Hendrix's Sister on Jimi Hendrix

Guitarist was "best big brother ever."

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Janie Hendrix, sister of Jimi Hendrix and president and CEO of Experience Hendrix, LLC, has been talking to NBC Nightly News about her memories of her brother. And, as HenneMusic notes, Janie has also revealed the meaning behind the title of the guitarist's recent posthumous album "People, Hell And Angels":

"'People, Hell & Angels' really was a title that Jimi came up with," explains Janie. "I was working on the lyric book so these are just like single pages of handwritten lyric, or handwritten notes... some things could be on hotel stationery or a legal pad. When I was going through all these notes putting together the lyric book, then I just found this title that said 'people, hell and angels.'"

Janie has fond memories of her brother.

"In a lot of ways, Jimi was the best big brother ever," she says. "I was very much adored and we had a promise that we'd made to one another: he was saying 'I promise I'll always take care of you; you'll never have to worry about anything.' And I said 'when I grow up, I will always take care of you' ... and I really look at that as a cosmic promise."

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    UG, she's not his "sister", she's not even connected by blood. She was adopted by Jimi's father Al, making her his "step-sister". I believe I read that she never actually lived with Jimi and only saw him face-to-face a handful of times. Her claims about her relationship with Jimi are highly questionable. Read the Wikipedia entry for Jimi under the "Financial and Legal" section for more info.
    Your suspicions may be justified. I knew something was amiss when i saw her picture...shes..white...
    Refer to the Wikipedia entries for Jimi & Leon Hendrix and you'll find several disturbing facts about Janie Hendrix and her exploitation of Jimi's legacy for her own gain. This is corroborated in one of Jimi's biographies, either "Hendrix: Setting the Record Straight", "Jimi Hendrix: The Intimate Story of a Betrayed Legend", or "'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky", I don't recall which and I don't have access to them as we're moving and they're packed in boxes right now so I can't offer up the exact quotes ;
    Since reading a biography on Jimi where the author mentions her having seen him as a very young kid on a few occasions when he'd go to see his father, who would usually have no interest in him other than to ask for money, I have ceased purchases of any and all 'Experience Hendrix' products. Not that it really makes a difference, it just makes me sick. It's so sad that his work has ended up in her hands, disgusting!!
    In all honesty, of course she'd say he was the best big brother. You wouldn't easily talk bad about a dead celebrity like Jimi Hendrix.
    After he died, he took care of her with his music legacy, and the money. and she takes care of him still, by preserving his music and keeping it in good hands. i think what she said was very heartfelt. a cosmic promise indeed,
    How about we put a rest to Jimi's legacy and NOT try to cash in on a bunch of already released songs of his?
    How about we hear from an actual sibling of Jimi's, someone who actually knew him well
    i have seen pics of her and jimi, but i dont know how close they were as family.I dont really care about who gets the money.I just hope she puts out the products us fans want. long live jimi hendrix
    Alsagino1, a lot of songs of his more recent albums are just repackaged songs from previous albums, thrown together in a bid for more money. I'm glad that some of his un-released stuff was released, but I don't agree with the abuse of his legacy
    Maybe I'm wrong, but I thought Jimi's music and other intellectual property has been handled relatively well since his death. Feel free to correct me if you know more about this.