Gwar Frontman: Dave Mustaine Should 'Keep His Mouth Shut'

artist: GWAR date: 04/02/2012 category: music news
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Gwar Frontman: Dave Mustaine Should 'Keep His Mouth Shut'
According to, GWAR frontman Oderus Urungus has slammed Dave Mustaine for his controversial political views, saying that the Megadeth mainman should "keep [his] mouth f--king shut". During an interview with Turbo from RSU Radio and the Metal Meltdown conducted this past Wednesday, March 28 (see video below), Oderus noted that both he and Mustaine have been in the press a lot lately. "Yeah, but see, the difference between Dave Mustaine and Oderus is that Dave Mustaine, every time he opens his mouth, he makes a f--king idiot out of himself," the GWAR frontman said. "You know what?! Keep your mouth f--king shut, Dave Mustaine. Play your f--king guitar, all right?! Maybe keep it to the lyrics of 'Peace Sells'. Anything else... We don't wanna f--king hear about how Obama was born in Africa and how Rick Santorum is your man; he hates f--king heavy metal. Shut the f--k up, Dave Mustaine. Shut the f--k up, you God, cock-s---ing f---ot." Mustaine recently made headlines when he told Canadian television and radio personality George Stroumboulopoulos that he is certain that President Obama "was born somewhere else than America." "I have a lot of questions about [Obama], but certainly not where he was born," Mustaine said. "I know he was born somewhere else than America." When Stroumboulopoulos pointed out that this school of thought made the musician part of the so-called "birther" movement, Mustaine countered, "I'm not calling a question to it, I just, you know, it's a point. How come he was invisible until he became whatever he was in Illinois?" Stroumboulopoulos tried to further challenge Mustaine on his claims, causing the Megadeth frontman to attempt to change the subject. "I don't want to talk about my president," Mustaine said, before going on to admit that he was going to "have to do some more homework on where Obama came from."
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