GWAR's Oderus: 'New Metal Bands Sound Like Instruments Thrown Down a Staircase'

"The metal scene is in a state of complete stagnation, there's no riffs, there's no soul," the frontman says.

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GWAR mainman Oderus Urungus shared a pessimistic opinion regarding the current state of metal, giving the genre's newer bands a decent bashing along the way. Asked on the given subject by Loud magazine, Oderus commented: "Well, honestly, I listen to older s--t, you know? I'm an older dude. I really don't think the current metal that's coming out, especially a lot of this stuff is really, just sounds like a bunch of f--king instruments thrown down a flight of staircases. "It doesn't do a hell of a lot for me," he said. "There's no riffs, there's no soul to it. I mean, where are the new Thin Lizzys, the new Motorheads, or the new Slayers? I'm not seeing 'em, I'm not hearing 'em. "Continually I go back to s--t that I've listened to my whole life, and in some cases it's really old. It's sad, and it's also great that the new Motorhead album is like the best metal record, best new metal album I've heard in a long time. It's great, because it's awesome that Lemmy and the boys can still f--king rock like that. But it's sad that other bands haven’t stepped up and become that f--king awesome." Urungus then focused on the global state of metal, adding, "So I think actually right now, I think the metal scene is in a state of complete stagnation. I think a lot of these new bands completely f--king suck. A lot of those bands that are coming out are just throwbacks, or are emulating styles that came 30 years before. So I hope our music isn't like that, I think our music is still groundbreaking." After dubbing modern metal as "very uncreative, very derivative, very much a throwback s--t that's already been done before," the frontman was asked on whether he thinks that the musicians' laziness might have caused such a state of affairs. Strongly disagreeing, Oderus commented: "I don't think it's really that they're lazy; I think it's more that you can only reinvent the wheel so many times. "The longer metal goes along, the harder it is to come up with new ideas for it, because there is a finite amount of sounds that you can make [burps]," he added. "As we move along, it's harder than ever to make a song that doesn't sound like something someone else has done already. It's more challenging for these guys, so I understand ... I don't think it's that they're lazy, definitely not. But it's more difficult than ever to make an original song." The latest GWAR record, "Battle Maximus," saw its release on September 17 through Metal Blade Records as the band's thirteenth studio effort.

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    Complains about derivative bands. Wants more bands to be like Slayer.
    "Well, honestly, I listen to older s--t, you know? I'm an older dude. I really don't think the current metal that's coming out, especially a lot of this stuff is really, just sounds like a bunch of f--king instruments thrown down a flight of staircases." " I think a lot of these new bands completely f--king suck. A lot of those bands that are coming out are just throwbacks, or are emulating styles that came 30 years before." Says he likes older metal, thinks bands that emulate older metal suck. I would say "go home Oderus you're drunk" but he probably actually was haha.
    That line about reinventing the wheel.. It kinda got me depressed. What if metal has reached it's bitter end? What if it's really not possible to create any more original songs?
    It's possible, it's just very difficult. Metal is in dire need of a new savior. Problem is, if that savior were to arise, they'd probably largely be ignored because most metalheads are pretty closed-minded. I think musical innovations would be better off elsewhere.
    "New savior" It's like you guys only listen to 10 bands in an entire genre and say that's all there is to offer from that genre. And this is targeted towards the commentators on UG, not Oderus himself. I don't say this to him because he's simply stating that he dislikes modern Metal bands and would rather stick to the older ones; probably due to their unique '70's and '80's sounds.
    Where did I say that's all it had to offer? Yes there are still creative metal bands out there. But where are they? Underground. Why? Because (most) people don't care enough to look for them. You can be the most innovative thing since sliced bread, but if no one knows who you are, it doesn't count for shit as far as reviving your dying genre.
    i think it's due in part to metal becoming so popular. yes, i said it. look at the size of all the festivals. look at the insane amount of metal records that get press every week. every music scene across the country, if not the world, is exploding with metal. i think it'll be like punk was in the late 80s. everyone had a punk band, they all started sounding the same, it started sounding the same, got huge in the early 90s and know you couldn't find a punk scene with an electron microscope. i would say a decade from now metal will recede back into its cave, get all crusty and frostbitten and be amazing again.
    ^ hardcore81 knows what he's talking about. That's incredible insight on the subject dude; well said.
    why spanks. i speak from personal experience, cause my punk band can't book s**t. everything in all of new england is grindcore and mopey teens playing uncoordinated breakdowns. i need myself a time machine, and when i get one i'm taking you with me.
    Its still possible, but it's so damn hard. instead of metal, look at punk instead. that's even harder because theres only so many powerchords out there, and only so many combinations you can make. (pop)Punk(rock) is starting to sounds so much the same. Metal will eventually get to that same point. but I don't really get why it's such a bad thing. Why is it so bad to have a song that sounds a lot like another good song, when it's next to impossible to make something 100% original. Every chord, and every note in the world has already been used at some point in time, so theres not much you can do about it. I bet metallica's Fade to Black song can be traced back to some classic song by some composer like mozart or whatever. people just tend to look for that stuff and call it out as "stolen" or whatever, instead of just lisening and appreciating music. That's whats really depressing me, people trying to find something wrong with music, or anything for that matter, instead of just enjoying what the see or hear
    "just sounds like a bunch of f--king instruments thrown down a flight of staircases." But I like Dillinger Escape Plan
    i was expecting this to turn into a joke but he certainly does make a good point.
    I think he is talking about djent. And I totally agree.
    Some of those bands used to be good. Veil of Maya and After the Burial were great when they had other elements of metal in their music. Both of their recent music endeavors have been pretty disappointing, in agreement with Oderus. Djent is f*cking cancer.
    i mean, i respect gwar and all, but i take everything these old rockers say with a grain of salt. everyone is going to be stuck in a nostalgic state for their own generation. 30-40 years from now, people are going to say the same things about bands that are big now
    I'm unsure what to make of this... A lot of newer metal does sound like the sole-objective is chugging-noise, but... This is Oderus! It's an oxymoron for him to be serious about something!
    I'd have to call bullshit on some of those statements Oderus. It's mostly the mainstream metal acts that are churning out that stuff like Avenged Sevenfold
    1. I'd rather listen to instruments being thrown down stairs than A7x. In fact, I'm an experimental metal fan, so I'd enjoy hearing that. Hell, I've listened to 30 mins of patients in an insane asylum screaming, I'd listen to that all day long. 3. Refer to point 2.
    Havoks the new Slayer as far as i'm concerned. I guess i've been listening to a lot of different stuff than he has, cause there's an enormous amount of 80s inspired metal bands out there right now, and a lot of them is better than the scene that inspired them imo. As an example check out something like Artisan Huntress or Jess And The Ancient Ones, just to mention a couple of my personal favourites. Might be throwbacks at their core, but i think they add a lot of fresh ideas to the old styles. It seems like there's more and more of these famous people who seem pretty ignorant of the entire current music scene. Must be a sign that they are getting old :p.
    +1 on Havok!! Great band! Also, I don't think metal is in as bad a shape as he says. There's a lot of good bands out there, just have to look for them.
    Yes! Havok is an excellent band and I became a fan instantly after hearing DOA. And you're right, you have to look for the bands, you can't sit and wait for them.
    I don't think he's saying he wants a new band that *sounds* like Slayer or Thin Lizzy... but for a new band that breaks the mold as much as they did. Also, I think I've already pondered an Oderus statement too much.
    Hahahaha... Bold statement, Mr. Oderus, bold indeed. To an extent, I agree with you, though I'm not sure how many more Slayers and Thin Lizzys we need.
    Nonsense. metal has never been more exciting. Just look at the right places. There's something for everybody. I'm strictly talking about the music itself, not cultural or industry relevance.
    While I agree with his opinion when it comes to popular American metal, I can only assume that he's either unwilling or simply unaware of Scandinavian metal, which makes American Metal look like the little league of heavy metal.
    I getting tired of hearing about all these older bands complaining about the newer ones when their current music isn't anymore relevent or fresh. It's just so hypocritical.
    First he wants new bands like those that came 30 years or more before,and then he wants something brand new that does not emulate and older sound?And appart from these supergroups (Thin Lizy,Motorhead,Slayer,etc),how many shitty bands were there in the past?Numerous.Metal is still alive and active as ever.Enough with the pesimistic old egomaniacs.
    Isn't this the same with EVERY genre of music, or music in general? How many songs can you make before your just rehashing old songs over and over again? In this regard however, I would say metal is far ahead of other genres. Then he complains hes heard it all before, but wants to hear "the new Motorhead or Slayer". Contradictions much?
    As terrible as I thought this article would be (as usual). There is a very true point "'s more difficult than ever to make an original song." Yes I agree, most riffs have already been done but its how you take those riffs and arrange them in a new song to make it something completely different. There is no end to metal.
    Talk smack about modern metal, and no one bats an eyelid. Talk smack about classic metal, and everyone loses their mind.
    Why need riffs? Why need everything to sound like the old? Sounds like he just doesn't like modern metal and so is labeling the entire scene as in a rut. Things just sound derivative cause we're starting to exhaust the current instruments and musical notation. But that's never going to move on if you dismiss anything that's not the "classics".
    "Back in my day we had to walk 10 miles uphill both ways just to write good music" Ok Oderus
    Tim the Rocker
    F*ck Metal, anyway... No, seriously, I'm really starting to hate all these musicians and bands I adored the first few years I started diggin' heavy tunes. They think they've seen it all, heard it all, experienced it all, yet they think they can preach to us their bold statements and expect us to swallow it whole.
    can we just talk about the fact that the author decided to include his burp in this. wtf. lolol
    I totally disagree. Skeletonwitch's new album is a brilliant extreme metal record, Toxic Holocaust and Municipal Waste are still putting out great thrash with their own spin on it, Red Fang's new album has some great riffs... I don't know, in my opinion the metal scene is better than ever. People just don't want to look around for something new and interesting; obviously you're gonna get the new shit that everyone is trying to promote and make a buck off of shoved down your throat
    He means the Core crap and djent stuff that sounds nothing like music IMO
    Djent sounding nothing like music. What. You need an intro into the genre. If you like really heavy metal then Meshuggah's obZen is oretty damn good I must admit, not the biggest fan of theirs but I enjoyed the hell out of this album. If you aren't into those vocals and prefer cleans then may I direct you to tesseracT, they aren't everyone's cup of tea but you can appreciate the music. Djent isn't really a genre on its own, its just that crazy chord sound they use and is used a lot in heavier prog metal, death metal etc. There are other artists out there but these are probably the easiest way in.
    gwar is relevant? i've seen that -exact- insult hurled at slipknot... 13 years ago. i agree for the most part, that the state of metal is a bit tragic. but we still have big players around like lamb of god. the adler boys make your band look like a bunch of ****ing retards, oderus. christ, listen to any top 40 radio station in sweden. half of it's metal. i don't think your opinion gets to count if the only reason anyone's ever heard of your [weak] band is because of your obnoxious cries for attention in the form of media dependent shock rock.
    Not sure if you are aware but Oderus and Gwar in general are well known for their shocking statements that are for the most part to be taken humorously.
    Maybe if you stopped touring with the trendy garbage like Whitechapel you'd see this isn't the case Oderus...
    I have never listened a single song from this band... Still I ****ing hate em because this ******* is only trying to get attention by talking shit about others in every ****ing interview
    any one who hates Avenged sevenfold obviously hasnt listened to a full album from them.
    I have listened to all of their albums in full excluding the last two. I couldn't make it through nightmare and I didn't bother with the latest.
    I don't know what people are worried about... has anyone heard the new Carcass album!? Sure there's always the mainstream like Avenged, but it can be a positive thing - introducing children to metal for example.
    Has Oderus ever been serious in his life? I'm literally blowing my brains here, trying to understand if he's trolling or not! Seriously though, I do get his point, but as many said, you've got to look for more stuff outside of the mainstream. Scandinavia's got the best Metal scene in the world right now, and there are some great bands out there doing really fantastic stuff! As for limitations and eventual repetitions, since there's a limited number of note combinations, notations, etc., I prefer to believe in the human mind's creativity to think outside the box, and in that regard, the possibilities are virtually limitless.
    This is some bullshit - want proof of how metal is stronger then ever hop over to my youtube channel - watch some current metal reviews on 2013 metal albums
    Too bad GWAR sucks...I'd much rather throw my guitar(s) down the stairs than listen to them...Meh.
    im guessing he hasnt heard some of the music Devin Townsend has put out. he may not always be "metal" but c'mon...
    I know it's part of his act, so I don't take what he says seriously and laugh even if I can agree with it
    That is because he's looking in the wrong place. Unfortunately, the biggest metal trend right now that has succeeded metalcore is Djent. I'm not talking about Meshugga, but rather their imitators that has been getting a lot of exposure lately, so I can see how he got the wrong impression.
    1) Metalcore (aka Metallic Hardcore) isn't Metal; it's Hardcore. There's a lot of new Metal bands (As I Lay Dying, for example) who got labelled "Metalcore", because the Media (and the general populace) are too stupid to listen to the difference between Hardcore and Metal. 2) Djent is merely a trend. That said, there's tons of exciting new Metal bands that aren't Djent. Post-Metal's really exploding.
    after reading the phrase "that said" over and over again on ug, i've noticed it is always tied with the most retarded ass comment; that is neither right nor relevant.
    U jelly Oderus
    Can't really get into punk/hardcore style vocals like that, plus guitar solos are kinda boring.
    That song that starts at 02:22 sounds almost exactly like Waking the Demon by BFMV
    Ah yes. Mediocre, mid-paced Groove/Thrash. Stuff that was generic before the 90s were even finished. I heard a guy claim this is what Metallica should have been, once. I nearly died laughing.