Hear Sepultura's Home 'Roots' Demo

artist: Sepultura date: 06/10/2014 category: music news
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Hear Sepultura's Home 'Roots' Demo
The original demo version of classic Sepultura track "Roots Bloody Roots" has emerged, Metal Hammer reports.

Max Cavalera's demo was recorded at home and features him on vocals and guitar. It would go on to become the opening track to the band's sixth album, "Roots" – released in 1996.

The heavily downtuned track drew influence from the nu-metal bands of that era, a fact Cavalera described as an about turn as those bands had themselves been influenced by early Sepultura.

Cavalera's new project Killer Be Killed released their self-titled debut album in May. Click below to stream it in its entirety.

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