Haim and Chvrches Tease Possible Future Collaboration

Two today's major pop acts are rumored to work together.

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If their most recent Twitter interaction is anything to go by, it looks like a future collaboration between Haim and Chvrches could be on the cards.

After both making it into the shortlist for BBC's Sound of 2013, which Haim then went on to top, the two bands have had a pretty enormous 18 months.

They've both released their debut albums to great success, both commercially and critically, and now it looks like they're keen to team up.

Two months ago, Barrier Junkies posted to Instagram suggesting that Chvrches should cover Haim's "If I Could Change Your Mind," complete with a photo of Chvrche's faces edited onto the Haim sisters' bodies.

Today, Chvrches' official Twitter account posted the photo to their Twitter account, with the caption, "The collaboration we've all been waiting for?"

A few hours later, Haim responded to the suggestion, tweeting, "Dream come trueeeeee." Is it just a light-hearted pipe dream, or is a Haim/Chvrches collaboration a real possibility? Only time will tell.

Both Haim and Chvrches are performing at various festivals this summer, including T In The Park and Dublin's Longitude festival.

@CHVRCHES @babyhaim @barrierjunkies Dream come trueeeeee

- HAIM (@HAIMtheband) July 10, 2014

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    So basically Mike Shinoda did a good thing naming these bands negatively in a recent interview, because now UG posts news on them.
    Uhhhmm, I do actually hate to ask this but who are they and can someone give me a brief description of what their significance is? I dont really get alot of music news here...
    Chvrches are an electro-pop trio, Haim's album stuff sounds like a cross between "Bad" period Michael Jackson and 90s girl groups. Sometimes there's a bit of Fleetwood Mac. They both played Letterman, you should check the performances out on YouTube, see what you think.