GWAR Might Be Continuing Without Oderus Urungus, Confirm Performance at Riot Fest 2014

"Something will happen," the statement reads.

Ultimate Guitar

The recent announcement of this year's Riot Fest lineup had the metal world taken by surprise, as the bill featured none-other than GWAR, the band whose leader Dave Brockie, a.k.a. Oderus Urungus, has sadly passed away in March.

As Metal Sucks reports, the announcement was not an error, with a band representative stating that "Riot Fest is keeping GWAR's spot warm for them and something will happen."

Several options are open here, one of them even being the band venturing on without Brockie, although such option seems a bit unlikely. A fitting tribute with a guest vocalist would be a nice gesture though, so stick around for more details.

As far as the event itself goes, the bill consists of several class acts such as the Cure, Slayer, Wu-Tang Clan, Jane's Addiction, the Offspring and more. Check out the full lineup and ticket info here.

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    Seriously tho it's these guys jobs. I'm sure they don't have millions saved up. They need to eat. I support this.
    Slayer and Wu-Tang Clan together on a festival lineup. I never thought I'd see the day...
    Hopefully they will remain terrible and disgusting influences for many years to come
    GWAR's soul died with Oderus Urungus. Leave it be.
    The "soul" of a band doesn't die until the music completely stops.
    They could do a "Weekend at Bernie's" thing? But that might be in bad taste... so as I said, they could do a "Weekend at Bernie's" thing
    The festival is amazing and I already got my weekend tickets. If Gwar and Slayer weren't on this this Fest would never get mentioned on here though. A lot of great bands on the bill that a lot of UG heads should look into that never get reported on here.
    Part of me is hoping they do a "All-Star Tribute" thing where they have multiple vocalists come up and do one song each or something. That'd be pretty cool.
    Probably Oderus was expelled from hell after humiliating Satan, in whom was better at torturing Fred Phelps.
    I'm fairly certain that they already said that they were going to continue in the video statement they did.
    they should get another singer and say hes oderus brother or something, have a totally diffent original costume
    Went to see Green Jelly this weekend and met Ungus Urungus(?)Not really into GWAR but, anyone know if this is the right name? He described himself as Oderus's better looking gay twin brother. Got a pic of him pissing on some dude too haha