GWAR Going Back to Their Roots for First Show Without Oderus Urungus

"GWAR is way bigger than the sum of the parts," says drummer Jizmak Da Gusha.

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As this year's fifth annual GWAR-B-Q is mere days away, the band has gotten ever so close to their first-ever gig without late frontman Oderus Urungus.

Drummer Brad Roberts, aka Jizmak Da Gusha, discussed the state of affairs with Metal Insider, explaining how "GWAR is way bigger than the sum of the parts. Just its overall aura, and influence on American culture and all kinds of realms other than music is noted.

"Dave was talking about it, Oderus Urungus was talking about it in several interviews, our intention is that GWAR will last 1,000 years. It's always moving forward, and even though that is super tough to swallow on a personal level at those moments, we always know that GWAR is this train that's just gonna keep rolling. It just has to, and what better way to honor Dave Brockie’s creative juggernaut and ensure that GWAR will continue."

An interesting parallel can be drawn here. KISS frontman Paul Stanley recently stated that the band will likely last forever, although he's not certain for how long will he or Gene Simmons be a part of it. Basically, he got back to the idea initially presented in 2005, the one about KISS continuing as a brand with new musicians. More on that here.

Back to GWAR, Jizmak also confirmed that a new studio record might be the horizon. "We're definitely writing some new songs and we'll have something to show that GWAR is moving forward, and it's not stopping," he said.

Focusing on working and performing without Brockie, the drummer added, "No one would respect us if we just threw another guy in the costume and said 'Oh here's Oderus' replacement.' There is no way to replace Dave Brockie, not in a million years. We decided to go back to our roots and get back the old members and reconvene as a creative collective and put forth the GWAR that we think is going to be the incarnation of it for the 30th anniversary and beyond."

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    I dont know how they would be able to pull off a new Gwar without Dave since his writing, integrity, sharp wit and humour made him, to me, the most important part of Gwar. I hope they do though. It would be a shame to let Gwar die with Brockie. Especially since he was always so clear about wanting Gwar to continue without him.
    it would be a shame if they stopped...they're actually pretty good musicians, even though it seems to be more than a stage-show than music...whereas bands like slipknot is a lesser imitation of shock-entertainment and actually suck as musicians... "here's 3 chords guys, how can we make it sound better? ...duuhhh ummmm, by jumping on stage, wearing really faggy costumes and acting more stupid than gwar?"