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artist: Hale date: 01/18/2006 category: music news
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Hale conquered 2005 with songs that scaled the heights of radio charts, music channel charts and stage performances across the nation as their first single, The Day You Said Goodnight, held its lock at no.1 and endeared the band to both critics and listeners alike. The Day You Said never went away the radio charts. It was hailed as "Song of the Year" on 97.1 WLS-FM; OPM song of the Year on RX 93.1 & Magic 89.9 WTM. With collective effort on many levels, first and foremost by the artist themselves, HALE was also named OPM Band of the Year on RX 93.1 and Best New OPM Artist on TM 89.9. The band's 'melodramatic' (defined here as melodious drama) formula for OPM swept hearts all over the country. The song's and the band's achievements for the year 2005 include topping of the charts on MYX and MTV with the song's well-crafted lyrics dubbed in a dramatic video where love afloat only last for a daya combination of soul and heart in rock tune. And not to mention, Hale was also awarded as MTV Music Award's Best New Artist for 2005. With their self-titled album released in May 2005, Hale established their craft. The album released by EMI Philippines continues with its strong showing in sales nationwide. Hale first broke into the scene with Broken Sonnet -- culled from the album Full Volume: Collection of Pinoy OPM -- the rock ballad with its clever arrangement and simplicity from the sonnet-wrapped-in-music track, this song established Hale as the next best thing for OPM. Succeeding this is the first single from their self-titled album, The Day You Said Goodnight, touted as another Hale mantra in their journey as Pinoy rock's next megastar. Other hit-making rock ballads include their second single Kahit Pa from their self-titled album and the soulful rock ballad Kung Wala Ka. As among the finest young talents in OPM, Hale offers other singles that will rock your heart like Here Tonight, Take No, Blue Sky, Wishing, Bent Down, Life Support, Runaway and Underneath The Waves. Catch every charming cut on their self-titled album Hale now selling in stores. For bookings and other inquiries of Hale, you can e-mail hale@emimusic.com; or join their Yahoo Group at hale_music@yahoo.com. Hale self-titled album is released by EMI Philippines and presented to you in part by Manila Bulletin, Levi's and Pony Footwear.
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