Guns N' Roses: 'We Have an Abundance of New Material'

"We have to really sit down and sift through it," DJ Ashba adds.

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Recently asked about the possibility new music from the Guns N' Roses fold, guitarist DJ Ashba confirmed that the band in fact has heaps of fresh stuff, seemingly making proper selection the only real obstacle.

"When I joined the band five years ago they had three albums worth of material recorded," Ashba told Unskinny Pop. "There is a ton of stuff that nobody has heard that is really, really good. Of course I am a songwriter, producer and so are a lot of the other guys, so everyone has their pile of songs.

"It is to the point where we don't have a lack of material, we have an abundance and we have to really sit down and sift through it and make the best sense of it all," the guitarist added.

Asked to name a few biggest misconceptions he read about himself, DJ singled out the whole "Hey, he's trying to be Slash" matter, dubbing it not even remotely true. "That's not true in any way. I think he is his own person and I have a lot of respect for what he's done for the band as far as his guitar work and stuff."

As previously reported, guitarist Richard Fortus stated that GN'R might unveil new songs during 2015. "We are working on stuff and hopefully very soon we're going to have new stuff out," he told Associated Press. "Well, in the next year."

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    They have been saying this for 3 ****ing years now..same ****ing shit it will be out next year.I really want a new gnr album but i will believe it when i see it.Make it allready
    That's how I feel as well. They've supposedly had 3 albums worth of material since Chinese came out. Ashba has been in the band 5 years. That's more than enough time to have at least an album where he lays down some serious shred so people will have stuff to say about him other than "lol shit slash clone". The time Tommy, Richard and Bumblefoot have been in the band they could have put out enough material to be at least considered GnR 2.0 rather than a cover band. They've been there longer than the original guys were!
    Might reveal new songs in 2015? I just don't understand y'now. How many years can this band have left that they can just put shit out every 7 - 15 years. Geez.....
    I'm so underwhelmed by this news. A part of me wants to be excited but... I'm not feeling it. It's quite a contrast with Metallica for example, I'm getting hyped for their next album, but I can't say the same for GNR.
    I'm also really hyped about the new Metallica record but I won't mind Guns bringing out some new songs like Sorry, Chinese Democracy and Street of Dreams... those were awesome! Sorry especially!!!
    Same. Plus, I can't help reading the title of the article as "Guns n' Roses: 'We have an abundance of new material... that won't see the light of day for 14 odd years'"
    I didn't want to say it nboyjn I'm not getting my hopes up that the next year is unrealistic but I'll be cool with it if it does happen.
    How do they not feel the pressure to create, release and perform new material? You have a legendary brand (yes, brand) to maintain and foster and protect, not to mention an expectation to be top musicians and songwriters. I could not stand the frustration of the band's stagnation if I were any of it's members. The talent of New GNR is through the roof and they just languish. And it's apparent the band is frustrated as they've added at least a dozen cover songs to their sets since Chinese Democracy came out. How is Axl not beating himself up for having that much talent and has only released 75 minutes of music in 20 years?!
    Axl is apparently a perfectionist so what everybody else deems worthy he probably doesn't. It's a shame because musically everyone in the band is great. I'd love to hear Ashba do some guitar work similar to what he did in Beautiful Creatures and Sixx AM.
    Make that thirteen covers... They played Chatterbox by the New Yorks Dolls for the first time last night in Pennsylvania.
    Forget all the hype. Forget how long it took them to make it. Forget the money it cost. Forget that it's not the real Guns'n'Roses. Chinese Democracy is a good album.
    I guarantee if it was the Use Your Illusion line up (or a completely different band) people would be a lot less critical of Chinese Democracy
    I'm starting to see this sentiment more and more lately, which makes me happy since I really enjoy the album too. It's obviously a different sound, but it's still good.
    Axl's just too lazy to rehearse or write with these guys. Every one of them wants to put out an album except ol' Ax.
    Why do they even bother saying stuff like this? Its like saying I have the cure for aids, but can't release it. If it doesn't see the light of day, it ain't worth shit.
    Irwin Navarro
    This is kind of an old issue but why can't Axl have some musical integrity and drop the GNR name and just change it to Axl Rose solo band cause that's what this really is. (no offense to DJ Ashba and the other instrumentalists, Im sure they're all pretty talented)Truth be told. Axl milking the GNR name would be a disrespect to former members such as Izzy, Duff, Steven, Gilby, Matt, and most of all Slash (truth be told, if it wasn't for Slash's guitar work, GNR songs would sound like your everyday rock songs, sorrynotsorry).
    That would just perpetuate the big ego thing (which actually hasn't been doing the rounds lately). I think only one song on Chinese was written solely by Rose, so brining in a bunch of guys getting them to help you write then taking all the credit is pretty bush league. Also Duff recently toured with GnR and Axl and Izzy are still friends (he plays with them from time to time). So you don't have to worry about them feeling disrespected. Steven was never respected by Axl anyway so nothing has changed on that front. Matt and Gilby weren't original and didn't contribute to any writing, if they feel disrespected that's on them. I'll let you have Slash though, he seems over it now.
    After the fiasco that was Chinese Democracy- Who would care anymore? A follow up to literally the most overhyped album of all time? I'm good.
    I wouldn´t call Chinese Democracy as a fiasco - I don´t care how much it cost or who performs on it...the only thing that matters is the sound...and there are great songs..
    Give it a chance, if Chinese Democracy is the most terrible album there is, then whatever comes next can only be better.
    Is that really a good thing though? GNR should never have to rely on a statistic like that, no band should.
    I love how DJ Ashba says he has a lot of respect for what slash has done for the band. Hey DJ, the only reason you're being paid a fortune right now is because of slash and others work. You better have respect!
    I really don't care about a "GNR" album featuring the current line up. Just release old stuff from the real band, like dvds and live albums.
    Well I'll get it when I see it on the shelves, but I'm not going to hold my breath.
    Just put something out. The lack of sais it isn't up to par. All the lightly bragging about all the supposed material isn't worth jack without something, anything shortly after. 2015,realy. Why would you even say anything.
    GNR is never going to reunite. Get over it. This is a new band. If you don't like them, don't listen to them. That'll show 'em!
    If they don't release anything in the next year, I - out of pure interest in actually hearing these damn near-mythical songs - hope stuff leaks. Hell, I'd like to think the fear of songs leaking before they can release them might get things moving with a little more energy.
    With an overabundance of material you'd think they would have chosen better stuff for Chinese Democracy cause I'm sure a lot of that material has been around a long time.
    Sorry, I gave Chinese Democracy a chance and even though it was good, having the Guns N' Roses name on it just didn't sit well with me. It's kind of like how Load and Reload were good albums, but Metallica did them and you weren't really used to that. That's how I feel anyways.
    1) I really enjoyed Chinese Democracy. Much of it could have been on "Use Your Illusion III" 2) WHY does (Hired) Guns N' Rose have a DJ?! 3) Duff+Buckethead = Acceptance. Duff+Buckethead+Izzy = Legitamacy.
    Talk about the lineup changes all you want. As long as Axl doesn't bring back those damn cornrows again, I'll be happy.
    I did like Chinese Democracy! I know sounds different from the classic albums, but it roars rock and roll! Better is such great song, my favorite by far!