Hellyeah Guitarist: People Aren't Buying New Rock Bands' Records Because People Don't Wanna Buy Dogshit

...like Hellyeah?

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Hellyeah guitarist Tom Maxwell said that new rock bands are facing poor album sales because they make generic, low-quality, "dogshit" music.

Asked about the whole matter, the man told Kaaos TV: "Well, people don't wanna buy dogshit. You know what I mean? I think that's why.

"That's really basically what it comes down to. There's just so much over-saturation and just so many bands, and none of them sound original - everybody sounds like the band you just listened to before.

"I put on a heavy metal radio station here in the States - nine times out of 10 I can't tell who's who. So why would people go out and spend good money on music that fucking sucks?

"I get it why people will buy one or two songs at a time - most records only have one or two good songs nowadays, so why would they wanna go spend all their money on a whole record that sucks ass?

"If you really dig deep and put together a record - from song one until the end - that is just great, and you don't have any songs that you fast-forward to the next song for, then they might need that record, they might need to have all of it, the whole package, not just one song.

"I think with technology nowadays - all the downloading and streaming - it gives people an opportunity to listen to your record and judge whether they wanna go out and buy it or not. So I think if more bands put more time and quality into the writing, they might actually sell more records."

Valid points? Pot calling the kettle black? Both?...

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    I mean, he's 100% right here, but still, he's in Hellyeah. Lol
    If Vinnie Paul wasn't in Hellyeah no one would give a shit about them. They would be just another ass rock band. Which they essentially are right now anyway
    Not really a fan of Hellyeah, but I do kind of agree. Although there are the communities of fans such as the one here at UG, to the general person a lot of new metal kind of sucks. I mean they lack the simple catchiness that makes up most mainstream music. I think metal has gotten too into drop tunings, heavy distortions and double bass drums that just don't appeal to everyone. That's what most everyone is doing now, and if they aren't doing it, they get fussed as not being metal enough, and don't get the support of the metal community to boost them up charts and into the mainstream. Id like to see someone dial it back, and focus more on making an artful rock/metal album instead of a hardcore metal album. Right now Ghost seems to be the only newer artist making a mainstream push without actually losing their style or identity.
    So, like you do?
    I agree, and it really pains me to see Vinnie Paul settle in with such a bland group. But just once I would like UG.com to write a non biased article. You guys are supposed to be journalists and writers, but instead you seem to pick whatever side will get you the most success in the comment section. Like the article above where you basically wrote the whole thing just to get a little jab in at Hellyeah. That's great for your little core group of followers but I just wanna read some news. Not that I believe for a second your writers/editors have any sort of journalistic training, but I mean come on this kind of shit is for the National Enquirer.
    This article has 7 paragraphs of objective stuff and then one line of kinda opinionated stuff. In general, I like to put opinion bits in articles every now and then, I'm writing about music and entertainment after all, not about wars and politics. That's the way UG works, as well as a lot of other music sites. Overall, you sound like you're whining just for the sake of whining...
    It would just do a little more for the article to be a little more unbiased. It's OK to express some opinion, but the seven paragraphs you're talking about are a quote. Aside from the lead in that says who's talking and what they're taking about, the only thing you added was the "kinda" opinionated part. This is just to get a rise out of the users for clicks, but you do this same baited shit on articles that should probably have a little more integrity, too. The articles here have never been very good, but they've definitely seen a decline in quality ever since the articles all started either pandering to the comment section or having a click bait title/preview. I'm sure the view counts have gone up, though, and that's what matters...
    Still can't see what the big deal is, you still sound a bit overdramatic... Do you have a specific example of "articles that should probably have a little more integrity"? Can't agree about the quality thing, I think that content is way more interesting now than it was 2-3 years ago (when I was also writing for UG); I'm doing way more digging to find content that other major rock/metal sites haven't found (this article not being one of 'em), the news aren't severely late as before, and we even break a story or two from time to time. Titles are attention-grabbing, but I do my best not to push things too hard and always make the reader aware of what the article is about based on the headline alone. View count is significantly up (almost 100% since last year), and so is engagement and all the other good stuff.
    I don't care much for HELLYEAH either but real journalism should not be biased. You stated that this band is releasing "dog shit" material relative to what the guitarist was speaking about in his interview. That's up to your audience to decide dude.
    While it would be nice to get some actual journalism, I wouldn't hold your breath. All these articles are/ever will be is just a rehashed article from elsewhere with their own intro/conclusion as you rightly said stating their opinion. Yes there are the occasional interviews which are genuinely insightful, however I would much rather prefer audio/video versions because they are much too long to read.
    Don't you love it when people generalize the entirety of new music as "shit"? There are plenty of good rock and metal music but no one seems to give enough of a shit to actual look for the good stuff and just write everything off as garbage simply going off of the shit that's "popular". I buy music from newer bands all the damn time. A chunk of all the music I've bought over the past god knows how long have been from newer bands. Not all new metal and rock is shit like Hellyeah. Not all new metal and rock is fucking Drop Z tuned guitars that sound like garbled up horseshit over blast beats and double bass. Not all new metal and rock is fucking garbage. Do yourself a favor and do some god damn digging. Because I guarandamntee that you're going to find some brilliant gems hidden in the mounds of coal.
    He's right, and, ironically, Hellyeah is one of those "new bands". I hope Chad realizes that one day.
    Not this moron again - Hellyeah albums are total dogshit hickcore crap. The point he's not realising is that some people wouldn't even pirate this shit.
    I saw Hellyeah by accident at the 2007 Family Values tour. I've never been so bored during a gig before or since. Once they played a song also called 'Hellyeah' I gave up and went to see Five Finger Death Punch at a side stage. At least they were more amusing, if not technically better.
    C. Jasper
    if you want to sell records in mass now a days, write a tune with a hook, about 3 lyrics, add auto tune... come to think of it. I'm gonna start writing right now... be back in 5, guys
    Let us know what you come up with. In the chorus, put a shout along "yeah!" after every line. Does that earn me a cowriter, or at least a producer credit?
    C. Jasper
    let's ask Jimmy page if that's too close to lil John's lyrics. we may get sued, but I'll still give you credit though.
    hah this guy looks like a wannabe lemmy with a crooked sharpied on chinstrap
    I can understand the hate for this band with their early releases, but after Blood for Blood, they seem to be less bro-metal, and putting more thought into their songs. "Human" is a good example.
    I don't know why but i read this article with a deep southern accent in my head
    So, both Gene Simmons and Ted Nugent call someone "pathetic" and some lad from Hellyeah slates new rock bands for making "generic, dogshit" music the same week. Irony Olympics?
    There's some damn fine music still being made nowadays. A prime example of a good, solid album with no tracks to skip is the most recent Sixx AM, Prayers for the Damned.
    He's a fine one to talk. But in all honesty I think there are a ton of good, relatively new bands out there like Rival Sons, Blues Pills, The Amorettes, Black Stone Cherry, Airbourne and Alter Bridge that still pump out quality music. Sure, they may not re-invent the wheel but it's all great stuff. I think as long as the quality of music is there, people will buy it
    I honestly don't agree with this at all. Hellyeah has been a very generic band from the start, it's a shame because Mudvayne and Pantera were so great. It is not that hard to tell the difference in artists that all play the same genre, that is just something people say about all the music they don't like. I hear tons of bands that all sound alike but yet I know whose who. As for the downloading/ buying records, I get sick of seeing articles of artists that try to explain why people don't buy music anymore and it's always something more complicated than it really is. People don't buy music anymore for the same reason they didn't buy it in 2004. Most people have access to torrents and or YouTube converters where you can get all your music free and fast. Most people would rather download Metallicas entire discography in 10 mins rather than spending over a $50 to get all the albums. *End rant*
    has anyone here actually listened to the new Hellyeah stuff? ya, didnt think so. just another hate bandwagon people like to be on
    Lol you're actually defending Hellyeah. I suppose you think Five Finger Death Punch are the Beatles of the 2010's?
    im gonna take that as a "no, i havent listened to their new stuff or tried to have an open mind about them and instead decide to hate them because that's what everyone else is doing!" how original. which is ironic because you people say you hate them for not being original lol
    He's right - a lot of the music is shit. Put out something good and people will buy it.
    Every other band is dog shit, and these guys are just riding Vinnie's coattails. I guess we all have our issues.