Here's Dave Grohl Rocking Out in the Pit at Metallica Show

Cuz fuck the VIP shit.

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Here's Dave Grohl Rocking Out in the Pit at Metallica Show

During Metallica's recent show at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, CA, Dave Grohl was spotted rocking out in the pit.

You can check out the pics below.

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    That picture of him looking at the fan instead of the camera is fantastic haha.
    Find someone who looks at you like Dave Grohl looks at random fans in a Metallica Snakepit
    Bro, I'm trying to watch a fucking show. Can you stop shooting your flash in my face and watch the show too?
    The small sized head of the dude to the left makes it look like that image is photoshopped.
    Looks like there are more hipsters in the audience than actual metal fans
    I'd rather watch a gig with hipsters than elitist metalheads.
    Since when are all metalheads elitists?
    If you don't look and act a certain way in that subculture, you can quickly feel ostracised. Most sub-cultures are like that, but with metalheads, they are a little bit more uncompromising and protective about their way of life and subculture, that they don't want "outsiders" joining in. Even people that look like metalheads and listen to nothing but metal - are still not accepted if they don't behave like drunken nihilists or stoned idiots (not that smoking weed or drinking makes you dumb of course). In a way, it almost seems like some of them are forcing themselves to live up to the stereotype. It's actually excusable to some extent, because of the ignorant abuse they receive on a daily basis about the way they dress and carry themselves and the music they listen to - much like how punks, goths and emos get shit on. It can make you feel isolated and bitter about the rest of the world, and develop an "Us V Them" mentality, which can then manifest as bitter, elitist behaviour.  Now, I never have felt that way about punks, goths, or emos - they have always been very inviting and friendly no matter who you are (expect when punks get friendly they are aggressive about it haha), but never with metalheads, they just seem really bitter, aloof, and angry.
    No that's bullshit for the most part. People get old and so do metalheads and many of them stop dressing like metalheads and cut their hair. I no longer wear the metal "uniform" and Ive never been ostracized for not wearing a metal shirt and having short hair when I go to concerts. The only time people might give you shit is if they see that you're kinda pretending to like metal and don't know much about it but you're wearing the "uniform"
    He is such a cool dude! He never gets annoyed when people ask him for pictures while he is enjoying concerts like this and Soundgarden.
    Why not just enjoy the show alongside Grohl instead of mucking up his experience of the show he obviously wanted to see. Any publicity works I guess, but is that really the motive of the 'nicest guy in rock'? 
    Yeah, if instead of taking selfies with a less than satisfied Grohl you could actually pay attention to the show and have some fun, that'd be great.
    because the 5 seconds it takes to snap a pic you would miss One in its entirety
    I see you've had a few down votes here, haha, i think i see where your coming from, but really and truly photo's alright and nothing new, its usually i good fun just having a good time, the REAL issue is someone video taping entire damn concerts, and watching from the phone screen blocking someones view - that's where you lose the experience, 
    If Dave grohl, Metallica, yngwie, Corey Taylor and dace Migraine ever did a song together, UG would explode
    automatic reaction from fans viewing this article *So kewl, so genuine, dave = kewl dude*
    He had to be at lest a little perturbed by Lars inability to drum anymore, I'm sure.