HDtrackscom To Sell Steve Vai's Favored Nations Downloads

Audiophile digital music store HDtracks to distribute high-resolution versions of Favored Nations albums with complete liner notes.

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HDtracks.com, the new digital music store offering high definition audio, announced a deal to sell works from renowned guitarist Steve Vai's Favored Nations record label. In order to completely highlight the musical wizardry of the Favored Nations artists, HDtracks will make available albums from Steve Vai, Eric Johnson, Tommy Emmanuel, Andy Timmons, Eric Sardinas, Billy Sheehan, Stu Hamm, the Yardbirds and others as CD-quality lossless FLAC and uncompressed AIFF files, as well as high resolution 320-kbps MP3 files. All three file formats are DRM-free and all HDtracks.com downloads are compatible for use with the majority of digital music playback devises.

Favored Nations was created by guitar virtuoso Steve Vai with the intent of bringing music fans music that's energetic and emotional, with performances by artists of the highest caliber. The artists signed to Favored Nations are a unique, dedicated breed that have attained the highest performance level on their chosen instruments.

Music enthusiasts will appreciate the inclusion of full liner notes and artwork with full-album purchases made from HDtracks. The unedited liner notes are included in PDF format allowing fans of Favored Nation's artists to learn about the musicians who contributed to the works and experience these albums with all the information originally provided with the releases.

For currently available Favored Nations titles, head over here.

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    Rock on, Steve Vai! I didn't know anything like Favored Nations existed.... It's like getting into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but for those who are amazing at their instruments. Prestigious.
    Have you guys heard of the Live Music animation? i want to watch that, does any of you guys know where?