

While the bad feeling simmers away, it is perhaps better to remember some of the great rock tunes the band produced.

The Greatest Hits package, which is due in UK on March 15, is a 14-track collection and includes Welcome To The Jungle, Sweet Child O'Mine and Paradise City as well as covers of Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Live And Let Die and Sympathy For The Devil.

So what would it take for Axl and Slash to kiss and make up?

Slash said: "No amount of money will make that happen. It's a relationship that's too human, too delicate and too volatile to have money manipulate it.

"There was a period where people said, 'Why not doone show?' And I'd say, when you get him straightened out, then we can talk about doing a show, but right now it's just not my priority. I'm not really waiting around for Axl to get his head together."

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    am a masiv fan of the ORIGINAL guns n roses but 2 hell wiv the new shit it aint got slash in it. how can it be g'n'r wiv out slash
    Axl and Slash should get back together for a reunion with the original Guns N' Roses lineup. it probably wont happen though.
    Damn i wish they got back together, gnr wasnt my generation so i never got to see them in concert, wich i would kill to do, bummer AXL YOU SUCK ASS MUTHERFUCKER *SLASH*
    shootnliberty13: cant really say i liked GnR so i really dont give a damn what happens
    Dude you have no Idea what you missed out on, anyways I think Axl should get his head out of his ass and Reunite, not expectin a tour, just talk to Slash and get ends tied
    Seems to be a lot of closed-minded *******s on here since I can't read ONE article without someone saying something negative about punkrock! Grow up! Who cares if a song is 4 chords or if it's played on every ***in' fret, as long as it's got a good sound to it.
    there are 4 good punk bands, scumfuc, count em, 4: sum41, nofx, mxpx, and the greatest punk band ever, the offspring. all the rest are jokes
    I think axl wanted to keep the name so the younger kids will think "hey cool! gnr I heard alot about this band. im gonna buy this new cd". He just wanted the name so ppl would buy his music.
    slash is cool an ace on guitar but kirk hammet is thee ultimate guitarist!!!
    You can't go wrong with the reunoin idea. Guns in'Roses is great. Paridise City is awsome!
    In my opinion, which means absolutely nothing yet i feel the urge to voice it; axl rose is the absolute best singer there ever has been or will be and slash is one of the best guitarist of all time. GnR is the greatest band ever, yet the members act childish with little gudging fueds at axl or the other way around. If they really wanted to be one of the greatest bands of all time they would realize that without each other they aren't that great. Even though axl may have a good voice and slash is a good guitarist they will never be legends unless they decide to help each other meaning forgiveness on both sides and a reunion. If slash would be a motivational character for axl I think they would be fine, even though axl may seem a little crazy if someone would be tolerant and try to understand him, such as slash and be more than a band member but a brother they would become more than just a band, they would be an unstobable force in music that would be forever loved and cherished. AND the world still needs Axl Rose + slah = GnR
    Thank you jdawg1425, you have sense.... Im gonna keep it simple, guns and roses are the f**king greatest band ever. All I do is play Guns and Roses on my guitar as if feel like I have acomplished something meaningful. If there is a reunion I will be there. Remember the name Ryan Wilkins Ill be the one screamin' F**k yeah!!!.. at the begining of every song, and definetley running on stage to hail slash during his sweet child of mine solo.
    Slash is the ***ing man. Axl's voice could use some brushing up but its Guns N' Roses man. They are the best.
    slash is king no matter what he does he'll still be a guitar god he dont axl for shit trust me i heard velvet revolver live!!!!!
    slash is my favourite person in the world! still hope axl could get a grip so they could du a reunion
    If Axl didn't screw up everything he had and hadn't been so pathetic at times, GnR could've done so much more to change music. Maybe enough for people to start bands that are really passionate for music, not punk teenagers that start bands to just say, "Hey, I'm in a band." Slash is such a great guitarist, and it would rock to see them just to one little gig. Rock on Slash
    I thought the Greatest hits was out last Monday, I can see I'm wrong, don't think I'm gonna rush to buy it though because pretty much all their songs are classics so having all their albums would be a better option. Good for Slash though, I don't think Axl should be keeping the Guns n' Roses name, doesn't quite seem right, but I guess that's all their problems. I wonder what the things they signed were though. Was it just about them leaving the band and the rights to the material and what-not?
    I wish they'd get back together, but it ain't gonna happen. Ah well, Im looking forward to Velvet Revolver more than GnR greatest hits.
    If only Axl would have just acted normally, who knows wher GNR could have gone? Looking back on it now, unfortunately it's just about 7 years of great shows and four good records and that's it. Personally I have nothing with the current GNR. For me GNR is Slash, Duff, Matt, Izzy and Axl, and those days are gone because of Axl. Now I'm really looking forward to Velvet Revolver which has three former GNR members playing in it. Axl and his new GNR can piss off.
    In defense of Axl, his new stuff is blinding. And don't heap all the blame on him, Duff wanted to do the new material as well... And Slash does say enough weird stuff of his own, like saying about Velvet Revolver 'this is the first time I've really felt part of a band' Whatever. They're both great in their separate ways, which in the end were separate ways.
    well, the writing of this article sucks btw... And i guess axl was an *******. Who cares anyway, if you like GNR good for you. If you don't, stop saying dumb stuff and let it be. not a to big fan of GNR myself but I just wanted to make some point instead of: "w00t slash is god and axl should ***ing die, yeah, assh0le w00t L0L"
    Space #6
    Matt Sorum is not a original member of Guns 'N' Roses. The original drummer was Steven Adler! Get your shit together!
    Slash rules! And i agree with Spudric jr.III Axle should bite the bullet, and admit he's a washed up f***er.
    Slash rulez and axl is a good vocalist but hes a total twat. Go Velvet revolver!!!
    We still get to listen to the old stuff which is good enough for me. I dont really give a damn about this shit and that. The music is the most important thing to me and I intend to buy the album.
    I'd Be there if they'd do a reunion, i never had the chance to go to one of their concerts, caus i was too young, but it would rock if they'd do a little reunion
    "slash is my favourite person in the world! still hope axl could get a grip so they could du a reunion" did you read the article?
    oh and by the way paradise city isnt awesome .....its ***ing awesome