GWAR to Continue Going

The band drummer reveals huge future plans, lineup reboot, new material and North American tour involved.

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GWAR's mastermind and creative leader Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus can be gone, but the band keeps going, as it looks like. The band's drummer Brad Roberts (Jizmak Da Gusha) revealed recently that the intergalactic monsters intend to continue on.

Roberts recently spoke with Metal Insider (via Loudwire) about GWAR's future, which at the moment includes new releases, a reboot of GWAR's lineup and a 2014 North American tour:

"We have Mike Bishop, the original Beefcake bass player of GWAR," he said. "He's coming back to fold to do some singing duties, but Balsac, Pustulus, Beefcake, they're all singing. Cyborg, Destructo, Bone Snapper, all the GWAR characters have songs to fill in, and we've kind of taken the idea back to the original, old school, Scumdogs idea.

"Where Oderus, he was just the anchor, there were so many characters and so many different people singing songs, and so much action and gore and death on the stage in the old days that it wasn't like it was more recently, where we stripped away all of that and made Oderus the focal point. The old Scumdogs of GWAR, there's chaos everywhere, and Oderus is just the anchor to it.

"So we're kind of going back to the old format, embracing it. The stage shows will be wilder, and more chaos probably than you've seen in a lot of years. We kind of stripped it away into a pretty good heavy metal band that had some cool gore to it, and I think it's gonna be more involved now. Certainly all of the plot development that we've done for the upcoming shows and the tours is leading it that way. It's really exciting, it's interesting. I think people are going to respond to it.

"No one would respect us if we just threw another guy in the costume and said 'Oh here's Oderus' replacement.' There is no way to replace Dave Brockie, not in a million years. We decided to go back to our roots and get back the old members and reconvene as a creative collective and put forth the Gwar that we think is going to be the incarnation of it for the 30th anniversary and beyond."

Roberts goes on to speak about new GWAR material:

"We're approaching 30 year anniversary, there's talk of boxed products that will come from GWAR, and with Mike Bishop coming back in, we're definitely writing some new songs and we'll have something to show that Gwar is moving forward, and it's not stopping. Of course we're in very much support of 'Battle Maximus' record, which we're all proud of and still need to bring that show to a lot of towns in the country, but I would say you will see some new stuff from GWAR coming up. Absolutely, especially because it's the 30 year anniversary, we're gonna blow that thing out. What other bands are out there and not old men drooling and pooping in their pants that can say they have been around for 30 years."

The GWAR veteran even revealed plans for the upcoming tour:

"There will be a fall US/Canadian tour from GWAR this year, and it will address the mythos of what happened to Oderus Urungus and give the fans, the GWAR fans that we love so much, a way to come pay their last respects and see the band that they love. It's an exciting time, and it's also scary because it's a daunting task, but GWAR is always up to the challenge. We gotta saw off a couple heads to get there, no problem."

The fifth annual GWAR-B-Q is still set to rock your faces off on August 16 in Richmond, Va. A viking funeral and memorial for Dave Brockie will be held on August 15.

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    I was hoping they would continue staying, but going is fine too...
    Better than a title that says "GWAR to Continue Coming". Though that might somehow be a better fit.
    "GWAR's mastermind and creative leader Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus can be gone, but the band keeps going, as it looks like." I know it's sort of frowned upon now to get arsey over grammar and sh*t on the internet, but this an actual article not a forum post and that opening line is just a complete clusterf*ck. The title's not that great either.
    Dave Brockie aka Oderus Urungus can be gone Oh, he can? Glad he got permission.
    thank god ive seen them every fall for almost the last decade. i'd hate to break cycle