Henry Rollins: 'America Is Investing in Crime and War'

"Government is us, if it sucks, then you suck," the singer adds.

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Henry Rollins recently touched on several serious issues, elaborating his stance on the US government, economy and education system. And as the singer put it, "America is investing in crime and war."

Henry was initially asked by Alternative Nation to comment on the state of American economy and whether the US government has a chance to "pull through with their debt."

"America is full of money," Rollins kicked off. "There are a few people that are really rich and they don't do anything with their money. Billions of dollars sit still. Everyone else is told to suck it up and work harder and harder. Hey, have at it; keep voting for those who want to abolish the minimum wage. We'll see how that treats you. People often vote for the politicians whose policies disadvantage them. Again, if that's what you want, then go for it.

"There are some people who will have a hard time and there are others who will never be affected," the vocalist continued. "The American government is the people; it's not some alien body like the tea party wants you to think. It's not the enemy, it's us. If it 'sucks' then you suck, so improve it or be happy that you suck. Many Americans need to grow up and put their shoulder into it."

Switching to the topic of education, Henry commented: "I think America is investing in crime and war. Teach to the test, don't allow young people to learn to use their minds and you will quickly have millions of people who will fight for sh-tty jobs, be eager to go to war and haul their a-ses into new mega prisons.

"You want a country that is impervious to invasion and destruction from outside, you make it strong on the inside. Read Lincoln's speech from January 1838, the 'Speech to the Young Men’ s Lyceum.' Tells you all you need to know," Henry added, along with the following link. "How do you do that, you educate your people. If they are stupid, they will do stupid things. You might want to think about what kind of country you want to live in. It starts with you."

Asked about Obamacare and US healthcare in general, Rollins replied: "ACA will be fine. That's why the Republicans are so twisted up about it. If it was going to fail, they would let it. But it's not and so they are in a tizzy. If more of the states would do their share of the work, there would not be such a strain on the Federal website. This too will be overcome. Republicans fear equality. It will disturb their cash flow and great advantage. It's coming to an end and they are not happy. Oh well."

Finally, the singer discussed his hard-hitting personality and skills he had learned throughout his career, adding, "I don't have any skill really. I have tenacity and a lot of anger. I am an angry person. I don't want to hit anyone or anything. I want to do things. I want to go. I want to know. I want to do something all the way, finish it and then run at something else and do it and go from there. It's not about money or fame, it's about kicking a-s and getting onto the next thing. That's it."

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    Mr Winters
    "People often vote for the politicians whose policies disadvantage them" And that's why here in Spain we have a government that's slowly turning into Franco 2.0 Idiots keep voting them.
    Back in the day I partied in Spain, (Ibiza) beautiful country. good times for sure. But trying to get a US citizen a work visa over there is next to impossible.. what is up with that Spanish Tax ID number??? its impossible to get I swear.
    Same here in Latvia, man. More than half of the population was against Euro, and yet they introduced it on the 1st of January. Just because idiots vote for idiots.
    Same here in Portugal, my friend. It's always the same 2/3 parties in the government, and people still wonder why things don't change...
    i'm surprised UG doesn't post more henry rollins related stuff. he's always coming out with top opinions like this
    "There's billions of dollars sitting still" And therein, for what little I know, is the problem. I am by no means economically minded, but I'm fairly sure that an economic system only works when the money is always changing hands. Yes, there's millions of dollars changing hands every day, but when that's a smaller percentage of the total cash, then it's not gonna work
    Just because one doesn't see the wealthiest Americans spending their money on goods doesn't mean it's not being used. Lots of these people's money are in investments, stocks, bonds, and business. Saving money is very important for an economy. If you're interested in becoming more economically minded, I recommend reading Bastiat's What Is Seen and What Is Not Seen or Hazlitt's Economics in One Lesson.
    Also check out "the wealth of nations" and "moral sentiments" by Adam Smith also Frederick Hayek's the road to serfdom.
    There's a huge difference between saving and hoarding. When the wealthiest 20% own 90% of all stocks, there's a serious problem. Like Romney, they make most of their money this way, and get taxed at the capital gains rate, which is 15%. They also stash money in offshore tax havens, pay expert lawyers to evade as many taxes as possible, and lobby the government so their businesses can have so many tax loopholes, some pay no taxes at all, like GE.
    "I am by no means economically minded". Should've stopped right there then.
    That's simply a disclaimer stating I apologise in advance if I'm wrong. But it seems I'm right, so yeah, good one
    Love this guy. Gotta be honest Black Flag isn't really for me, but his comedy and writing is truly great.
    I feel the same way. I am not a Black Flag or Henry Rollins band fan, despite THPS3's best efforts. Every time I hear him speak his mind or interview someone I like what he says.
    the only thing thats really comedic about him is the fact he's still trying to stay relevant by spouting edgy anti-government bullshit that the 14 year old masses on here agree with.
    sorry but thats bullshit, if you have political insight once, then how do you lose it? You'd still be able to see whats really going on, just like this guy. then again maybe he is trying to cling on a bit, doesnt mean he's wrong at all
    Flying Afros
    Check out Damaged. It's the record that really first got me interested in Black Flag, and hardcore in general.
    "It's not the enemy, it's us. If it 'sucks' then you suck" Not sure how I feel about it. It's not really like an extension of the people, more like a drowning person that drags you with them. Programs are paid by tax money from the citizens but it's not like people have a choice whether or not to be charged. And voting is usually just picking the guy who sucks least, which isn't helpful at all.
    I didnt fully agree with that statement either, Im finding that many politicians are in it to empower themselves and their interests more often than not are destroying the other parties/politicians, not getting bills passed that make life easier. Too much compromised legislature as a result of partisan politics.
    Well you have a system where a group is given large amounts of freedom and power at a higher level than most people. It's not going to attract the most selfless people. Kind of like how you'd need a good level of greed to become a major company CEO, only even the biggest companies have little power in comparison to government.
    I want Henry Rollins in my band.
    Vicryl 2.0
    youll get schooled and then his gonna kicked everyone out of the band. how would you feel when Henry is in your band and you got kicked out? lol
    Then I'll be that guy who was kicked out of Henry Rollins band. Not bad for a music resume!
    amazing how much political insight there is among the clearly wasted talents of ultimate-guitar members
    People shouldn't vote for parties that benefit the individual, people should vote for what they think is best for society and everyone who lives there. I try to understand why so many americans think the best society is where everyone has to fight to survive. I'd rather not worry about medical bills or having enough money to send my kids to the best school. The government should never tell you what to choose but the government shouldn't create a system where your choices are limited by the money on your bank account.
    This government, nor any other, effectively do anything. They waste money by the billions-both sides. When it's everybody's money then it's nobody's money. The only people "fighting" to survive here are the honest people working there way out of the crime-ridden neighborhoods full of people collecting entitlements. There's safety nets galore here...that a lot of people choose to live on forever.
    So no government does anything? I live in one of the worst neighbourhoods in my country, it was ranked 33rd or 34th worst neighbourhoods based on poverty and crime. Every night I walk the streets here smoking a joint before I go to bed for 3 years and have never witnessed a crime. Once I was asked by the police if I had seen a car, then he lighted my joint. Not every government body of every government is the way you think it is and neither are people. Don't think you know exactly how the world works unless you've been everywhere and listened to everyone's story. Just because the american government doesn't help it's people doesn't mean every other government does. If you'd live in a democracy you'd understand.
    America needs to listen to their wise men like Rollins, Biafra, Morello. If not then enjoy being trated like shit. And the same goes for all the world.
    Yeah, socialism: it's only killed 200 million but let's give it another chance
    You might just have been thinking of communism, the clinically insane brother of socialism.
    Second Rate
    You might just be splitting hairs. One is the goal of the other, so what's the real difference? A socialist is simply a person who supports communism in its early stages, then when it reaches its ultimate fruition.. when people are being dragged off in the middle of the night by the government for dissenting, when they are being starved to death in government engineered famines, when they're being shot for refusing to surrender their family's farm to the government... expect to escape any moral responsibility by crying "but I didn't mean this." Socialism is a dead end street. Brutal control is required to sustain a command economy. Otherwise, it stagnates and begins to break down. Even Lenin realized this toward the end, that's why he liberalized the Soviet economy (something that good old Stalin would do away with).
    Totalitarian governments that used the promise of Communism to placate the people, while never actually even attempting to bring about a Communist society* A Communist society is defined as a "moneyless, classless, stateless society". By that definition, no true Communist nation has existed, because, by that definition, a Communist nation cannot exist. You can rail Communism for being an idealistic ideology that requires a near fantasy-like world to exist, much like Libertarianism or any other Anarchist sub-group, but don't use Stalinist nations like the USSR and China to judge Communism, it's simply wrong.
    Second Rate
    And you prove my point by trying to refute my argument with a variation of the tired old "I didn't mean this" or "it will be different next time" arguments. Stalin's brutality or the merits of whether or not Stalinism is "true" communism or not in no way deflect from the fact that in 1921, a mere four years after the institution of socialist economic policy, Lenin began a program of economic liberalization. Why? because under the socialist policy people were starving, there were food shortages (this had been exacerbated by drought). People began trading valuables on the black market for extra food. The economy was stagnant at best. In the end, Lenin's liberalization helped save the soviet economy. The ability of the population to pursue their self-interests caused agricultural production to jump by 40 percent. Urban industrial production also increased as a result of the introduction of the profit motive, and a reopening of foreign trade. Read up on it sometime. It's called "New Economic Policy," and it is the absolute best case ever made against Socialist/Coummunist economics.
    I'd just like to pipe in that Canada has a great amount of socialism and it works pretty good.
    True, communism is by definition anarchistic. But unlike opposite ends of anarchism, what went on during many of the "communist" nations with totalitarianism wasn't too far from the ideal. Marxist theory has the Dictatorship of the Proletariat as the necessary step between Capitalism and true Communism. So while these countries never reached communism they were on the path with the intention of reaching it and the results were tragic cause of course once the proletariat took power the goals switched cause as it turns out power corrupts pretty strongly. Just something to think about. Intentions vs outcomes and you could argue it was that concentration of control that resulted in the negative effects.
    Socialism, saving millions of people by the day. But not in the brainwashed reality of the american.
    I disagree with him about the government, the government ****ing blows and is NOT us, it's a group of greedy *******s that wants to dictate our lives. Idk wtf this guy is smoking, but I sure don't want any of it!
    Whether Henry is sincere or not (I've heard people say his whole public persona is just an act), the ideas he represents still inspire me. Love that guy.
    "ACA will be fine" that's thousands are loosing their coverage, but seeing as Rollins is a millionaire he doesn't have to worry about that, ****ing hypocrite. Punk rock is all like, "**** the system, unless it's a democrat, then vote for it", when will these idiots see that both parties are one in the same, they give zero ****s about you.