Gwar Say They Are 'The Most Important Band In History'

artist: GWAR date: 07/04/2005 category: music news
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Gwar Say They Are 'The Most Important Band In History'
"It's the perfect time to be Gwar," vocalist Oderous Urungus told "We're leaner, we're meaner, we're heavier, we're just as f--ked up and funny ? the gore effects are way sicker." And Gwar are actually doing better than ever. They're finally receiving recognition for their efforts as entertainers and musicians, they're featured as the coveted "halftime entertainment" on this summer's Sounds Of The Underground Tour metal festival and, most importantly, they're actually writing good records again. Maybe they're going to stand the test of time. "What the f--k did you expect?" challenges Urungus. "There are scary clown bands everywhere that seem to be dying out now and Gwar is as mighty as ever. We withstood the assault of the poseur clown bands and we're accepted as the sickest, most underground, coolest thing in rock 'n' roll today and it's because we're the voice of reason." "Hey, in a world gone mad, Gwar seems a lot more reasonable to me than anything I've seen on CNN," he sneers. "People are afraid of everything. 'Don't criticize the county; support the church,' it's American tradition to be able to dissent and this is the way we do it. We're not gonna go stage some goofy protest, pour crazy glue in office building locks or do some hack McDonalds trashing. We're gonna hold a sword to the throat of anyone we feel is f--king up. That includes people who attack the right. The media is the chopping block and Gwar is the axe." Speaking of axes, Urungus has one to grind with the naysayers who still chalk Gwar up as nothing more than a shtick band who rely on papier-mache swords and rubber masks to cover up their limited ability. "[The stage show] doesn't mean we can't play our instruments any less," he says. "We're better at it. You try to play with a f--kin' dinosaur chewin' on your head. I'll still kick your ass. People who are sticking to that completely predictable line of criticism are making fools of themselves. It's so unfounded that it makes them look stupid. "We think Gwar is the most important band in history. We're entertainment legends. In time, when bands have come and gone a thousand times and Gwar is slaughtering on a worldwide basis with five different Gwars playing around the world at any given time and a giant Gwar casino in Las Vegas, they'll realize."
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