Hear Sepultura's Home 'Roots' Demo

Max Cavalera's early version of classic track emerges online.

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The original demo version of classic Sepultura track "Roots Bloody Roots" has emerged, Metal Hammer reports.

Max Cavalera's demo was recorded at home and features him on vocals and guitar. It would go on to become the opening track to the band's sixth album, "Roots" – released in 1996.

The heavily downtuned track drew influence from the nu-metal bands of that era, a fact Cavalera described as an about turn as those bands had themselves been influenced by early Sepultura.

Cavalera's new project Killer Be Killed released their self-titled debut album in May. Click below to stream it in its entirety.

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    I don't know how this was recorded, and I know home recording technology wasn't what it is now back then, but dang, that guitar tone sounds like a bunch of angry wasps in a tin can, also known as the Boss Metalzone recorded through an amp without a cabinet.
    Goddamn you do not get that raw sound anymore! Killer be Killed album is solid as well, good to see a "super-group" not disappoint for a change! Puciato's, Cavalera's and Sander's voices meld perfectly together!
    Sounds a lot like the recorded songs. The **** is asswipes complaining about the quality of a 95-96 demo?
    There you go kids... Your demo doesn't need to sound like a professionally mixed masterpiece in order to result in a kick-ass song. How good would it be if budding musicians took comfort and motivation from this, instead of complaining about the poor quality?
    Musicians have been taking inspiration from crappy recordings as long as recordings have existed. Some of the most classic metal recordings of the 80s and 90s are bad, but it adds to the aesthetic. There's comfort in knowing a good song/melody is stronger than how its mixed/recorded, but I find a ton of comfort in knowing how to record my ideas and have them sound something like I want them to.
    This actually sounds good. better than some of the underground bands people here listen to. There, I said it
    God I hate that song so much I respect Cavalera and all but I just can't listen to this album.
    That was hilarious! I'm just incapable of listening to that with a serious attitude.
    Justified Death
    I know it's a "demo" and it's not supposed to be super polished and awesome, but that was painful to listen to, and I love that album! Also, his new group just reminds me of some random rock-pop group on the radio, which is sad for me, to see where he's gone. But it is his choice and his band, so I wish him luck, but I honestly think he's run dry, squeezed all the ideas out of him. Every album to me seems like a desperate grasp for him to stay relevant. Too many bands do this. I don't like talking bad about him because he's a major influence on my playing, but...damn man.