Hank Williams Jr's Son: My Dad Should Not Talk Politics

artist: Hank Williams III date: 10/05/2011 category: general music news

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Hank Williams Jr's Son: My Dad Should Not Talk Politics
Hank Williams Jr.'s son - Hank Williams III - doesn't think his father should have opened his mouth about Obama on October 4, telling most musicians are "not worthy" of a political discussion. TMZ spoke with HW3 - and punk rock-meets-country singer - who tells us, "The only person out there worthy of mixing political views and music is Jello Biafra." FYI - Jello Biafra is the original lead singer of the legendary punk rock band Dead Kennedys... who is now a big shot political figure in the Green Party. As previously reported, Hank's dad's famous "Are You Ready For Some Football" jam was yanked from Monday Night Football October 4 night... after HW2 went on Fox News and proclaimed that President Obama and Joe Biden are "the enemy". When we asked HW3 about his political views, he told us, "I'm a musician... not a politician." Thanks for the report to TMZ.com.
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