Henry Rollins: 'A Lot of Americans Agree With Putin on His Stance Against Homosexuals'

artist: Henry Rollins date: 02/07/2014 category: music news
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Henry Rollins: 'A Lot of Americans Agree With Putin on His Stance Against Homosexuals'
As this year's Winter Olympics are kicking off today (February 7) in Sochi, Russia, Henry Rollins discussed the country's anti-LGBT attitude, calling it far more media-covered than games themselves.

"There has been surprisingly little coverage about the Games, compared with the reportage of Russia's anti-LGBT attitude, now under global scrutiny," the singer kicked off in hisĀ LA Weekly blog, further describing his experiences with Russia.

"Before any American points a finger at President Putin and calls him nasty names, they should recognize that a lot of Americans agree with Putin on his stance against homosexual and transgender people," Henry pointed out.

"I just hope there will be no attacks by Chechen rebels upon the thousands of people visiting Russia," he continued. "I don't expect things to get better for LGBT folks in Russia anytime soon, as the people in that country can be an extremely change-resistant bunch.

"Many years ago, when I started visiting Russia, I became interested in not only the history but also some of the writers. Mikhail Bulgakov's insane 'The Master and Margarita' is a great read. Allow me to suggest the Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky translation. Bulgakov had to keep the manuscript hidden from Stalin's goons; it didn't see full publication until nearly 30 years after Bulgakov's death in 1940."

Still discussing favorite Soviet-era writers, Rollins singled out Daniil Kharms and Ryszard Kapuscinski, dubbing his "Imperium" book "the most captivating book on Soviet-era Russia I have read."

"Russia is tough. The history, the land, the people - brutal. I have been to Russia five times now. Never boring," the vocalist added, just to include several excerpts from a 1994 journal describing his very first visit to Russia.

Finally, Rollins concluded: "May the best athletes win, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!"

So once again, Mr. Rollins addressed a touchy issue. Do you agree with him?
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