HammerFall Returning From Hiatus, Confirm 2014 Album and Tour

Record to drop in August, lead single coming in June, band confirms.

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Swedish power metal templars HammerFall have announced a full-on return from their two-year hiatus, confirming a new album and tour on the way. As Nuclear Blast press release reads, the new record should see the light of day in August 2014 and will be announced with a lead single in June. The effort will also mark the return of Fredrik Nordstrom, known as one of the founders of the Gothenburg sound and the producer of HammerFall's "Glory to the Brave" and "Legacy of Kings" efforts. Described as "a mix of the very best" HammerFall elements, the album sees the band revitalized and ready to go. "The time off has given us perspective on a lot of things, and the new material seems to reflect this," says guitarist Oscar Dronjak. "We're all super excited to get this going again and bring you a revitalized and reenergized HammerFall!" The band announced hiatus following the 15th anniversary celebration of their debut effort "Glory to the Brave." As the latest HF record, "Infected" saw its release in May 2011 via Nuclear Blast.

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    Should be sick Looking forward to it, not my favorite power metal band but I certainly like a good portion of their stuff.
    now if they'd just kick pontus to the curb and get stefan back on lead guitar, we'd really have something to talk about
    Pontus has the chops but I would agree that Stefan's style is def missed within the bands sound.. I will say Hallowed Be My Name has a killer solo though Hammerfall is one of those bands you always know what you're going to get and that's not a bad thing at all...
    This is very good news - can't wait to hear what they put out!
    \m/ The templars of steel once again roam the land. For anyone concidering seeing them on tour I'd strongly reccomend it - they're a good live band!
    I strongly envy any whose hometowns will be visited by Hammerfall!