Hole Reunion 'Slowly, Steadily' Happening, Courtney Love Says

Love believes that classic line-up will return.

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In a recent post on Facebook, Courtney Love has confirmed that she is working on getting the classic line-up of Hole back together.

As Alternative Nation reports, when Courtney was asked if the Celebrity Skin line-up of herself, Patty Schemel, Melissa Auf Der Maur and Eric Erlandson were reunited, she responded "slowly steadily yes."

The line-up unexpectedly reunited for a very short set in New York in 2012 for the premiere of Schemel's film, "Hit So Hard." Courtney Love had previously toured under the Hole name with a line-up of hired musicians between 2009-2011.

In other Courtney Love news, the singer has recently revealed that she doesn't date other artists anymore because she doesn't think it makes for lasting relationships. Speaking on her I'm With Courtney web show, Love noted:

"I don't date artists anymore. I think for me, two artists going out tends to end in a good friendship, or a good partnership, but not a good match."

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    Didn't Courtney Love slam band reunions not too long ago? Hypocritical bellend woman.
    That's the Live Through This Line up. Schemel was kicked out during Celebrity Skin. I'd be curious to hear new music. I hate Courtney but there's no denying Live Through This is a solid album.
    Melissa Auf Der Maur is awesome, its a shame her solo career never really took off and she maybe has little choice to consider this reunion. Still, some Hole was ok, but I cant see them doing anything mindblowing now.
    Courtney makes music? I thought she just ranted about Dave Grohl and how she isn't making enough money.
    Once upon a time in the early to mid 90s Courtney Love wasn't as big of a piece of trash and was actually respected for her music. Then I'm assuming she went into a Heroin coma for a decade and woke up strung out and delusional in the late 2000s blaming Dave Grohl for everything from Nirvana royalties to her coffee not being black enough and that's the Courtney we know now.
    Yeap Melissa Auf Der Maur Is GREAT!!! Check her solo album, it's pretty good
    I'm looking forward to this. Courtney may be crazy, but Hole were always awesome.
    love patty schemel and have so much respect for her. would love to see her play live with hole again. live through this was an amazing album. i hate saying that. but as i have grown older my hate for courtney love has dissipated and i try to just keep it to myself. haha
    Came for the Courtney bashing and was utterly let down....All except for Dannym95. Guy knows a She-Bellend when he sees one. Kudos to you sir.
    Pretty on the Inside and Live Through This were great albums, I have a few songs on my driving playlist.
    I hope she gets 'hit so hard' by a bus in foreseeable future. what's with all these Courtney articles lately?
    Classic lineup? Guns N' Roses has a classic lineup, AC/DC has a classic lineup, but Hole? Really? They were OK... get their OK line up back maybe...
    Awesome! If this is really happening, I cant wait to hear it. Especially if it is at all like Live Through This or Celebrity Skin. And what the hell happened to her New Solo Album "Died Blonde?"