Heavy Metal TV Is Coming

A new HD internet station will broadcast videos, concerts and interviews when it launches on November 15.

Heavy Metal TV Is Coming
A new internet TV station dedicated to heavy metal is preparing to launch in November. Heavy Metal Television will stream worldwide 24 hours per day in an MTV format where metal videos from fan favorites like Iron Maiden and Judas Preist with HD video and audio. It will also play conceptual videos by young VJs (video jockeys) and pepper the broadcast with rock news and interviews. Concerts will be broadcast every Saturday night, and the channel also aims to develop its own roster of programmes, according to Artists Direct. The channel will ride the new wave of internet television which is gradually picking up pace thanks to connected TVs and set-top boxes by the likes of Apple and Boxee. The station isn't live yet, but you can bookmark the landing page at heavymetaltelevision.com for its official launch on November 15. What do you want to see from the new metal TV station? Share your ideas in the comments.

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    "What do you want to see from the new metal TV station?" Unfortunately, terrible viewership and a bunch of former, fringe, semi-heavy metal band members in low budget reality shows to gain an audience.
    Hopefully it doesn't do what usually happens to music channels (at least in the UK) and start catering to 'what's popular'. I'd love a music channel that doesn't think that Asking Alexandria are the best metal has to offer. I'm looking at you Scuzz.
    I agree I personally do Like AA but music wise they suck. There's not one song that doesn't consist of mostly breakdowns. I don't even think they should be classified as a metal group.
    holy shit, give it a chance people
    We're finally getting something that you'd think metal heads would be excited about and they crap all over it. It's no wonder rock and metal isn't as mainstream anymore, no matter what people try to do to make it mainstream it's followed by the inevitable FAIL post.
    Haha Tis true. However, as for the "mainstream" part, its more because of how mainstream rock/metal was made into the laughing stock of the pop world in the mid to late 80's, something we don't really won't to go back to
    Who actually cares about what is mainstream and why try to make a band like Deicide mainstream? What's the point? IS IT MONEY?
    I think that that's a big contributing factor... But, yeah, for BFMV, people say that they've gone more mainstream (which is true in some respects) but idc, I still like them, even though their new song 'Temper Temper' is... different?
    never met bigger haters than metalheads
    Really? In my experience the bigger haters are the ones who constantly talk about how hateful, ignorant and stupid metalheads are.
    I've learnt in life to have relatively low expectations, becuase there tends to be some sort of cock-up. Plus, I don't believe in reverse psychology...
    Absolutely no pop-punk or Nu-Metal
    I agree that there shouldn't be any pop-punk, but no Nu-metal? That draws the line. What about Slipknot, Mudvayne, etc... (bring on the haters...)
    Well you should put slipknot out of that list, since its hard to place them in a "exact" metal genre, same with SOAD
    Well, I've checked and it seems Slipknot is categorised as nu-metal. If I'm wrong, please correct me and tell me. Genres nowadays are screwed up big time.
    Not really. Thing is Nu-metal is just an umbrella term for a bunch of bands that were influenced by industrial rock, Funk rock/rapcore and grunge. I'll admit though, SOAD and SLipknot do throw in a few Slayer riffs, so they can stay. Linkin Park, Limp Bizkit and Korn are better fitted as alternative rock bands then they are metal.
    Second Rate
    When did metal fans start using the term "haters"? What are we? 12 year old suburban white kids that listen to "gangsta" rap? Nu metal is not metal, it is a genre that is a mish mash of Grunge, Hip Hop, and Industrial music. Slipknot have enough songs with rapped vocals to place them in the nu metal genre. I think Mudvayne's genre could just be described as "bland garbage with decent bass playing." And for a guy with the name MetalRock4ever, your taste in music is about as metal as Neil Sedaka.
    Like I said, genres are messed up. I, personally, think of Slipknot as metal, not what you're saying. And I never intended to start an argument where we act as 12 year olds (see your comment). And who are you to tell me about taste in music? I'm sure you don't have the perfect taste in music. And this is coming from a guy called 'Second rate' (if we're going down this path).
    there is no such thing as a "perfect taste in music". music is too subjective to call somebody's taste perfect.
    Now I thought I made that clear... Oh well, my bad again... I find it difficult to express my feelings through words sometimes...
    you should listen to some nu-metal music, there are great nu-metal bands out there like Disturbed (listen to "ten thousand fists", it's an excellent metal anthem), Godsmack (I know the rep, but go listen to something like "Cryin like a Bitch" and tell me that it isn't metal), Linkin Park's first 2 albums (they are not a rap band, listen to One step Closer or Papercut). I know not everyone agrees that nu-metal is good but a lot of people are incredibly narrow minded toward a genre with good music. I still don't like Korn, Limp Bizkit, or the new Linkin Park
    If you're talking to me, don't worry, I have listened to Disturbed and Linkin Park. Not sure about the others, butI used to listen to them. I'm not close minded to music
    As a huge fan of SOAD and a huge analyst of music, particularly metal, SOAD has no rap influences, hardly any funk influences, and just about zero Grunge influences. SOAD does not even resemble Nu Metal, they are Experimental Prog Metal. In fact, they have more operatic influences, eastern influences, broadway influences, than they do rap or funk or so on. They don't even have a DJ. Slipknot does. So I think Slipknot is "Nu Metal" and SOAD isn't even close. They're in the same vein as Frank Zappa, Devin Townsend, The Mars Volta, etc.
    System of a Down sort of doesn't fit nu-metal, but they sort of do, having a hip-hop influence. Also, they have done songs with the Wu-Tang Clan (or at least most members have independently of the band) and whosoever would bad talk the Wu, well, that is legitimately an example of being musically ignorant, The RZA, GZA, Method Man, Ghostface Killah, Rakwan and ODB are masters of their craft (that's 6 out of nine for those keeping score) the rest are alright . . . but anyway System pulls it off well, and as a punk, this is hard to admit, but I do love System. As with all generas, there are some good groups. . . I guess, but nu-metal is rife with AWFUL bands, Slipknot is included in that list, they only have two really competent members in a sub-genera of a genera that requires musical competence, and pseudo-deep, but ultimately shallow lyrics. I was not meaning to attack you, qrEE, but as somebody who is breaking into the industry, I just had an unnecessary urge to respond with my opinion, which is like an ass, everyone has one, and most stink.
    Yeah, they used to be nu-metal (something like that) but they've gone more dubstep or electronic) last time I heard them (which was about a month ago). If they're gone back to their old stuff, tell me, because it sounded good
    for sure dude. i hope they play CLASSIC korn on this heavy metal tv because that was metal. maybe not standard metal but it was heavy and deep. their later stuff sucks ass though. Head took all the talent when he left.
    If you play Venom and Napalm Death on a daily basis, you just got a new faithful listener here.
    Nothing with girly teenage boys singing about emotions. Some good, heavy, extreme metal please.
    You read my mind, although I don't like anything too heavy, Lamb of God is about as heavy as i go really. Anything after is just...pointless and boring as hell!
    Not cool. Lamb of god is okay but there is heavier stuff that is way better like fear factory, slipknot, decapitated, machine head, meshuggah. I am probably gonna get crap for this, but i dont care.
    I am so behind you. The top comment doesn't want nu-metal, which rules Slipknot out. *whispers* he's crazy...
    Its not always the heaviest stuff that is best, like Lamb of God where pretty hard in the beginning but it sounded horrible. Like them way more now!
    I give the station approximately four months before we start seeing shitty reality TV and/or start seeing bands like Linkin Park (no offence to anybody who listens to the band, but come on)instead of bands like Iron Maiden, Lamb of God, or Judas Priest.
    there will never ever be linkin park on heavy metal television. they are on the no play list because the guy who started the site hates them
    It better have a variety of all metal forms and not just Judas Priest and Iron Maiden, etc. New, old, heavy, death, and so on. "That Metal Show" doesn't seem to realize "metal" exists past 1984.
    Eddie Trunk explains a lot times that it's VH1 Classic for a reason, and it's really more like "That Classic Rock and Heavy Metal show". He doesn't seem to like newer music soo much, but I think the other guys do, I've seen them recommend newer stuff