GWAR's Dave Brockie Died of Accidental Heroin Overdose, Official Report Confirms

"Don't get f--ked up with the coke or heroin, just drink and smoke weed," frontman said shortly before passing away.

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Accidental heroin overdose has been confirmed as the official cause of death of GWAR frontman Dave Brockie, aka Oderus Urungus.

As WTVR reports, State Medical Examiner's Office has listed the following cause behind the musician's passing: acute heroin toxicity, means: accident.

Brockie was found dead by his roommate in North Richmond on March 23. Police investigators have immediately found evidence of heroin use, but had to wait for the toxicology report to announce overdose as the official cause.

The frontman's close friends have told CBS 6 how they became worried about the singer's behavior, sharing suspicions about Brockie's marijuana habit taking a bad turn.

Sadly, in one of his final interviews, Oderus has very much opposed the use of heavy drugs. "I just wanna go hard as f--k until I die," he told Andrew Haug. "And I'm not a drug addict, I do like alcohol and I like weed.

"And this is one thing I will say to every single band out there - don't get f--ked up with the coke or heroin, all that bulls--t, just drink and smoke weed," Urungus stressed. "And go hard, go hard 'till you die, go hard 'till death."

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    what a bloody hypocrite
    i dont see it as being a hypocrite. its quite possible he said those things warning others about cocaine and heroine because he knew first hand the dangers of them. lots of drug addicts openly condemn the use of hard drugs because they dont want others to suffer the way they have/are
    Yes, he is. Hypocrite. Did you miss this part? he told Andrew Haug. "And I'm not a drug addict, I do like alcohol and I like weed.
    Hardly hypocritical, he's most likely talking from experience. Heroin and Cocaine are extremely dangerous vices, most Heroin addicts even regret the fact that they're on the stuff, but their body tells them to keep pumping it into their system due to it's highly addictive nature.
    So you'd rather he promoted his heroin use to his fans? You realize that a lot of fans are just kids who look up to these people. No professional musician (or any artist) should everpromote their drug use to the public.
    No, what would be better is if he kept his damn mouth shut about drugs, sought out help, then talked about them after he is clean. Bring on the downvotes for common sense.
    I don't think GWAR is one of those bands that a lot of kids really look up to. Usually it would just be kids whose parents or friends are fans of the band, and it's at their discretion. GWAR isn't a band for children, that's like having GG Allin doing shows with cuddly kittens. It's not for the children so they don't have to restrict themselves for the children.
    how can that be an accident
    Accidental Overdose, not an accidental usage.
    Why is this such a hard concept for people to grasp? People generally take drugs to get high, not to kill themselves. Often the latter accidentally happens, such as in this case. Brockie wasn't thought to have used heroin to purposely kill himself, and therefore, you have an accidental overdose. It's not hard, people.