Hollywood Undead Release iPhone Application

Gold selling recording artists Hollywood Undead are coming at you with their very first fan app.

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Gold selling recording artists Hollywood Undead are coming at you with their very first fan app. The brand new iPhone/iPod touch/iPad app allows fans to have access to Hollywood Undead at all times.

Create custom wallpapers based on the band's latest release, Desperate Measures, or build your own customized mask with your photo and mash it with some features from the guys' own masks.

Check where the band is on tour with a special tour map and use the direct links to buy tickets to shows. You can even play a tap game that uses the band's masks as puzzle pieces. This is the ultimate for Hollywood Undead fans, so be sure to download it now.

Hollywood Undead are currently working on their sophomore album, but in the meantime you can pick up their new EP, "Swan Songs Rarities," the next edition in the complete HU Swan Songs Collection.

This digital-only EP contains three rare and previously unreleased fan-favorite tracks: "Bitches," "The Kids," and "Circles," and is available exclusively at their official page. Be sure to keep up to date on the band through their Facebook and MySpace pages.

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    these guys hav no talent but they are still nice to listen to wen u just wanna chill or somthn or before u go out or somthn. all ther songs are pretty good but itd be nice if ther was more screaming
    For those of you who slam hollywood undead (you metalheads who pound miller lite in your run-down apartments) they actually make pretty good music for a bunch of masked guys. If you actually listen to the WHOLE Swan Songs album, you should agree. I mean, hey, I hate rap as much as the next guy but I like Hollywood Undead.
    ABR Is Ear Rape
    Swan Songs is one of the best debut albums ever, yeah I said it, and thats from a fan of mostly metal and early 90's grunge. What really sold me was their live show..VERY VERY SOLID. They have alot of talent and are good songwriters, they can transition from the party stuff to the heavier, darker tunes, "City" is my favorite
    These guys rock, this is almost all i listen to. I mean theres something for everyone so stop ****in complaininig