Happy Fools Day: Bille Joe Armstrong Slams Meltdowns

The Green Day singer resents people calling his meltdown a meltdown and anyone who uses the word "meltdown".

Ultimate Guitar

Billie Joe Armstrong has slammed the media for calling his onstage meltdown last year a meltdown, according to reports.

The Green Day singer was performing at the iHeartRadio Festival in Las Vegas when their set was apparently cut short. Armstrong took off in a profanity-laden rant that led to him checking in to rehab for alcoholism.

"You're going to give me one f--king minute?' he screamed when festival organisers presented him with a countdown timer to end their set. 'You've got to be f--king kidding me! What the f--k! I'm not f--king Justin Bieber, you motherf--kers. You've got to be f--king joking!"

Now Billie is allegedly furious with news sites like Ultimate Guitar for using the word 'meltdown' when trying to explain this complex turn of events in a short headline.

"You're going to use one f--king word?' he said. 'You've got to be f--king kidding me! What the f--k! I'm not f--king Justin Bieber, you motherf--kers. You've got to be f--king joking!"

Watch Billie's original onstage conversation with festival organisers here:

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    They even included the use of 'slamming' again. Good one UG.
    Ultimate-Guitar Episode VI: The Return of the Slam
    Ultimate-Guitar Episode V: The Slam Slams Back
    Ultimate Guitar IV: A New Slam
    Ultimate Guitar III: Revenge of the Slams
    Well... There is also Ultimate Guitar I, and II - The phantom slam, and The slam wars - But I think it would be for the better of all, if we just continue to pretend those never happened...
    Basically Billie Joe slams Ultimate-Guitar's slam on Billie Joe's slam on the iHeartRadio Festival's slam on Green Day's set.
    Sleeping in
    I don't really mind that it was a terrible joke, it didn't really make me laugh, it made me exhale through my nose a little heavier. Congrats UG
    A good joke is convincing and leaves room to debate whether or not it's real or not. This is just shoving the joke in our faces, and in this case: it isn't too funny. "User slams April Fools Joke"
    The small ambition and scale of this joke actually made it funnier to me. A little in-joke to prove that you do listen to your users. Good job UG.
    C'mon, last year we had a pretty good one, metallica breaking up and it was pretty gullible until the last paragraph. Seems this year you didn't even tried.
    That's because Zach Pino did the last one. Speaking of which, does anybody know what happened to the end of the week as we know it?
    Hey, what about my emocoalition/foo fighters film the prior year?
    Perhaps the low level of thought put in this prank is the April Fools
    BIllie needs to check in to a gym....having to slam the guitar so many times for it to break makes him LOOK like Justin Bieber.
    This "joke" gave me cancer.
    Hah, you all fell for my plan to get the most downvotes on the comment page. I pity you.
    The only plan I can picture you having is masturbating yourself to death with pictures of Courtney Love. By all means, hurry.
    If Billy really reads UG. Then I want him to know he is the biggest fraud in music. He has suckered all these so call Punks into thinking he this amazing guy. His Meltdown was a FAKE Metldown gave the people what they wanted. Ahhh back out just in time to sell cds and go on tour. Clap Clap Clap. I give him credit his has taken advantage of Dumb White kids who do not want to listen to rap.
    ...says the person with a Metallica avatar on UG... apparently now any tom, dick or harry has license to make gross generalizations about things they know nothing about.
    How was that a meltdown. Telling people, who are ****ing up your program, to **** off is a perfectly normal thing to do! It's rock & roll!
    It's OK, buddy, I don't know what kind of issues you've got, but you really should get some help, and start doing something worthwhile instead of posting half-assed insults that make you look like an 8-year old while you're at it. Also, LOL at you saying "you must be pretty hated here", looking at your own comments. You must have a very tough life.
    The Spoon
    Hahaha, I actually laughed, even knowing beforehand it was an April Fool's joke.
    I don't think that anything will ever top the year they wrote an April Fool's article about gene enhancement or something to make rich people better musicians... they really had me going for a while.
    I actually bought this one. The only thing that was a bit suspicious is the fact that Billy wasn't drunk at all. But April's fools didn't even cross my mind.