Heaven And Hell Is Over, Iommi Confirms

Heaven and Hell's appearance at Classic Rock's High Voltage festival in London later this month will be the band's final.

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Heaven And Hell's appearance at Classic Rock's High Voltage festival in London later this month will be the band's final appearance, following the death of singer Ronnie James Dio in May.

Iommi, Geezer Butler and Vinny Appice later announced they'd perform a tribute set at High Voltage with Glenn Hughes and Jorn Lande singing in Dio's place.

That's led to speculation about some kind of tribute tour but Iommi says the London show is a one off, and they didn't even expect to do that.

The guitar hero tells Classic Rock: "We didn't expect to be playing again. It's certainly going to be a strange feeling but we thought it would be nice to do one final thing for Ronnie.

"It's going to be the only one. I suppose it would have been good for other people to see it. But this is something we need to do for ourselves as well."

High Voltage takes place in Victoria Park on July 24-25 and stars ZZ Top, ELP, Foreigner, Joe Elliott and Ian Hunter, Black Label Society, Down, Marillion and many more.

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    Ozzy already said he will be up for a Sabbath reunion after his big 18 month world tour. So this won't be the end of the fingerless shredder. They really need to get Bill Ward back though. Heaven and Hell's drummer just doesn't cut it for me. He should be drumming in AC/DC or something.
    Well at least now everyone starts to think about the Sabbath reunion with Ozzy... I mean, even the members have said that it's not really impossible, and now that Heaven & Hell is gone... Let's see what the future will bring for us.
    Iommi Solo Tour next? Perhaps reunite with Tony Martin? Can wait to here what happens next for these guys. Still gonna miss Dio
    Stupid to still refer to the band as H&H. It's "Dio-Era Sabbath", and obviously that band ended with Dio's death, we don't need a news story for that.
    JFRules wrote: I'm sure Iommi will start something new!
    Yeah, he's done solo albums before.
    Its sad really. Dio was a great musician and from the interviews I've heard, was a great guy. He had a great career in what every band he played with. He will be missed
    they are making the right choice ending H&H. It just would not be the same with someone other than Dio. I do think that the earnings from the show go Dio's cancer fund.
    They were great band, I think the Reason they are not going on is they feel they can't do it without Ronnie singing. Like what happen to led zeppelin when John Bonham died they breakup. Rest in peace, Ronnie my friend