Head on New Korn Album: 'Songs Are Art, We've Never Had That'

"Every song's got something," the axeman says.

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Korn guitarist Brian "Head" Welch recently sang praises of the band's new record "The Paradigm Shift," saying that he considers new songs art, something he never did with any of the band's previous efforts. "Every song on the album is good, every song does something and it's got some kind of hook or some kind of a - just a cool guitar riff," he told Metal Hammer TV. "Just overall songs are a great piece of art. We've never had than on a Korn record, I don't think." Head also singled out "The Paradigm Shift" as a personal favorite within the Korn opus. "I'm very proud of this album," he said. "This is my personal favorite album, just because I'm so clear-headed and the songs - all of us were just so clear and you can hear that on the album an just the person I am today - it's by far my favorite." The rest of the band mostly shared Welch's opinion, as well as expressed great gratitude and relief for the axeman's comeback. Head recently commented on the band's evolution in his absence, noting that the "Korn sound had definitely changed" since his departure. "The Paradigm Shift" saw its release on October 8 through Caroline Records as the band's eleventh studio effort. With 46,000 units shipped in the US within the first week, it landed at No. 8 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. Make sure to check out the latest video for "Love & Meth" single below.

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    Who says bands can't go back to being heavy after lightening up? Korn proved they can. That's artistic integrity.
    Korn is a smart group of musicians, they recognized they had lost a bit of the Korn sound since Head left, and they sort of came back to a whole new level. I love when bands like this evolve, I just don't see how 6 Korn records of the same sound would still fit in the world today.
    I was really disappointed with this album; I like their early stuff, but this was just pretty lame all around.
    Agree. If this is art, it's a pretty boring kind of art. Nothing on this album draws me in or makes me feel anything. Just passes by.
    I remember when Life is Peachy came out, that album was awesome, then Follow the Leader after that, which was also awesome, because it reminds me of being in high-school all pissed off at parents and teachers. Korn has grown into something I can no longer relate to, so to me I do not find the new album applicable to my life, although maybe to others it is. But I can imagine that most of the people who really like the album were never really into their older stuff and it's just the KoRn gang doing something they love to do. I'm not an angry teenager anymore. At least they aren't still doing the whole awful dubstep scheiße anymore.
    This. Well the first half. After issues, I didn't have the same issues. All of my pubes had grown in and I was off to more dynamic sounds with grown up lyrics. Precisely why I couldn't bare bullets temper, temper. I'm not a 14 yr old chunky goth chick. I'm a 30 yr old man with a steady income and a daughter.
    How come every time these guys open their mouth its gotta turn into a UG article? Craptastic
    Least the majority of wat they say isnt general crap like the previous musicians who got articles wenever they breathed