Happy Fools Day: Dave Mustaine to Tour With Metallica

Metallica are expected to announce a short tour with Dave Mustaine replacing Kirk Hammet on guitar this summer.

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Dave Mustaine was the original lead guitarist for Metallica, but was fired in 1983 after a series of alcohol-fuelled clashes with his bandmates.

Now it's been revealed that a secret pact between the members will go into force this year, on the 30th anniversary of Mustaine's original dismissal.

According to a source close to the band who was not able to reveal their identify, the remaining Metallica members made a drunken offer to Mustaine after his departure. Decades later, Mustaine has stuck to his part of the deal.

"What happened is, Dave [Mustaine] begged to be back in the band after being fired for the final time," said our source. "They said he could join Metallica again if he quit all drink and drugs, found God, became a conspiracy theorist and accused the President of killing innocent civilians, with extra points for every other crazy story he could get in the press."

"Suffice to say, he was patient and pulled it off like a pro. Now Metallica has to stick to their part of the deal, so it's happening this summer. And after all, he can't be as bad as Lou Reed."

Their secret pact may go some way to explaining why Mustaine has appeared in the press on topics like Chemtrail conspiracies and his unusual onstage Twinkie rant.

Metallica are expected to announce the Mustaine shows in the coming week. Kirk Hammet is said to be pretty pissed about the whole affair.

Would you see Metallica with Dave Mustaine? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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    best Aprils fools of the day. a little over the top, but hilarious!
    link no1
    I think it's one of the worst April fools from UG. Usually I believe it for a few minutes until reading the comments and realizing the day. An April fools joke is, yano, supposed to fool people into believing it.
    Exactly. I'm usually duped pretty easy but that didn't fool me a bit.
    thats exactly what i thought. i knew it was an april fools right when i read the title.
    I'd still be happy to see this happen!
    The closest thing to it happened 2 years ago at the Filmore. Playing Phantom Lord, Jump In The Fire, Metal Militia, Hit The Lights and Seek And Destroy. First 3 of those we're played with Dave playing all the solos. Hit The Lights with the other 2 earlier members of the band and Seek And Destroy with an all-star cast including the vocalist of Death Angel.
    ...okay, obviously this is a joke, but how ****ing awesome would it be if this actually happened? I mean, I love Kirk and all, but this would be badass.
    I honestly thought the David-Lee-Roth-insured-his-penis item was the april fool's joke. I miss the 80s.
    Why does every April Fools joke revolve around Metallica? Heh.
    There's a Limp Bizkit one further down but people are complaining it's not funny, now there is this one and you're complaining they're always about Metallica. People on this site just wanna complain about everything.
    "They said he could join Metallica again if he quit all drink and drugs, found God, became a conspiracy theorist and accused the President of killing innocent civilians, with extra points for every other crazy story he could get in the press." *cringes*
    C'mon, guys...come up with something like "Justine Beiber gets a Gibson Signature guitar" "Mustaine in Metallica" is like "The Beatles Will Tour"
    For one second I was so excited, then as I read, my smile slowly faded. UG you got me again!
    Comeback Kiddd
    Twinkie rant gave it away. Should of written something about James being concerned about the endangerment of tables
    That was a real thing... I'm not even kidding. Admittedly it's not as ridiculous as it sounds when you actually read the story, but yeah he did go on a rant about Twinkies.
    Axeman Eugene
    Oh man, I was actually going to share this with my friends, but thankfully I strolled through the comments first! That was pure evil, UG!
    Last year I fell for it when UG said Metallica was calling it quits, not anymore.
    When I first went onto the overhead news page and saw this, I thought "Wow, that's pretty cool". Next moment: "Oh wait, it's April Fools. Fuck."
    I'm already sick of the "phony" articles polluting the internet today. How original. Plus, considering this is UG, the journalism in this article isn't a far stretch from the normal nonsense thats "published" on here. By that I mean, its usually just TMZ related bullsh*t peppered with reposts/reinterpretations from other "music" sites like Blabbermouth that aren't too far off on the stupid/biased journalistic integrity scale... Most of the innate bullshit on here I just smirk and think "yeah, Rolling Stone.com or The New York Times has NOTHING on that awesome UG reporting..." OH and now the spam things before each post? Good job UG, it only took you over a year to figure this out. Geniuses.
    When I read the title I thought this must be a joke but somehow wished it was true.
    Remembered that today was april fools, and came to ug for funny news. I was not let down.
    Please dont do this! i know it might be April's fool but if it is true it wont be good... i mean i dont hate Dave but i much prefer Kirk a million times...
    Kirk Hammet is said to be pretty pissed about the whole affair Hahahahahah XD
    Totally fell for it until I read the circumstances that Mustaine had to abide as part of this 'deal' ... You kill me, UG
    Nice one UG. Almost got me. The twinkies rant gave it away. would be awesome if they could get back together though, and belt out ze four horsemen and ze seek and and destroy. Hammett is said to be pissed about the whole affair. hahaha
    yawn When you haven't seen the news article somewhere else at least 2 days before it showing up on UG, then you know its not true.
    Seems like the April fools day jokes on this site always have something to do with Metallica.
    One day, UG shall spell Kirk's last name correctly, and I shall cease pointing out that UG spelled Kirk's last name incorrectly. Funny story, though.
    It's sad that it's only a joke, I would really love to see what these guys could make together
    Now i hate UGs canpaign agaisnt mustaine for his beliefs i think they should shutup, but on account to that i did laugh at this when i read everything he had todo haha pretty well done but much to obvious... Nonethe less i cant wait to her drainman singing for megadeth
    That article is hilarious, and Mustaine plays his guitars quite a bit better than Kirk plays his, but I personally would never wanna see that mofo on the stage with Metallica...