Here's a 17-String Guitar, Expect It in the Hands of Jared Dines Soon

"Djent 2017 coming soon."

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Here's a 17-String Guitar, Expect It in the Hands of Jared Dines Soon

An interesting photo has surfaced from Olson Guitarworks, showcasing a brand new 17-string guitar the luthier has crafted for Jared Dines.

The message reads:

"Built this 17-string for YouTube personality, Jared Dines. Stay tuned on his YouTube channel to see it in action!"

Dines has confirmed the claims by sharing the post, you can check out the mammoth axe below.

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    Mr Winters
    This is the top rated comment so ill post this link as a reply so as many people as possible will get to see it. This guy is a scammer. Just watch the video.
    Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should.
    Aaaaahrg. Posted my comment just to see yours only seconds later two comments under it -.-
    Guitar Center guy - "You should run that through a line 6 spider on insane."
    My only question: Where do you get strings for a behemoth instrument like that? 
    piano store...  next up..  I built this 250 string lap guitar with a stool and 3 foot pedals and a top that opens and closes.... I call it... " grand Guitar"
    16 string Jazz Metal by Felix Martin. He’s playing with Tony MacAlpine in Seattle this month.
    Thanks now i feel like shit. I'm trading my Jackson for a PS4 if anybody's interested ..
    sounds like the opening track on sorceress from opeth. at least the clean parts 
    UG you should remove this article, you're promoting a known scammer. He didn't even build this instrument.
    The "guitar with too many strings" joke is totally still funny guys, definitely hasn't been rammed into the fucking ground to death, I'm sure the resulting video will be as funny as the 3 million "1 string metal" videos he's also done.
    I bet you a million bucks it will be a 1 string metal video! 
    but what about playing open strings AND first fret on that low string
    How about a barre chord?
    well shit .  this guitar might actually be more impractical than driving a car with a cucumber 
    Except "djent" doesn't exist. Meshuggah is a (numetal) band, not a genre.
    "Meshuggah is a (numetal) band" What? Meshuggah is as much a numetal band as Metallica is a black metal band. And djent is as much a genre as something as something like grunge. It's not just Meshuggah, hundreds of bands have these characteristics in common.
    It looks like a big wooden penis! I bet you can't wait to get your hands on it Jared. Best of luck bud, hope it's good
    I really can't imagine that being able to djent
    Djent will not be a problem with that. You only need the lowest string open. Playing music on that will be a different story though.
    please for the love of god, please don't...just don't give this to Dines. I'll double what he is giving you