Guns N' Roses Reunion?

artist: Guns N' Roses date: 03/10/2004 category: music news
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Guns N' Roses Reunion?
There's a Guns N' Roses Greatest Hits Cd due out later this month, but there's little chance of guitarist Slash and singer Axl Rose getting together to celebrate the event. While Rose still uses the band's name, Slash and original group members Duff Mckagan and Matt Sorum are now in Velvet Revolver with singer Scott Weiland and guitarist Dave Kushner. There has been a tidal wave of bad blood between the two camps especially over the decision by Rose to keep the name. And when asked about a possible reunion, Slash, whowas born in England and whose real name is Saul Hudson, said: "I haven't talked to him since I quit. I don't really see a reunion happening. The things that are keeping us apart are so much tougher than money. He made some idle threats while we were touring and wouldn't go on stage unless we signed a piece of paper. We opted to go on stage and not let everybody down so we signed the piece of paper." "I didn't want to be involved with the name if the band's not together anyway," he added. "Even to this day I still don't care. But now he's dragged it through the mud so much that even if he said, 'Look guys, I've been to therapy and I'm a better person now, let's get back together anddo a show.' We'd all be like, we don't want to be in that band. None of us would have even bothered to think about taking the name." While the bad feeling simmers away, it is perhaps better to remember some of the great rock tunes the band produced. The Greatest Hits package, which is due in UK on March 15, is a 14-track collection and includes Welcome To The Jungle, Sweet Child O'Mine and Paradise City as well as covers of Knockin' On Heaven's Door, Live And Let Die and Sympathy For The Devil. So what would it take for Axl and Slash to kiss and make up? Slash said: "No amount of money will make that happen. It's a relationship that's too human, too delicate and too volatile to have money manipulate it. "There was a period where people said, 'Why not doone show?' And I'd say, when you get him straightened out, then we can talk about doing a show, but right now it's just not my priority. I'm not really waiting around for Axl to get his head together." Read more @ DailyRecord.Co.Uk.
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