GWAR's Oderus: 'New Metal Bands Sound Like Instruments Thrown Down a Staircase'

artist: GWAR date: 11/07/2013 category: music news
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GWAR's Oderus: 'New Metal Bands Sound Like Instruments Thrown Down a Staircase'
GWAR mainman Oderus Urungus shared a pessimistic opinion regarding the current state of metal, giving the genre's newer bands a decent bashing along the way. Asked on the given subject by Loud magazine, Oderus commented: "Well, honestly, I listen to older s--t, you know? I'm an older dude. I really don't think the current metal that's coming out, especially a lot of this stuff is really, just sounds like a bunch of f--king instruments thrown down a flight of staircases. "It doesn't do a hell of a lot for me," he said. "There's no riffs, there's no soul to it. I mean, where are the new Thin Lizzys, the new Motorheads, or the new Slayers? I'm not seeing 'em, I'm not hearing 'em. "Continually I go back to s--t that I've listened to my whole life, and in some cases it's really old. It's sad, and it's also great that the new Motorhead album is like the best metal record, best new metal album I've heard in a long time. It's great, because it's awesome that Lemmy and the boys can still f--king rock like that. But it's sad that other bands haven’t stepped up and become that f--king awesome." Urungus then focused on the global state of metal, adding, "So I think actually right now, I think the metal scene is in a state of complete stagnation. I think a lot of these new bands completely f--king suck. A lot of those bands that are coming out are just throwbacks, or are emulating styles that came 30 years before. So I hope our music isn't like that, I think our music is still groundbreaking." After dubbing modern metal as "very uncreative, very derivative, very much a throwback s--t that's already been done before," the frontman was asked on whether he thinks that the musicians' laziness might have caused such a state of affairs. Strongly disagreeing, Oderus commented: "I don't think it's really that they're lazy; I think it's more that you can only reinvent the wheel so many times. "The longer metal goes along, the harder it is to come up with new ideas for it, because there is a finite amount of sounds that you can make [burps]," he added. "As we move along, it's harder than ever to make a song that doesn't sound like something someone else has done already. It's more challenging for these guys, so I understand ... I don't think it's that they're lazy, definitely not. But it's more difficult than ever to make an original song." The latest GWAR record, "Battle Maximus," saw its release on September 17 through Metal Blade Records as the band's thirteenth studio effort.
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