Guns N' Roses: 'We Have an Abundance of New Material'

artist: Guns N' Roses date: 05/14/2014 category: music news
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Guns N' Roses: 'We Have an Abundance of New Material'
Recently asked about the possibility new music from the Guns N' Roses fold, guitarist DJ Ashba confirmed that the band in fact has heaps of fresh stuff, seemingly making proper selection the only real obstacle.

"When I joined the band five years ago they had three albums worth of material recorded," Ashba told Unskinny Pop. "There is a ton of stuff that nobody has heard that is really, really good. Of course I am a songwriter, producer and so are a lot of the other guys, so everyone has their pile of songs.

"It is to the point where we don't have a lack of material, we have an abundance and we have to really sit down and sift through it and make the best sense of it all," the guitarist added.

Asked to name a few biggest misconceptions he read about himself, DJ singled out the whole "Hey, he's trying to be Slash" matter, dubbing it not even remotely true. "That's not true in any way. I think he is his own person and I have a lot of respect for what he's done for the band as far as his guitar work and stuff."

As previously reported, guitarist Richard Fortus stated that GN'R might unveil new songs during 2015. "We are working on stuff and hopefully very soon we're going to have new stuff out," he told Associated Press. "Well, in the next year."
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