Haim: 'Don't Call Us a Girlband'

artist: Haim date: 03/31/2014 category: music news
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Haim: 'Don't Call Us a Girlband'
Haim have said they don't like being described as a girlband, stating that it's insulting and a "medieval" description because the trio play their own instruments.

As NME notes, the band also stated that none of them became drummers because their father didn't want to transport a drum kit when he was their roadie.

Asked whether Haim consider themselves to be a girlband, Alana Haim told the Sunday Telegraph: "Growing up, there were a lot of girl artists like the Spice Girls, Aaliyah and Destiny's Child, but none of them really played instruments. I'd always look up to Stevie Nicks and Blondie - dope female musicians. So I just see us as a band. When people call us a girlband, I take it as an insult. Being a girl in a band shouldn't be a thing. I see it as so medieval."

The band use Dash Hutton as their touring drummer, and Danielle Haim stated that their decision on which instruments to play was largely thanks to their father Mordechai, who was a drummer in the Israeli army before beoming an estate agent. "Dad was adamant he didn't want us to become drummers," said Danielle. "He didn't want to have to lug our sh-t everywhere."

The trio play at T in the Park and Latitude festivals this summer, as well as supporting Kings of Leon at Newcastle St James' Park on May 31 and Milton Keynes Bowl on June 22.
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