HMV Stores To Become Supermarkets?

Half of HMV stores across the UK could become supermarkets as a way out of its huge debts, giving hope that the remaining stores will live on.

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Half of HMV stores across the UK could become supermarkets as a way out of its huge debts, giving hope that the remaining stores will live on.

The company, Britain's leading high street music retailer, went into administration this month amid competition from online alternatives like iTunes and Amazon.

It may sell half its 230 stores to three leading supermarket chains including Tesco who are all interested in snapping up new outlets in prime shopping centers at a discount price, according to NME.

There is hope that the major labels will offer discounted CDs and DVDs to HMV ironically, because the majors worry that supermarkets will slash the prices of singles and albums so much that it will cause permanent damage to the music industry.

Customers who bought or received HMV gift cards over the Christmas holiday were furious when they found out the company has stopped accepting them. If you have been affected, financial advice websites say you can claim the money back if you bought it by credit card, and some supermarkets will refund the card if you bought it in one of their stores.

Would you prefer half the HMV stores to shut if it means some will live on? Let us know in the comments.

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    I'd rather them be around in a smaller fasion then see it fade away forever. I'm not huge on going to HMV (its a 30mins to an hour away), but i do like going there to get shirts, posters and seeing if any albums i like have gotten cheap. Like i said im not huge of them, but i really hope this works out for them.
    I agree. Not to keen on having MORE Tesco's though. We've got 2 big ones, a 'Homeplus' and countless Tesco Expresseses where I live.
    It won't matter if they sell half their stores. They're going under because everyone does what I do, they go for a look around when they've got 10 minutes to kill and then don't buy anything, or but it online for half the price. Hell, now everyone's got mobile internet, you can look at something in HMV then buy it from Amazon while still in HMV. There's just no way they can survive that. The reality is shops like this just can't compete with the online retailers. The only shops that are going to survive are the ones that do things you can't or don't want to do online.
    I reckon in 10-15 years high streets won't exist. Not in the capacity we know them at least.
    They recently announced that they would now accept gift cards.
    Emenius Sleepus
    Not much of a choice. I can't stand HMV - the Australian stores at least had an abysmal selection of music. However - given the alternatives, I'd much rather have HMV bailed out than having an extra set of supermarkets :/
    They have accepted vouchers since Tuesday, that must be on of the many times UG has not posted news that people may actually care about =)
    I'm sorry but HMV deserves it. They never have the CDs I'm after, my local branch has never had the avengers assemble box set or the lord of the rings bluray box set, they advertise selling the nexus 7 but low and behold its permanently out of stock. I'd prefer to use my local shop but its no use if they can't/won't cater for people.
    I don't want HMV to close, as it's the closest place for me to buy CDs without ordering online (it's 30 mins away. Unless I want to go to Wal-Mart, there's no place in town to buy CDs). Oh well.