Hendrix Drummer Found Dead In Portland Hotel

John "Mitch" Mitchell was found dead in a hotel in Portland, OR on Wednesday, November 12.

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John "Mitch" Mitchell, most famous for rocking the drums behind Jimi Hendrix and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, was found dead in a hotel in Portland, OR on Wednesday, November 12. Mitchell, who was 61, was the last surviving original member of The Jimi Hendrix Experience. Jimi died in 1970 while bassist Noel Redding died in 2003.

Early reports from the Multnomah County Medical Examiner's office say Mitch likely died of natural causes. He was in town touring with the Experience Hendrix tour and was staying at the Benson Hotel when an employee found his body at 3 A.M.

Mitchell was known for his upbeat drumming style which would later be known as "fusion". Along with his work with Hendrix, Mitchell also collaborated with the likes of Jeff Beck, John Lennon, Eric Clapton, Keith Richards, Jack Bruce, and more. In 1993, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame with the rest of the Jimi Hendrix Experience.

It would be hard to find a good drummer today who couldn't cite Mitch Mitchell as an influence to them. His death is truly a large blow to the music world and he will be missed. In passing, he leaves behind his wife, his daughter, two grandchildren, and his mother.

Footage of Mitch Mitchell doing what he does best can be found here.

Report by David Lowe-Bianco.

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    what the F***? first Richard Wright and now him? man rock legends are falling left and right...i'm not liking this at all...
    Table Salt
    ZeppNTool wrote: Sucks for us down here but at least he's back with Noel and Jimi.
    Well said. Rest in Piece Mitch.
    saw him last Thursday in Seattle. only played one song, but still played and kicked ass.
    I'll be depressed for weeks now. RIP Mitch, Noel and Jimi, three of the most influential people in music history. The world is gonna miss you deeply.
    Damn, that one hit hard, R.I.P. Mitch, now you can go jam with Jimi and Noel in heaven.
    Led-Zeppelin71 wrote: Squid Vicious wrote: One of the greatest drummers of his era, up there with Keith, Ginger, and Bonham. R.I.P., Mitch, you'll be missed. Ginger baker isn't dead!!! Mitch was the only treth to moon, he made moon genuinley nervous, show mitchs greatness R.I.P man!!!!
    nowhere in that post does it say that Ginger Baker was dead. keith moon pwns all. but RIP mitch
    This hit me hard. I heard about this yersterday and I'm still depressed. He's one of my main influences for drumming. R.I.P. Mitch. Your now rocking out with Jimi and Noel. You will be missed.
    TheBurningFish wrote: 1. Noel's dead? 2. Death of a legend. Damn shame. 3. Why in poo-perfect hell wasn't this in the news this morning instead of World of Virgincraft?
    Seriously, it wasn't? That's sad. WoW priority news over the death of a legend. Sad
    The entire Experience has now passed on, only building on their legacy. RIP gentlemen. You forever changed not just rock, but all music.
    RIP. No doubt my favorite drummer and one of the best, just listen to how he steals the show in Fire. I think the upcoming decade will be a sad one, with many of the giants from that time period reaching their time...Time to pass the torch to someone good enough to challenge the modern music industry with enough talent to begin a new era in music.
    RIP Well, I can say this about it. At least when we all die, we'll have some damn good music to listen to. Secondly, at least he died doing what he loved and that was on tour, playing music. No doubt one of the best. Once again, RIP.
    this&that wrote: kmchipower wrote: the 3 best drummers of all time have now all passed... bonham, moon, mitchell Neil Peart > than all of them. Well maybe on par with bonham. But RIP nonetheless.
    dude no way, maybe peart has more skill but moon, bonham and mitchell all had such a distinctive style and played with so much soul, specifically mitch and keith moon... peart is just a really technically skilled drummer which IMHO is nowhere near as good R.I.P. MITCH WE MISS YOU HOPE YOUR KICKIN ASS WITH JIMI AND NOEL UPSTAIRS
    kmchipower wrote: the 3 best drummers of all time have now all passed... bonham, moon, mitchell
    yeah but Neil Peart is still alive and he is better than all of them. i still am mourning the death of Mitch though R.I.P Mitch
    aw man.... RIP mitch, you were one of the best, and a huge influence on a lot of drummers.
    kmchipower wrote: the 3 best drummers of all time have now all passed... bonham, moon, mitchell
    R.I.P. "Mitch" Mitchell. Great drummer with a great group of musicians. His music will live on for generations.
    There has now been two loses to the music world recently. I cite him as a huge influence and I hope his family will live on.
    yeh right when he reched the pearly gates he was just handed a pair of sticks straight from jimi, and they started to ****ing rock!! rest in peace
    That article was horrible, like put a really depressing slant on things. Is this the first huge rock band to have all its members die? only half the beatles are gone and most of the stones are still here, so this is kind of a first isn't it?
    Rest His Soul...D: another goes back to dust,he the original band now completely gone.
    liamhardiner wrote: you know your good when you die and not even one person on ug leaves hate mail
    that's very true. RIP