Here's Judas Priest's Rob Halford Performing 'Painkiller' With Babymetal

Halford joined band at Alternative Press Music Awards.

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It's no secret that Judas Priest frontman Rob Halford is a fan of Japanese teenaged pop-metal act Babymetal.

Now, the legendary vocalist has teamed up with the group for a rendition of a pair of Judas Priest classics.

As Blabbermouth reports, Halford joined Babymetal onstage on Monday night (July 18) for their appearance at the Alternative Press Music Awards at the Schottenstein Center in Columbus, Ohio. They performed "Painkiller" and "Breaking the Law." You can check out the footage below.

"Honestly, I am still at a loss of what to feel," Babymetal's Su-Metal said about sharing the stage with Halford. "But to be able to perform together with the Metal God, I am in disbelief."

Halford added: "It's really cool to hear and watch such a strong young Japanese metal band make solid growth in the world with such unique conviction and invite me to headbang along with them for this special appearance. Further proof of the continuing power exchange from the roots of metal into the future metalsphere!"

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    "da painkirra!"
    I thought you were just being racist at first... Then I listened to the video... My god...
    Oh, that wasn't meant to be a racist comment, but I couldn't help but laugh at the girl singing it like that. Still it was an amazing thing, kudos to them.
    I read this comment just as that first chorus came in and totally lost it :p
    Looks like they're having a lot of fun. That's actually one of the best things playing music is about.
    Shhhhh! you are supposed to be rude and talk about how pissed you are that these little girls are ruining metal. Quit being so positive!
    Hahahah how silly of me, sometimes I forget how it is to be part of the metal community
    Say what you want, but this is the most comfortable I've ever seen any of the Babymetal members on stage, I mean look how happy she is too performing alongside Halford, it's really nice to know that outside of the whole "manufactured" thing she can still respect when she's performing with a heavy metal icon. Also they're obviously turned down volume wise but I swear to god Moa at least is genuinely playing the "Breaking The Law" riff, her fingers are exactly where they need to be to hit those notes so I'm guessing the 2 little ones were taught how to play the song, which is really cool, because even if they didn't play it live then and there, they still know how to play something on guitar now and I can respect that.
    Sure am not into Baby Metal, but for someone it could be a great bridge to get into metal and such. So am all about it.
    Damn these girls are so sexy
    If you are 13 years old, maybe.
    Well impressed with the band here, especially the drummer and guitar player, painkiller is not an easy song to play!!!
    julianholguin · Jul 19, 2016 08:32 AM
    Well, considering he's over 60, is male, and hits notes many female singers can't, probably not.
    love it!!! passing on the torch of heavy metal to keep it alive and shredding
    I'm almost embarrassed by how much I like Babymetal. Seeing them perform with Halford and them all enjoying it so much is very vindicating.
    initially I was embarrassed..then I realized naaa, eff that. I am actually first in line for actual record breaking stereotype smashing megaband. Blast that @$%^ at the lights. I mean, look at the haters...they make emos look cool.
    Hard to put into words how seriously awesome this performance was. The Priest and the girls. hell bent leather and kawaii never looked or sounded soo good...and Moa actually played guitar..and did it like a boss! soo much win. When I was a Kid, Judas Priest was all the rage. now that I am dad age, Babymetal has my absolute respect for what they are doing..and linking up the mind spins. Kitsune up.
    If this was a regular metal band, and it came out that the performers on stage were just hired dancers, singing over backing tracks, hired by some svengali who has their "songs" professionally written for them like some Nashville floozy, everyone would be all over them. Why do they get a pass for being "harajuku"?
    Uncle UG should be reporting about A Day To Remember performing with Scott Stapp bc that performance was actually good...