Hilarious Black Metal Cover of Avril's 'Hello Kitty' Surfaces

Better than the original? You tell us.

Ultimate Guitar

As Avril Lavigne's latest video "Hello Kitty" went viral and fetched over 10 million YouTube hits in under a week, a series of parodies was bound to surface.

One of such spoofs is an epic black metal rendition by Woods of Trees, "the darkest, Kvltest, swaggest Black Metal from the depths of Hel (setin)."

The surprising authenticity of the black metal charm is awesome enough, but it's the small details like "someone chuck a Bible at me" line that turn the clip into pure gold. Check it out below, it's a must-see.

As for the original version, the track received some mixed reactions to say the least. Many fans and critics have openly bashed Avril for the odd, "Japanese bubblegum dubstep" approach.

Anyhow, we'll include both videos here, with a simple question - which one is better? Let us know in the comments.

YouTube preview picture
YouTube preview picture

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    Thrash Addict
    One is a disturbing, ****ed up, pile of satanic bull shit! And the other is a Black Metal cover, WTF?