GWAR Cancel Tour, Claim They 'Can't Afford' To Play

GWAR announced the cancellation of its 2012 European tour, citing financial troubles for the scrapped dates.

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This year ended on a bum note for GWAR, what with the November death of guitarist Cory Smoot, aka Flattus Maximus, and 2012 isn't shaping up to be much better. Earlier today, the band announced the cancellation of its 2012 European tour, citing financial troubles for the scrapped dates.

"Ticket sales were slow so promoters started pulling the plug on shows," reads a post on the group's Facebook page. "Finally we had so many blow-outs that we had no choice but to cancel the whole thing. We can't afford to pay to play Europe, after all we aren't f--king tourists!"

The costumed rockers said they were "extremely disappointed" and "very sorry" for cancelling the trek, which was to have begun next month.

"I know everybody over there wanted to say goodbye to Flattus in a way that a only a GWAR show could provide, and we were really looking forward to sharing that with you guys," the post reads.

Alas, the announcement ends on a positive note, as the Virginia shock rockers promise future overseas triumphs.

"Very, very bummed... but GWAR still lives, and will return to reap a bloody vengeance too terrible to comprehend," it read.

Watch "Dave Brockie Interview GWAR's Oderus Urungus" video:

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    metalhead2475 wrote: That sucks, GWAR puts a great show on
    and interview.
    These guys, and their crew, were great to work with. The show was sold out. However, the local promoter they were dealing with (Fat Harry's) were not professional. First off, they cut security in half (security personnel were pissed), and there was an issue with barricades. The show was delayed, coz the promoter wouldn't pay the audio company hired, and it took Gwar's crew to collect their money several hours after their set. It was agreed that payment of cash was due after sound check. But we got paid just before Gwar got on. Gwar got the rest of their money around 4am the next day. Gwar's crew had to chase down the promoter, and his assistant, to get paid. Shame on you Fat Harry! Epic fail on professionalism...for all of you bands out there, avoid Fat Harry's at all cost! Wish Gwar and their crew all the best!
    Typical lazy promotors in the UK can be blamed for this in part. They expect to book the bands, make money and not have to do a goddamn thing - they don't do a shred of promotion themselves. Such a shame.