HMV Reveal Plans to Open 'New' Store on London's Oxford Street

Store to return to first Oxford Street premises.

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HMV have revealed plans to open a "new" store on London's Oxford Street - at the same premises the retailer first operated from in the West End, Gigwise reports.

Following the chain's collapse earlier in 2013, HMV's flagship Oxford Street store was sold to leisure-ware retailer Sports Direct, but has now revealed it will remain on the street at a different address.

London business publication City AM revealed the plans today (6 August 2013), after confirmation from owners Hilco.

HMV on Oxford Street will operate from 363 Oxford Street from early October of this year. This address was used by HMV between 1921 and 2000 and is currently a brand of Footlocker.

The brand will fully embrase its heritage with the move, as it plans to install a neon sign of the company's His Master's Voice logo from the 1950s outside 363 Oxford Street.

The news comes as the first positive confirmation of the store's future plans, with all previous news dealing with closures and redundancies.

As it was revealed earlier, HMV was about to be relaunched with the streaming service.

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    Hmmm... re-employing former employees on part time contracts ? My mate got his redundancy from HMV when he was laid off a few months ago , out of work for 3 days , was back at another HMV on a new contract before his pay off came through !! No wonder they struggle !!
    Probably shove 'em on zero hours, seems to be the new popular way employers are screwing over their workers in Britain at the moment
    C.D's aren't actually that expensive, when my father used to buy singles and LP's (mid-70's onwards) a single was 1.20 and I can't remember what albums were, but If you take into account inflation, then really, music is pretty cheap nowadays.
    link no1
    I don't see what is so special about this. Yea sure, it's on the same street but is that really special? It's not exactly the same store, or that it will be doing anything useful (yet another streaming service isn't useful). If this was the first HMV then yea, cool but I have at least 3 local HMV's that I can think of within an hour drive from each other, possibly more, so I don't see what is the big deal that London is getting another.
    Physical sales from HMV are far too expensive for it to remain a dominant music store
    I was in the current Oxford Street store last week. I found the majority of the cd's were quite reasonable (about 6). Unless it was something I wanted...they were all 15
    my store in reading sells almost all cds at 5 which is pretty good i think
    Is that the one in Oracle shopping centre? Haven't been there in years, but good to hear Reading still has an HMV.
    CD's should have more album art with them and the packaging could be different shapes and sizes that would be a massive incentive for me I'd start collecting
    :/ This is just dragging the corpse. The days of physical distribution in stores on the high streets are dead! Let them rest in peace already!
    I dunno... Only a few months ago the sense of satisfaction I felt when I was able to buy a CD and walk out with it in my hands, then and there, was a refreshing change from having to wait days in the mail for something off Amazon or eBay. I know it's likely to be short-lived as the years (and proverbial "corpses") drag on, but I'll be sure to enjoy it while the option is still there.
    I will never spend another cent there until they honor all those gift cards.
    I think I could open up a Pirate Bay themed internet cafe next door and be more successful.