Guns N' Roses Reveal 3D Film

A 3D recording of their "Appetite For Democracy" residency at Las Vegas will be released in cinemas. Watch a preview recording of "Paradise City" here, but be warned: the pole dancers might be NSFW.

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Guns N' Roses have revealed plans to release a 3D concert movie of their "Appetite For Democracy" Las Vegas residency, which will be released in cinemas and on DVD.

Watch a preview of "Paradise City", the set finale, in the player below.

They will follow in the footsteps of Metallica who also have a 3D movie in development, but with an additional storyline about a roadie whose life is turned upside down during a live set.

The Guns N' Roses movie was recorded in front of a sell-out crowd during their residency at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas on November 21. The final DVD and cinema versions will be mixed in both stereo and 5.1 surround sound.

Other details are scarce, but their producers say it captures a very tight performance from the band, and the recording is a rare treasure.

Meanwhile, Guns N' Roses will venture out to tour Australia in March.

Watch Guns N' Roses perform "Paradise City" from their forthcoming 3D movie here:

YouTube preview picture

"Appetite For Democracy" setlist:

01. Chinese Democracy 02. Welcome to the Jungle 03. It's So Easy 04. Mr. Brownstone 05. Estranged 06. Rocket Queen 07. Richard Fortus guitar solo ("Blacklight Jesus of Transylvania") 08. Live and Let Die (Wings cover) (With "Happy Thanksgiving") 09. This I Love 10. Better 11. Motivation (Tommy Stinson on lead vocals, with band introductions) 12. Dizzy Reed piano solo ("No Quarter" by Led Zeppelin) 13. Catcher in the Rye 14. Street of Dreams 15. You Could Be Mine 16. DJ Ashba guitar solo ("Ballad of Death") 17. Sweet Child O'Mine 18. Another Brick in the Wall Part 2 (Pink Floyd cover, with Axl on piano) 19. November Rain 20. Objectify (Bumblefoot on lead vocals) 21. Don't Cry 22. Civil War 23. Jam 24. The Seeker (The Who cover) 25. Knockin' on Heaven's Door (Bob Dylan cover) 26. Jam 27. Nightrain


28. Don't Let It Bring You Down (Neil Young cover) 29. Used to Love Her 30. Jam 31. Patience 32. Jam 33. Paradise City

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    Will it start an hour after the adverts have finished??
    Oh, man. That joke is so fresh and so funny. So funny. Where do you come up with this stuff?
    Honestly, it's not THAT bad. Keep in mind he's just done a 3 hour set in this video and he's still dancing around. I've said it before: No matter how much you hate Axl, he's a ****ing brilliant musician and performer.
    Wow, Axl is losing it... He sounds awful.
    Why can't i stop staring at your display pic?! its ****ing hypnotizing lmao
    I'm not a massive fan of the new GNR, but this is like the 30th song Axl had sung in the space of a couple of hours.I wonder how the first few sounded.
    Im a big fan well was and he doesnt sing even close to 30 songs try half that he needs to retire
    How is 24 anywhere close to 15? As for the article itself, I'm definitely interested. I can't see myself paying for a theater ticket to go see it but if I ever get the money around for a 3D TV I'd give it a watch.
    this is the last song of long setlist, so it's quite understandable i guess
    as long as it is the last night of several consecutive dates. Fairplay for lasting 30 something songs mind
    Want new music, not a 3D movie. The same I want from Metallica.
    Bear in mind this video is the last song of what was probably a 3 hour set. I don't think many singers could keep going for 3 hours. Also, he is pretty old [for a rockstar].
    When aging rock stars are shaking their asses with pole dancers = time to retire. (a long time ago)
    Axl still sounds like a bad cover of himself but other than that It wasn't too bad. I don't recognize any of them except the guy who looks like Alan Rickman.
    the band sounds surprisingly good but axl...
    I would submit that the band does not sound that good either, honestly. I even like Ashba and Bumblefoot, but this just does not compare to Izzy and Slash. Not even close. Im going to go watch Slash play it to purify myself
    None of the members make sense being in the band. Tommy Stinson used to play bass in what is in my opinion, one of the greatest Alt Rock bands of all time- The Replacements. Taking that guy, the guy from Sixx:AM and BulletBoys, a guitar virtuoso (Bumblefoot is good enough to be called that in my opinion), the guy from Psychedelic Furs and LoveSpitLove, and a guy who's known for working with Tool and putting them as Axl Roses backing band is ridiculous. It's like Axl is looking for the opposite of musical chemistry so it's easier for him to call the shots.
    If you've never seen Bumblefoot's cover of Pink Panther you should give it a watch.
    he was ok, and usually these days he has done much worse, like the last Rock In Rio for example, i also noticed he kinda goes back to his old voice with those little shouts he does here and more so near the end of the song, but thats just my opinion, even though considering here on UG that dont really matter
    I thought you meant the drummer from Slash's band, who also looks like Alan Rickman, or at least Snape
    DJ Ashba looks like the biggest chode in the world... Something about him makes me want to punch kittens
    Whatever, it's fun to watch. Obviously, since this got your attention, you're gonna wanna watch the dvd as well.
    No, they won't. However, they will act like they've seen the whole thing after only watching this clip.
    Probably. It's just such a ****ing bore to see people getting upset and arguing when a few guys play a little music. Taking sides with Slash or Axl. Who the **** cares? You don't know them! Oh, and by the way, dewitt, this is not pointed at you. Just in general.
    Catcher In The Fucking Rye is on this I'm sold on just that song. Wish they recorded a night when they played There Was A Time
    I like it. And i'm a gnr purist, but everyone seems to been having fun, music's better than expected, and really it's gone beyond the whole members thing now. They've done a good song justice here.
    My friend saw GNR last year and he said it was phenomenal and would rather see the line up now compared to the original lineup, and he is a huge GNR fan. On another note, the video is the last song is the last song after another 32 songs, cut him some slack, he doesn't sound out of tune just worn. I'd seen videos of him last year and his singing was spot on, everyone is entitled to an off night.
    Also, I think Axl sounds fantastic, especially considaring it's the encore. While I hate thst llGnR" is just session musicians now, Axl is keeping rocking.
    yeah, go and pick on axl. cause no voice ever changes except his. he loves the music, he loves the fans - otherwise he would not play 3 hour shows. saw him hast year, was pretty amazing. slash however, left after 45 min. think about that slash-fanboys.
    That's not true. Slash always plays more than 20 songs on his shows. You probably saw him on a festival or something like that where he wasn't allowed to play more. Also, Slash always starts on perfectly on time, because he loves and respects his fans. Axl doesn't love his fans, he loves that his fans love him. And yes, everybody's voice changes, but Axl's voice is awkwardly bad nowadays.
    Well, when I bought the Slash-tickets, there was only the mention of Slash. So I guess that I pay all my money for Slash, ever since everywhere it said "Slash". When i got the ticket however, there was Mtley Cre highlighted on the ticket. And that's how it was: Slash opening for MC. I mean, seriously? Slash opening for MC? It's like Jesus opening for my grandmother. I was still disappointed, as even Slash's homepage didnt say ANYthing of that. :/
    it's obvious,that Axl can't sing full power on this one. Having sang for 3 hours must have tired his vocal cords.
    Just listened to the video. What happened to Axl's voice? Not that I care. I'm a Slash fan. Myles Kennedy is so much better.
    They're not sports teams. You don't have to dislike one because you like another. P.S. Myles Kennedy is still shit on his best days. His voice is shit and his songwriting is shit, but his live performances are even worse and - even with as much as he gets done - he seems just lazy, with zero energy as a live performer. He also really dumbs down his vocals live, another aspect of his lazy performances.
    Check out that video.. If you don't like that you're deaf or way too ****ing biased.. He's one of the hardest working musicians out there.. Recording and touring with 2 bands for 3 years straight with almost no time off, still always delivering. And yea ok, he doesn't bounce around like Axl does, because yes, Axl used to be one of the best entertainers (and singers) in the world, but nowadays it's cringeworthy.
    I could agree with the low enery part of live preformances. He is used to preforming while playing guitar, and he has great enery with alter bridge. But the other stuff is just stupid and untrue.
    This hurts, as a life long fan I think Axl should never release anything on DVD where people can hear him sing now. Ive seen GNR multiple times and even though you can hear that his voice wasnt all it used to be, you still had a blast cause you were wasted and the music was spot on. I think he should have learned his lesson after the MTV awards performance in 2002. Cringe worthy!
    I must say Ron's solo's at the end were awful. And even though I dislike Ashba for looking like a goth version of Slash, he nailed those solo's.
    I hope for director's cut version which will be +2 hours and we will see only stage and wait for axl to arrive
    Well Axl is at least in tune, but the tone of his voice is like a castrati with amigdalitis
    What four people used to play is now expanded to 7, but still not as good....
    Actually the rhythm guitarist on his own can simultaneously play the lead, vocal and bass part of "Don't Cry" better than GnR can currently preform it live with the full band. Ron's talent is wasted on Axl's clown act, but i guess as long as it pays the rent and gets you publicity it's worth doing.
    C'mon guys.. Sing a couple of high notes in your early 20's and sound like someone is biting your sacks and try to do it again in early 60's or whatever Axl must be right now after screaming for 3 hours already before that.. Also I'm pretty sure that many of us can agree that 50 to 6:50 of the video was nothing but absolutely amazing. There is a reason why Axl has those exact guys backing him and I hope they keep going on at least until I see them live once.
    First off, look at Bumblefoot hanging out with the strippers the whole song! I'm not going to lie... I'm a huge Guns N' Roses fan. Huge. About a year ago I saw Rose N' Roses here in Salt Lake and was in awe at the 3 hour show these guys put on, loved it. The band sounds great (I knew DJ prior, the rest of the band was a mystery) and Axl surprised the hell outta me going 3 hours like that. The main thing this concert shows me is the pure adrenaline mixed with ecstasy I felt at 2 am in Salt Lake in a circle pit to the grand finale Paradise City is completely present in this performance. I cannot wait for this DVD I kinda feel bad Axl's voice was kinda going hoarse at the end here because I don't remember it getting like that here... Then again Salt Lake and Las Vegas have different forms of entertainment
    Soon, Bumblefoot's beard will set off on a solo career. Edit: Estranged is on this? ESTRANGED? Right that does it, I want it.
    Danjo's Guitar
    I'm really surprised no one else said it, but I vote we get rid of Axl and just put those pole dancers front and center. The rest of the band can stay, they sounded pretty good.
    i wonder if there will be a hour delay when you start the dvd to make it feel like your really there with wainting for them to come on
    It's only good if it was the original G'n'R. Those 2hr delays?...Axl is asleep.
    3D movies are soo incredibly lame. Feels even tackier when a rock band decides to shit one out.
    10 years equals one big contact. I'm sure AXL does not want this. Poor fellow Adler sings better. "Should never have left the scene". That should be Slashes last quote a working rockstar.
    He's a dick and a disgrace to the Guns N Roses name. It's just Axl and some guys. He would have been better off letting the GNR name die and do something else.
    Maybe they should replace this old axl for a new one, to make it 100 % new gunsnroses cause now it is just 80 % new ....