Gwar Say They Are 'The Most Important Band In History'

Gwar are doing better than ever -- finally receiving recognition for their efforts as entertainers and musicians.

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"It's the perfect time to be Gwar," vocalist Oderous Urungus told "We're leaner, we're meaner, we're heavier, we're just as f--ked up and funny ? the gore effects are way sicker."

And Gwar are actually doing better than ever. They're finally receiving recognition for their efforts as entertainers and musicians, they're featured as the coveted "halftime entertainment" on this summer's Sounds Of The Underground Tour metal festival and, most importantly, they're actually writing good records again. Maybe they're going to stand the test of time.

"What the f--k did you expect?" challenges Urungus. "There are scary clown bands everywhere that seem to be dying out now and Gwar is as mighty as ever. We withstood the assault of the poseur clown bands and we're accepted as the sickest, most underground, coolest thing in rock 'n' roll today and it's because we're the voice of reason."

"Hey, in a world gone mad, Gwar seems a lot more reasonable to me than anything I've seen on CNN," he sneers. "People are afraid of everything. 'Don't criticize the county; support the church,' it's American tradition to be able to dissent and this is the way we do it. We're not gonna go stage some goofy protest, pour crazy glue in office building locks or do some hack McDonalds trashing. We're gonna hold a sword to the throat of anyone we feel is f--king up. That includes people who attack the right. The media is the chopping block and Gwar is the axe."

Speaking of axes, Urungus has one to grind with the naysayers who still chalk Gwar up as nothing more than a shtick band who rely on papier-mache swords and rubber masks to cover up their limited ability. "[The stage show] doesn't mean we can't play our instruments any less," he says. "We're better at it. You try to play with a f--kin' dinosaur chewin' on your head. I'll still kick your ass. People who are sticking to that completely predictable line of criticism are making fools of themselves. It's so unfounded that it makes them look stupid.

"We think Gwar is the most important band in history. We're entertainment legends. In time, when bands have come and gone a thousand times and Gwar is slaughtering on a worldwide basis with five different Gwars playing around the world at any given time and a giant Gwar casino in Las Vegas, they'll realize."


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    how can some of you people not know who GWAR is? I mean, come on, they were mentioned quite a bit on Beavis and Butthead, they were on the Beavis and Butthead video games, too. They've been around for years now, and the fact that a couple people haven't heard them doesnt mean that they aren't important. Sure, they're not the most important band in the world, but they have been innovators for the underground metal scene. A lot of the stuff these guys say shouldn't even be seriously considered because more than half the time they're just joking. That's what these guys are good at. They're one of the first bands that realized that metal isn't about being all serious and just had fun doing it. Yes, some of their music is kinda sick, but it's always soo damn funny. Check ouyt "Bloody Mary" off of "Violence Has Arrived"....good stuff...
    what is wrong with you freaks? how can you not know who gwar is?... they have been the greatest deathmetal band in the underground scene since the 80's... i dont think you deserve to even look at a metal band without knowing who gwar is!
    Gwar: 'We Are The Most Important Band In History'
    if thats so then why havent i heard of them until now, and why does the dude on that picture look like a drag-queen gone horribly wrong!!!
    if there was an award for the worst band ever,gwar would be my 1st nomination for the blue ribbon. they suck ass....seriously
    lol they played at the recher recently(which is close to where i live.) and i heard the poored lambs blood on the stage
    i just ***ing came back from a gwar show and nobody puts on a ***ing better show. they put humor and haveing a good time back into music, whats with everyone being so up tight and depressed these days about the music they listen to. music is intended as a celebration of a good time and gwar brings that back while making fun of everything possible and spraying semen in your face
    Most people saying Gwar rules! Gwar's the best!- Get a grip. They are there to make fun of what has been put before them. Sure they might throw in a solo here or there, and they have bloody shows, but that doesn't mean they're 'the most important band in history.' Tell me: What have they revolutionized? Most Important Bands ---.. Metal- Black Sabbath (They invented it!) 70's Rock- Led Zeppelin (They invented it!) Thrash Metal- Metallica, Anthrax, Slayer, Megadeth (They invented it!) Death/Black Metal- Death (They Invented it!) Noticing a trend? Answer me now: What did these artists revolutionize? By the way, Mayhem was once sued for tossing an animal head into the crowd (I think a lamb) and causing someone stitches. --thats for you people looking for extreme stage acts. Bottom Line. GWAR IS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO BEING "THE MOST IMPORTANT BAND IN HISTORY." THEY ARE A PARODY OF WHAT REAL MUSICIANS HAVE WORKED THEIR ASSSES OFF TO CREATE, NOW BEING DESTROYED BY THE TERRIBLE MAINSTREAM ROCK OF TODAY! --Awaiting flaming by losers who know nothing of their roots.
    you guys havent heard of gwar..... shame on you all meat sandwich!
    music is intended as a celebration of a good time and gwar brings that back while making fun of everything possible and spraying semen in your face
    Why in the Hell would you want semen sprayed in your face! A good show doesn't require gay $hit! The blood and guts would suit just fine for most people.
    spawnofhate66:duuude, did like get paid to say that or have u been just sucking every one of Gwar's dicks just to lead u to say that, first off, slipknot area very talented band, second, gwar is ok but i'm not all up in their sacs like u dude "GWAR aren't musical masterminds"? thats just taking it a little overboard. who else do u listen to? Insane Clown posse?(wat a lame ass) If you would have passed english when you were in high school you would have noticed that I said "GWAR AREN'T musical masterminds" you piece of shit noob. I'm talking to all the other idiots who haven't even heard of them, yet they judging them by thier costumes. So what you need to do is stop listening to your burned copy of "Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses" and get a better grip on the english language before you make dumbass comments about things you know nothing about. BTW, If I don't like Slipknot what makes you think I would like ICP? Like you, they are both equally pathetic. Neither of which "area very talented duuude"
    Gwar shouldn't bother playin in the business. What kind of no talent ass-clowns dressed up as flamers? Anyways they're a joke and they're not important at all. They suck.
    The Precious
    Edgeofsorrows seems to be the only one who understands it and knows what the **** hes talking about.
    ok, you people are ***ing morons, dave brockie (aka Oderus Urungous) is an actual down to earth guy who is NOT ARROGENT!!! you people are goddamned retarded and THIS is exactly what he is talking about half the ***in people on this site probably couldn't tell their ass from a hole in the ground, gwar is a ***in satire on all the death violence and hatred that the governments of THIS world shove down our ***ing throats!!! this media that he refers to is the christian democratice media of the united states of america!! not media as in auditary or visual media you ***in dolt. the guitarists (flattus and balzac) rip some savage solos on the past few albums listen to gwar - surf of syn and you'll know they are real ***ing musicians, not like that slapnut drop b five fret wonders like slipknot and korn, its complete pussy whipped bullshit by a bunch of losers to make a quick buck of kids who are mad at their dads. your probaly the kind of kids who thought limp bizkit was hardcore with a ***in george michales cover. but gwar has persevered through the ages, still stickin to their guns and not changing for ANYONE. so how about you preteen ***s pull you dicks outta your emo friends ass and actually understand what the ***in band is about you stupid ***ing loser dickheads
    well, i like slipknot and korn, and im not mad at my dad, so the jokes on you. but yeah, GWAR are a pretty retarded band, in a good way..
    gwar are a glam band for all i care. any band that has to wear costumes to rile up the audience suck imo.
    Gwar is ***ing hilarious, go to their official site. I would see them live anytime!
    too drun k to give a shit ***in a gwat hoiw cone no nes heard of em even i have man shit i must be od or somethin man
    yeah i guess they are ok but im not into all that deathmetal music and gore-y stuff..
    the most important band in history..... pfft. bit up themselves isnt it? maybtheir important in their genre, but not in the whole of history. no offense to any fans of theirs
    Dudes chill.....thyre a parody metla band...much liske spanial tap of the metal world.....hahaha..adn they are damn proud of it....donot take him serously when he says thyre thes best bands in the world...coz thyre just kiddin.....I lvoe GWAAARRR..!!!.....thyre aewsome....MEAT sandwich is the best video ever.!!!.....hahaha.....PEAC EOUT
    Ah... it's great when people take everything so seriously I'm sure most of you take Shitsnot seriously too.
    GWAR isn't the most important band. They aren't even really important, while they are funny to watch.
    and ibanez 666 loser.....ur gay...korn and slipknot suck...die...cunntbag
    That's one of the funniest things I've ever read! I must say, he looks like a hunk of burning love in that picture. What a hottie. The funniest part was "poseur clown bands". I guess their the real deal... when it comes to clown rock bands. How attractive.
    If you havn't heard of GWAR you have lived a sad sheltered life. GWAR FUCKING ROCKS!!! and all you people suck balls for dissing them...first of all they actually have a mind of their own...they have never worried about conforming selling records or attracting gay ass mainstreams like you to their shows..actally listen to some gwar and go see them in concert (best show you will ever ****ing see hands down) until then shut the **** up...BTW members of GWAR are all educated...not dumb!!! they have strong opinions on politics and good ones at that...they kill george bush on stage!!! THANK YOU FOR THAT GWAR!! btw you people have no sense of ****ing humour!! GWAR is the most sarcastic funny band..and if you are to stupid to understand sarcasm then ya they sound full f them selves...try getting a sense of humour and then re reading the article above...when there is a giant GWAR casino they will realize!! hahaha you people actually think he's being serious??? he's being sarcastic you **** nuts!! GWAR ROCKS!! and BTW slipknot sucks balls so if you based not liking gwar on them not sounding like shitty Slipknot your opinion is worthless anyways...
    gwar rocks they also put on an amazing live show but "most important band in history" MY ASS!!! u can't really say who is the greatest band ever bcuz sum will say its metallica but if it wasn't 4 black sabbath metallica wouldn't exist and if it wasn't 4 the beatles sabbath wouldn't exist and so on and so on but gwar isnt even on the same page as sabbath in the 1st place no disrespect 2 gwar because i love gwar but yeah
    lol if anyone still see's this becasue article is old according to the story of GWAR they are the most important band in history because they made every single song on the planet but when they were entombed in antartica musicans stole the songs from them hence = most imporatn band in history lol if you want to know the full story of GWAR send me a message or something its quite interesting
    gwar haa man not really. theyre pretty dumb they swuirt bllod and semen at the croud and before you go saying im one of those people who just likes the big bands im not i listen to cannibal corpse, deicide, 8 foot sativa my list could go on so yeahh.
    GWAR ****ing poons your mothers, your fathers, your brothers, hell even your dogs, cats, fishes, lizards, mouses, rats and shits asses, They're the kings of shock rock. They are almost as important as Zakk Wylde.