Henry Rollins on Creationism: 'If You Want to Believe Humans Walked With Dinosaurs, That's Fine With Me'

Rollins also talks Ark building project in new blog post.

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Henry Rollins has been talking about Creationism in his LA Weekly blog.

As the former Black Flag frontman notes, if parents want to teach creationism to their kids, there's nothing he can do about it:

"After Bill Nye and Ken Ham debated the merits of creationism and evolution weeks ago, I got a lot of letters asking if I had watched them. I had not. I had no interest in a single word said by either man. If you want to believe that humans walked with dinosaurs and the planet is a few thousand years old, that is absolutely fine with me. If you want to teach this to your kids, I don't care. If states want to teach creationism in their schools, there is nothing I can do about it, so I don't sweat it."

Rollins also reflected on the recent news that an organization in Kentucky is planning to build a scale model of Noah's Ark:

"This is a fantastic endeavor, Spielbergian in scope. What other country would take this on? This is American exceptionalism and religious obedience/supremacy at its best. Chew on it, Putin! The AiG folks are the biggest dreamer-kids in the room.

"The press conference was a view into a reality completely different from mine. I don't care why they are building it. I am just really glad they are. Howard Hughes would be stoked."

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    or if they would have spent the enormous amounts of money on something that could've benefited the people, such as feed the hungry, or build a shelter for homeless people, etc.
    All of religion is a waste of resources - imagine if every priest, bishop and layperson was as invested in science as they are religion. We would have hoverboards by now
    No,its not fine. They wont stop until creation museums replace every scientific laboratory.
    ...wow you figured it out, that's the plan, creation museums everywhere...ha...next you will want to control how and what people drink and think...spiritual beliefs like many things are personal and help shape individuality...take a hike...
    No.Take a closer look at their rhethoric.They directly want to tell what to read,what to drink or with whom you`ll have sex.USA isnt theocracy and it should embrace the 1st amendment, other countries ie Middle East dont have it and people there are subjected to the stupid myths of past.Those christian nutwings in the south of USA dont hide,they flat-out claim that their child should have rights to skip evolution- basis of modern biology.While we know the decision to do so will be made by their devout parents. And then dont complain why the **** science is on decline, why other countries are catching up.
    ...correction...once again a Christian is used to define extremism...nutwigs are not Christian...Christianity is about love...science and Christianity can coexist...why can't they...you need to read up a bit more and stop selective reasoning...
    Cry me a river,babe.
    ...you seem unhappy with yourself...
    Nutwigs can be Christians, and Elderer never said he was speaking about Christianity, just about religious people. And BTW I don't know about you, but marrying your rapist and keeping virgin POW for sexslaves doesn't seem so lovely (and yes, that's stated in the bible) you might not want to believe it, but it still is in there
    Why would you want to "shape your personality" on lies? I dont kill people. I don't steal. I help people when I can. I don't believe in God. True story.
    Nah… it's a bad thing when personal beliefs interfere with scientific facts and what we know about history. Revisionism at it worst. If you believe humans walked with dinosaurs then you are not thinking at all. You're just accepting some bullshit someone fed you… taking the easy way out rather than reconciling faith with fact using your intellect. I always liked Rollins, but the more I hear from him the more I'm reminded how uneducated he really is.
    More like him ageing and loosing that spark.I dread the day when he becomes modern liberal ''conservative''.
    ...why the name calling...I respect your belief and don't judge if you don't believe in God...your choice..let's be friends...my beliefs are as factual as yours...I don't find the correlation between being close minded, as you are, and having a creative spark...I find I am much more open minded in this conversation than you...
    I beleive everyone has the right to happiness, I just have to say that growing up around religion has shown me that the most ignorant and biggoted people come out of religion. Like I said I have no problem with this until they start to shove those ignorant and biggoted beleives on the educated populace. Also, there is no evidence supporting christianity, at all..there is tons of evidence disproving to though, if you are interested. Then again, you can't exactly argue against someone whose only argument is "god made it look that way to test your faith"
    But yeah, No one has the right to put someone down for their beleives. If what you beleive makes you happy, even if it is a magical rock, then more power to you. Just don't take that rock and use it to beat other people to death for their differences and erect churches on their corpses.
    wtf man, do you even realize how many bright inventors and discoverers could a nation lose if, from childhood, they would be told, instead of well supported theories, that a god just said "let there be shit" and snapped a finger?
    ...yeah, no bright inventors believe in God...try this list...Abdul Qadeer Khan Abu Nasr Al-Farabi Ada Lovelace Adalbert Czerny Agnes Arber Ahmed Zewail Al-Battani Alan Turing Albert Abraham Michelson Albert Einstein Albrecht von Haller Alessandro Volta Alexander Brongniart Alexander Fleming Alexander Graham Bell Alfred Binet Alfred Blalock Alfred Kinsey Alfred Nobel Alfred Wegener Amedeo Avogadro Anders Celsius Andre Marie Ampère Andreas Vesalius Angel Alcala Antoine Lavoisier Antonie van Leeuwenhoek Antonio Meucci Antony Hewish Archimedes Aristotle Arnold Orville Beckman Arthur Eddington Avicenna B. F. Skinner Barbara McClintock Beatrix Potter Benjamin Cabrera Benjamin Franklin Benjamin Thompson Bernardo Houssay Bill Nye Blaise Pascal Brian Cox C. V. Raman Carl Bosch Carl Friedrich Gauss Carl Sagan Carolus Linnaeus Charles Babbage Charles Darwin Charles Lyell Charles Sherrington Charles-Augustin de Coulomb Christiaan Huygens Christiane Nusslein-Volhard Clarence Birdseye Claude Bernard Claude Levi-Strauss Daniel Bernoulli David Bohm Dian Fossey Dmitri Mendeleev Dorothy Hodgkin E. O. Wilson Edmund Halley Edward Jenner Edward Teller Edwin Herbert Land Edwin Hubble Elizabeth Blackwell Emil Adolf Behring Emil Fischer Emil Kraepelin Emile Berliner Enrico Fermi Ernest Rutherford Ernst Haeckel Ernst Mach Ernst Mayr Ernst Werner von Siemens Erwin Chargaff Erwin Schrödinger Erwin Schrodinger Euclid Evangelista Torricelli Francesco Redi Francis Bacon Francis Crick Francis Galton Frank Hornby Franz Boas Frederick Gowland Hopkins Frederick Sanger Frederick Soddy Friedrich August Kekulé Friedrich Wöhler Fritz Haber Galileo Galilei Georg Ohm George Beadle George Gaylord Simpson George Washington Carver Georges-Louis Leclerc, Comte de Buffon Gertrude Elion Gerty Theresa Cori Gottfried Leibniz Gottlieb Daimler Grace Murray Hopper Gregor Mendel Guglielmo Marconi Gustav Kirchoff Hans Bethe Hans Christian Oersted Hans Selye Harriet Quimby Hedy Lamarr Heike Kamerlingh Onnes Heinrich Hertz Hendrik Antoon Lorentz Henri Becquerel Henrietta Swan Leavitt Henry Bessemer Henry Cavendish Henry David Thoreau Henry Ford Henry Moseley Hermann Rorschach Hermann von Helmholtz Homi Jehangir Bhabha Humphry Davy Ibn Battuta Ibn Rushd Irene Joliot-Curie Isaac Newton Ivan Pavlov J. J. Thomson J. Robert Oppenheimer Jagadish Chandra Bose James Chadwick James Clerk Maxwell James Dwight Dana James Hutton James Prescott Joule James Watson Jan Baptist von Helmont Jane Goodall Jean Andre Deluc Jean Piaget Jean-Baptiste Lamarck Jim Al-Khalili Jocelyn Bell Burnell Johannes Kepler John Bardeen John Dalton John Locke John Logie Baird John Napier John Needham John Ray John von Neumann Jonas Salk Joseph Banks Joseph Lister Joseph Priestley Justus von Liebig K. Eric Drexler Karl Landsteiner Katharine Burr Blodgett Keisuke Ito Kip S. Thorne Konrad Lorenz Kristian Birkeland Lee De Forest Leland Clark Leo Szilard Leon Foucault Leonardo da Vinci Leonhard Euler Lester R. Brown Linus Pauling Lise Meitner Louis Agassiz Louis de Broglie Louis Pasteur Lucretius Ludwig Boltzmann Luigi Galvani Luther Burbank Lynn Margulis Mae Carol Jemison Marcello Malpighi Maria Goeppert-Mayer Maria Mitchell Marie Curie Mario Molina Mary Anning Max Born Max Delbruck Max Planck Max von Laue Michael Faraday Michio Kaku Mihailo Petrovic Alas Mohammad Abdus Salam Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi Murray Gell-Mann Neil deGrasse Tyson Nicholas Culpeper Nicolaus Copernicus Niels Bohr Nikola Tesla Noam Chomsky Omar Khayyam Otto Hahn Paul Dirac Paul Ehrlich Pearl Kendrick Pierre Curie Pierre-Simon Laplace Prafulla Chandra Ray Prokop Divis Pythagoras Rachel Carson Ramon Barba Randy Pausch René Descartes Richard Feynman Rita Levi-Montalcini Robert Bosch Robert Boyle Robert Brown Robert Bunsen Robert Goddard Robert Hooke Robert Koch Ronald Ross Rosalind Franklin Rudolf Christian Karl Diesel Rudolf Virchow Salim Ali Sally Ride Sheldon Lee Glashow Shintaro Hirase Sigmund Freud Srinivasa Ramanujan Stephen Hawking Steven Chu Svante Arrhenius Sven Wingqvist Thabit ibn Qurra Theodor Schwann Theodosius Dobzhansky Thomas Alva Edison Thomas Burnet Thomas Hunt Morgan Thomas Kuhn Thomas Midgeley Jr. Thomas Newcomen Thomas Willis Tim Noakes Timothy John Berners-Lee Trofim Lysenko Tycho Brahe Ukichiro Nakaya Virginia Apgar Vladimir Vernadsky Werner Heisenberg Wernher Von Braun Wilbur and Orville Wright Wilhelm Conrad Roentgen Wilhelm Ostwald Wilhelm Röntgen Wilhelm Wundt Willard Frank Libby William Bayliss William Buckland William Harvey William Herschel William Hopkins William John Swainson William Ramsay William Smith William Thomson Wolfgang Ernst Pauli Zora Neale Hurston
    Nice copying any pasting you idiot. And you didn't even bother to check if the names listed actually were theists. Stephen Hawking a theist? Have you been living under a rock?
    ...wow, name calling again...that'a all you got...when Hawkings did his earlier work he did believe in God, check it out...he has moved his thinking, but who is to say who was right, the young Hawking or the old Hawking..I got nothing but love for you...
    you know what? we love you too. but you are still acting like a ****ing idiot
    ...wow...such a negative vibe just because we disagree...you'll get over it...and I will be proven right...
    im not against religion, im against SUBSTITUTING (its a very important word, i wrote it in caps just for you) science with a story written by some flea ridden leprotic imbeciles, then filtered by ignorant, power hungry scholars, just to be further misintepreted and twisted according to the situation at hand
    Normally I agree with Rollins, but here I half disagree. I don't really care what people believe, but what I do care about is when the belief starts to have a noticeable effect on things. Like refusing to teach children about research, evidence, and science. It's essentially refusing to educate the entirety of the next generation because their outdated beliefs are incompatible with the new evidence. Also look at the amount taxpayers are forced to subsidize religious organizations, regardless of their affiliation to any church. The number is somewhere between $70-100 billion (depending on the source and year).
    I like that part in the article where they talk about guitar. oh wait...
    "There's nothing I can do about it" is the kind of attitude that doesn't contribute to anything. You're your own reason for no progress.
    Usually I agree with everything Rollins say, but I can't be on board with this one. I'm all for "let everyone believe what they want", but creationism is incredibly damaging to scientific research and progress in general.
    If creationism is actually damaging to scientific research than that research isn't to solid. And this is coming from someone that believes in evolution 100%. Unless you start sending people to re-education centers, there will always be a minority that believes in bullshit like creationism. Science should and can provide solid facts with research to back up their claims and therefore will have a larger support base of logically minded people.
    i think he meant creationism is damaging to ongoing tests and the tendency of a society to produce actual scientists
    Do people actually believe that? Stop restating the obvious sand passing it off as some sort of wisdom that only you hold.
    At the end of the day Kids are gonna decide it themselves anyway coz they're obviously gonna grow up under those two influential faces of society
    About to chime in on half-agreeing with Henry here. You're free to teach your children BS, although I will not approve, but if the state enforces the world view of a small portion of dimwits on the majority, thus denying children access to knowledge I will take a stand whenever and whereever I can. The whole argument has been chewed to death, but it's really simple, if you demand intelligent design be represented in schools as an alternative to evolution (which never said nor was meant to say anything about the origin of life) why shouldn't we also teach ancient greek creation myths, or norse myths as alternatives? Why not teach about the stork in sex ed? Rollins has every right to express his opinion but I'm disappointed here because reading his words for years, even if I disagreed with him, he always came of as smart. Not so much now I'm afraid.
    I agree with KerNeL_KLuTcH.....why should evolutionists be worried.....if they have all the answers and are 100% correct.....why are they so worried??? I also think that the science teachers at schools/uni and the guys making money off there big books are bullies.....believe what we say or we will call you names and say your a stupid unintelligent monkey man from the past. Shouldn't people be able to believe in what they want???? I know alot of people that dont believe in Evolution OR Creation.....because to them both dont make sense....alot of evidence is 1/2 baked and just say so.....and good on Henry Rollins.....he has always said what he thinks.....no matter of it's popular or not....he's not going along with the crowd as a mere sheep.....isn't that what he's always done? People are only upset because he's disagreeing with there world view....I'm not shocked he took is saying what ever he wants to at all!
    Scientists, not evolutionists (there are no such thing), are not worried because of the threat of religion debunking their research. The reason there is concern is because they fear the loss of funding and a population of uneducated people proud of their lack of knowledge. The fear is not about evolution, the fear is about religion overtaking rationality. Bullies? Half baked evidence? Have you ever actually sat in a real class on science or research? Those are the types of statements made by people who have refused to examine the very evidence they criticize. Also, most scientists aren't demanding that people abandon their faith. There is a faction of atheists who are actively trying to spread rationality, which by extension means rejecting religion, but this is not some Big Brother bully scheme trying to fool the population into believing a load of crap. But the general consensus from the scientific community is to let people believe what they want as long as to things happen: a) that children are given an honest opportunity to learn about the research themselves, and b) that the public does not hinder scientific research purely based on supernatural claims. Saying that scientists are bullies is like saying the US has banned prayer in schools or there is a war on Christmas. That is nothing more than the persecution complex many Christians have. Another thing, people aren't "upset" with Henry Rollins. They are disagreeing with him in a public forum. There is a difference. From what I have seen in this comments section is nearly no one actually emotionally upset.
    whoops - I meant to say before the grammar police catch me.....I'm not shocked he is saying what ever he wants to at all!
    Would be fine if it wasn't attempted to take into state mandation. But I'm also generally against state standards and requirements as a whole so it's not much different.
    I feel rather special. None of those people believe in God, and I assume most of them can't grasp astrology. That makes me pretty intelligent I imagine, because it happens to work. And, by the way, most astrologers believe in a higher power, or at least a grand design to the universe. Please, please, make my day. Tell me you don't "believe" in astrology. The only meaningful thing written on this whole page is that Rollins is an attention-grabbing neanderthal. Look at his face and tell me you disagree.